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How to Tell if Your Psychic Reading Is Accurate

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
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Albert Einstein once said, "The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." Can it be that past, present, and future are all equally real and all exist in the present? And if so, do some people have psychic abilities that enable them to accurately predict the future? Perhaps you've been to a psychic many times before and still can't rid yourself of these nagging questions, "Are psychics readings accurate?" and if so, "How can I tell?"

How Can I Tell?

How can you tell if a reading is accurate? The straight answer is at the time of the reading, you can't. However, there are indications the reading might not be accurate. When you visit a psychic be on guard if the person giving the reading does any of the things below.

Asks too Many Questions

Authentic psychics don't ask questions, because they don't want to contaminate the information they receive with a client's thoughts, wishes, and hopes. Most will immediately say something specific about the client's current circumstances, then allow the client to ask their question and proceed to with a straightforward answer. Some don't need or want the client to speak at all.

Does Not Mention Free Will

A genuine psychic will explain the future is not set in stone, and a client can always change direction or destiny may intervene.

Is Vague

A genuine psychic will be clear and specific with the answer. If the psychic makes statements that are vague or could fit anybody's life, then they're not the real deal and the reading will be inaccurate.

Gives Advice

A reputable psychic won't give you business, legal, medical, psychological, or any advice. They'll refer you to a professional who can help you make a decision or get through a crisis.

Isn't Upfront or Straightforward

A genuine psychic won't be hesitant or indecisive, and they'll be straightforward in letting you know if they are unable to make a psychic connection with you.

Sells Magical Spells, Potions, or Charms

Woman preparing a magic potion

More often than not, an individual seeks a psychic reading because their life is in turmoil or they have acute anxiety and fear about a situation. A genuine psychic won't take advantage of a client's vulnerability and profit from it by attempting to selling them the aid or protection of magical potions, spells, or charms.

Why a Psychic Reading May Not Be Accurate

The most accurate readings come from a reputable psychic who is able to tap into some part of the "natural" universe that is not understood, see a client's life situation, then based on the information they receive are able to see the outcome of the client's quarry and predict the future. However, even a genuine psychic is not always accurate. Listed below are some reasons why.

The Message Isn't understood

The information the psychic receives in limited, difficult to understand, and they are unable to communicate what they see fully or accurately.

The Client Does Not Hear

For various reasons, the client may not be able to hear and process what the psychic is communicating. Have you ever told a friend something only to later find that they completely misunderstood? In short, some clients hear only what they expect to hear.

Free Will and Destiny

The reading may have accurately reflected where a client is on that day and if they did nothing, the reading would be accurate. However, because both the client and destiny can change the outcome at any time. As an example: A client asks a question about their marriage and the psychic foretells a divorce. However, instead of believing that divorce is inevitable the client makes an effort to save the marriage by seeking marriage counseling. If the counseling proves successful, the prediction of divorce will be inaccurate.

Crossed Messages

The information the psychic gets was meant for someone else and the messages have gotten crossed. As an example, the psychic may pick up messages meant for their previous or following client.

Not Neutral

If the client has a personal relationship with the psychic, the psychic may not be neutral or detached enough to give an unbiased reading.


The psychic may be interpreting what they see instead of describing it. As an example, the psychic may see the client wearing a wedding gown and instead of saying, "I see you wearing a wedding gown," they say "You're going to get married," when in fact the wedding happened weeks before.

An Off Day

Everyone, even a psychic, has bad days at work, days when they are just off and can't get anything right. If the psychic is tired, not feeling well, or simply having an off day, a client can get a bad reading.

As a Client

When visiting a psychic the best questions to ask are open-ended questions. Questions such as, "What do I really need to know right now?" give maximum opportunity for any and all kinds of information to come through. However, even with a gifted psychic, you can't be sure of getting a reading that's 100 percent accurate. Nevertheless, there are genuine psychics, and there are also things to look out for that can dramatically improve your chances of getting an accurate reading.

How to Tell if Your Psychic Reading Is Accurate