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How Do Angel Card Psychic Readings Work?

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Angel card psychic reading

Angel card psychic readings work the same way tarot card readings do by providing guidance and insight to various life situations. The psychic reader uses her/his ability to connect with angelic beings to offer interpretations relevant to the individual requesting the reading.

Receiving an Angel Card Reading

An angel card psychic reading can be conducted in-person or remotely. Online readings are very popular venues to afford you greater access to psychic card readers.

Angelic Messages

Angel cards allow the psychic to deliver spiritual messages that offer encouragement when needed as well as expressions of love, acceptance, and understanding. Angel cards convey various messages that often offer ways to cope or resolve challenges.

Types of Angel Card Reading Requests

There are different types of readings you can request from an angel card reader. Often, issues and challenges stem from a spiritual lesson needed or a spiritual conflict not resolved.

  • You can request to receive insight into a career decision or troublesome issue.
  • If you're having a relationship conflict or a dilemma about a relationship, an angel card reading can offer guidance.
  • Some people seek this type of reading to gain a greater perspective about the root cause of their financial situation.
  • Sometimes people just need reassurance they are on the right path, and a spiritual affirmation from the angelic realm is all they seek.

How to Prepare for Your Reading

The main thing you want to do is enter your reading with an open mind and heart. You need to be prepared to accept the message the psychic delivers to you. It might not be the guidance or answer you want to hear, but it will be the one you need.

Relax or Meditate

Take about ten minutes prior to your reading to relax or meditate. Clear your mind of troubling thoughts and worries.

  • Play music to help you relax.
  • Light a candle for a focal point during meditation.
  • Burn incense to set the mood of spiritual preparation.

State Your Intention or Question Clearly

After the initial introductions, the psychic will ask if you have a specific question or expectation of the reading. Be sure to state what you expect to receive, such as spiritual guidance for life in general or an answer to a specific question about something going on in your life.

Decks of Cards Used

There are numerous angel card decks available to the psychic. Each reader typically has a favorite deck that they prefer to use. Some readers wait and select a deck after first talking with the client. Doreen Virtue is perhaps one of the most popular authors of angelic cards, such as Messages From Your Angels: What Your Angels Want You to Know.

Number of Cards Drawn

Depending on the type of question, the psychic reader will draw the appropriate number of cards. This can vary from one reader to the next. It depends on the type of card spread selected for your reading.

Tarot Card Spreads Can Be Used

Many angel card readers incorporate tarot card spreads for their readings. For you, the type of card spread isn't any more important than the deck used since the purpose of the reading is for the reader to receive information from the cards via the psychic link she/he establishes with the angel(s) participating in your reading.

  • One-Card Reading: A one-card reading can have a tremendous impact. Some readers provide a one-card reading simply as a daily guidance, while others use it to give a broad overview of how to handle the influences and circumstances surrounding you.
  • Three Card Spread: The three-card spread reveals the influences that are affecting your mind, body, and spirit. It can also reveal insight into your past, present, and future challenges or situations.
  • Six Card Spread: A six-card spread is usually drawn to give greater depth and insight to the issue or challenge you are facing. Each card can represent a certain aspect or influence affecting your situation.

Making the Most of Your Reading

The reader will address your initial question by revealing the cards drawn and conveying their meanings. She/he will then provide greater insight guided by the angelic realm. These insights will be personal and just for you to help you understand what the spiritual implications are.

  • Depending on the psychic and time limitations for your reading, you may be allowed to ask follow-up questions for greater understanding.
  • Some psychics restrict the number of questions you can ask once the reading is given for time-restrictions.

Understanding How Angel Card Psychic Readings Work

Once you understand what to expect during your angel card psychic reading, you can better prepare and form your question. Entering into the reading with a willing spirit will enable you to take full advantage of the guidance offered.

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How Do Angel Card Psychic Readings Work?