Angel Card Readings: How Do These Psychics Work?

Updated August 5, 2021
Angel card psychic reading

What do your guardian angels want you to know? You can consult angel cards to find out. Angel card readings offer in-depth insight into what is going on in your life. It's a great way to get in touch with guardian angels to discover what you need to understand to serve your highest good.

What Is an Angel Card Reading?

An angel card reading is different from a tarot card reading. Tarot cards have specific meanings that serve as predictive tool. Angel cards provide you with affirmation, guidance, insight, and reminders about your life path. A psychic performing angel card readings connects with your angelic guides, who always have your best interest at heart.

Just as there are various card spreads with a tarot reading, so there can be with angel cards. Each reader has preferences for the type of card spreads they use. Your reader can help you choose an appropriate spread.

What to Expect From Your Angel Card Reading

Angel cards often contain a single word that implies the focus for whatever your situation is, such as kindness or discernment. Each psychic works differently in how they conduct card readings. Some prefer to use Skype, Zoom, or other real-time video chat for a reading. Some offer three-card spread packages and will ask you to text or email your three questions. Once your reading is completed, the psychic will email the three readings to you. Some psychics schedule a follow-up using in a 15- to 30-minute video chat. Make sure you understand the pay structure before ordering your reading.

Choose Your Questions

If you buy a three-question package, your psychic reader performs three card spreads, one for each question. The psychic tells you which cards were drawn for each question and may give you a brief overview of the general meaning for each one. However, the psychic also uses their special abilities to connect with the messenger of each card to understand the card meaning in a more personal and direct way. After all, the card is drawn in response to your question.

reading tarot cards

When the psychic draws the cards, it initiates communication between the psychic and the angel. This type of open connection with the spiritual realm enhances your angel reading. The psychic receives information directly from the angel specific to your current circumstances.

For example, if one of your questions is about your romantic relationship, the psychic will be shown the problems or challenges you currently face. More importantly, your angel card advisor will send information tailored to assist you in overcoming those problems or challenges. This information comes directly from your guardian angel or one of your other angels, since most people have more than one angle assisting them at various times of their lives.

How that information is communicated to the psychic depends on the psychic's abilities. For example, if they are clariaudient, then they will hear the angel's words. If they receive their psychic information mostly through images and other visuals, then that is how the angel will communicate. Psychics aren't limited to just one power and usually possess a group of abilities that work in unison.

What You Didn't Ask but Need to Know

One thing that is often surprising in an angel card reading is information about something you didn't ask about. Your guardian angel knows more about you than any living being, so there may be things going on with you that you don't wish to face. This type of issue is usually a major pivotal point in your life, and your guardian angel will gently remind you not to stick your head in the ground and hope it will go away.

If your guardian angel surprises you with some type of information about a subject you've been avoiding, it's best to take a grateful attitude and realize your guardian angel is nudging you to face the situation.

Another unexpected part of angel card readings is the gift of love, hope, and encouragement that angels relay through your psychic reader. Your guardian angel is a mediator and will guide you to forgive and reconcile with those you have conflict with. The angel is also your connection with the spiritual world and desires to bestow grace whenever possible.

Keeping this in mind, you may receive intense loving energy when your reading is revealed to you. The energy is locked within the words of your report and doesn't just dissipate the moment you read them or hear them. Each time you replay your reading or pull out the report to read, you'll be amazed how those feelings return.

If you're feeling hopeless, your angel card reading will provide you with renewed hope. Whatever you feel is lacking in your life, your guardian angel will strive to convey a message of faith, hope, and love that is above all other mandates. Your angel card reading will often affirm things you've been contemplating, such as changing your job or changing careers. You may get a nudge in your reading that it's time to try something new.

Repetitious Card Meanings

When the same messages continue to crop up in your readings, these repetitive meanings may have nothing to do with your question. However, repetitious meanings are a wake up call. Your guardian angel is aware of an issue that needs to be addressed. It isn't something you can brush off or ignore. This type of reading is a kind and caring gesture from your guardian angel to nudge you toward making changes or simply acknowledging the issue.

Use Angel Card Readings for Guidance

Angel card readings connect you directly to your guardian angel and other angels dedicated to helping you. The best way to approach angel card readings is with an accepting attitude and open heart.

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Angel Card Readings: How Do These Psychics Work?