How to Communicate With Spirits (and How They Speak Back)

Updated July 30, 2021
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Have you ever wondered if you could communicate with the spiritual realm? Most people can learn to have at least some amount of spirit communication by using the right techniques. The first step in learning how to communicate with spirits is creating a connection between you and the other side. Once you establish a connection with the spirit world, you can try out other methods to strengthen your communication.

Use a Tarot Single Card Spread

The easiest way to communicate with spirits is through the use of divination tools, such as tarot or oracle cards. Because they provide a clear focus point, the cards are a good first step to opening a pathway to spirit communication. One simple method is to use a single tarot card draw to answer questions.

  1. Choose a deck you're drawn to and cleanse the deck using sage smoke. Then, hold the cards in your hands for a few moments to infuse it with your energy. You'll only need to do this step once to prepare a new deck. If you already have a deck you've been using, you don't need to do this again.
  2. Think of a question you wish to ask the spirits. Close your eyes and hold the deck between both hands. Ask your question aloud or in your mind.
  3. Now, shuffle the deck, shuffling for as long as you wish and then stopping when you feel guided to stop. Cut the deck.
  4. Spread the deck, face down, in a line on the table in front of you.
  5. Keeping your mind focused on your question, run your non-dominant hand over the deck until you feel guided to stop. Draw the card your hand stops over and turn it over.
  6. You can use the typical interpretations for tarot cards, which is probably the easiest for beginners. Once you've worked with your deck longer, however, focus on the images, colors, numbers, and symbols on the card and see what information arises in your mind as you do.
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Try Other Forms of Divination

Other forms of divination can also help you communicate with spirits. Most work in a manner similar to tarot cards; you ask a question and allow the divination tool to provide an answer. Some to try include:

Use Crystal Scrying

The powerful energy of crystals is a favorite method for communicating with spirits. Quartz crystal is especially a powerful tool you can use to join the spirit world. You can connect with almost any crystal. However, when you handpick your quartz crystal, it allows you to find one that vibrates to your personal frequency or at least is in sync.

Cleanse your crystal before using it.

Hand Holding Crystal

You Will Need

  • 1 medium-sized translucent crystal, freshly cleansed
  • Taper, column, or votive candle in a holder
  • Matches


  1. Secure the candle in its holder and light it with the matches.
  2. Place the candle on a flat surface and sit facing the candle.
  3. Hold your crystal in front of the candle so the light shines through.
  4. You can either hold the crystal stationary in front of the candle or turn it slowly. Either way, gaze inside the lighted crystal as you bring your question to mind. Ask it aloud or in your mind.
  5. Soften your focus and continue gazing into the lighted crystal with your question in mind. Notice any thoughts, images, sensations, or feelings that arise and consider how they relate to the question you have asked. Allow any information without trying to sense it or change it.
  6. When you feel you have your answer, offer thanks either aloud or in your mind and blow out the candle.

More Easy Methods for Spirit Communication

There are as many methods to communicate with spirits as there are people. You may need to try several different spirit communication methods before you find your perfect one. Some more methods to try:

How to Know You're Communicating With Spirits

If you're using a responsive divination tool, such as a pendulum or dowsing rods, you will clearly know when you're communicating with spirits because these tools will react to your questions as the spirits use them. There are several indications that you're communicating with Spirit. Spirits can communicate via any of the psychic senses. You may notice some of the following signs when a spirit makes contact.

  • The energy and atmosphere feels different. For example, the room may grow colder or the air may feel "charged."
  • You feel a surge of energy coursing through you as your energy connects with that of the other side.
  • You have goosebumps or the hair on your arm stands on end.
  • You feel a sense of "rightness" or "knowing."
  • You notice abnormal sensory phenomena, such as a change in eardrum pressure, ringing in your ears, visual phenomena similar to heat waves, or strange smells or tastes in your mouth.
  • You notice emotions that don't relate to how you were feeling at the start of your session, such as overwhelming sadness when you were feeling happy.
  • You feel a sudden sense of peace or calmness.
  • You notice thoughts or images in your mind that seem out of place.
  • You have hyperreal dreams about people who have died.
  • Your sense of time and place seems to fall away during your communication.

Tips to Ensure Success and Keep You Safe

You can use meditation to help you develop your connection with the spirit world and sharpen your various psychic gifts. If you contact a specific spirit guide, then you may find that the spirit prefers to communication by using a type of code with symbols or flashes of images.

Allow the Experience

If you receive information in the form of images, don't try to decipher it. Write or record everything you see, so you can decipher it after you stop receiving images. You may immediately know what the message means, or you may never figure it out. Don't get frustrated with the process. There will be times when you simply don't understand what you're being shown. This is a normal part of psychic abilities.

Protect Yourself From Malevolent Spirits

Regardless of the method you choose for communicating with spirit, take precautions before opening any channel with the spirit world to ensure you're only contacting benevolent spirits. Choose the form you wish to use and never undertake communication with the spirit world without it.

  • Put up a do not enter sign for any malevolent spirits by envisioning a bubble of white light completely encapsulating you.
  • Burn sage or sandalwood incense to smudge the room to clear it of all negative energies, including spirits.
  • Pour a circle of salt and sit in the center.
  • Light a white candle for the good energies the fire and color generate together.
  • Call on your guardian angel to stand guard and protect you.
  • Use a religious talisman or symbol to conjure divine protection.

Always Close the Connection

Once your session is over, state aloud that you end the connection and say goodbye. Some people enjoy soaking in a mineral salt bath laced with essential oil, while others choose to meditate on their heart chakra for a few moments. Choose whatever grounding method you prefer and make it part of your spirit communication practice.

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Learn How to Communicate With Spirits

It is easy to communicate with spirit when you understand the methods and how to protect yourself from malevolent spirits. A joyful and incredible world will open up for you to explore and will surpass all your expectations.

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How to Communicate With Spirits (and How They Speak Back)