6 Ways to Tell if Your Psychic Reading Isn’t Accurate 

Updated August 5, 2021
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When you pay for a psychic reading, accuracy is important, especially if you use the information you receive to make decisions. However, it's difficult to have a 100% accurate psychic reading because intuitives see probabilities, not absolutes. The choices you make in the wake of your reading will determine whether what the psychic shared with you will come to fruition. Still, there are signs a reading isn't high quality, which may indicate it's not accurate.

The Psychic Shares Vague Information

If a psychic is overly vague in your reading, chances are if the information is accurate, it won't be very helpful because it isn't specific enough. For example, "I see an older man....is there an older man in your life?" is very vague as most people have at least one older man in some capacity in the life. If a psychic is vague in this way, ask follow-up, open-ended questions to try to elicit more specific information.

The Reading Doesn't Fit Your Situation

If a psychic reading doesn't fit your situation or match with who you are, chances are it's an inaccurate and unhelpful session. While it doesn't mean the psychic is faking it, it can indicate they are having an off day or not connecting to your energy, so it's best to either end the session and ask for a refund or schedule it for another day when the psychic may be better able to connect.

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The Psychic Fishes for Information

Inexperienced or inaccurate psychics may fish for information. They attempt to glean information from you by leading you into revealing what they need to know. For example, they will always ask you questions, such as, "Why am I seeing a letter? I think it's the letter of a name. Yes, It's a P. Do you know anyone with that letter?" Then you might respond, "My father? I called him Papa."

If you encounter a psychic who doesn't offer information, but asks a ton of questions, chances are if the reading is accurate, it's because you've supplied all of the information the psychic needs to make it so.

Your Reading Is too General and Not Specific to You

Beware a reading in which the psychic skirts details and offers generalities that could apply to just about anyone. For example, the psychic may comment that they feel you're stressed or tense. This can apply to anyone, especially when having a reading for the first time. Another example may be that you have guilt, which most people feel guilty about something in their lives, no matter how trivial it may be. If they follow up the generality with something specific to you, such as, "I notice some stress in my chest region pertaining to a health problem you're worried about there," and you're struggling with asthma, then that is specific to you and not general and more likely to be accurate than a simple, "I sense you're feeling stressed."

It Makes You Feel Anxious About a Situation

Not all psychics are authentic, and those that aren't are often in the business for ego gratification, notoriety, or to make a quick buck (or any combination thereof). A common tactic people like this use is to push the scare button. This allows them to take advantage of your weakness and make you react so they either have fodder for their reading or to get you to keep coming back to them to "fix" what they've scared you with.

Your Questions Remain Unanswered

If you ask questions and the psychic doesn't answer you, chances are the reading won't be accurate and could be inauthentic. Genuine psychics want to help you understand the information they share, so they're open and respond to follow-up questions. If they keep talking as if you never asked, chances are you aren't receiving an accurate or helpful reading, and it's time to end the session and request a refund.

On the other hand, just because a psychic responds to a question with, "I don't know," doesn't mean they are inaccurate or faking it. Sometimes, for some reason, you've asked about information the psychic isn't able to tune into, or that you don't need to know at this point in your life. Beware the psychic who has a quick answer for everything, and understand that psychics can only share the information they receive. It's up to you to interpret what that information means and how it fits your life or circumstances.

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Receive an Accurate Psychic Reading

A genuine psychic provides you with an accurate reading. However, ultimately the psychic is only sharing probabilities, not absolutes. Knowing about a possible situation before it occurs allows you to make adjustments to avoid undesirable outcomes. So just because something a psychic predicted doesn't happen doesn't necessarily mean your reading was inaccurate. On the other hand, if everything the psychic said was extremely general or way off base, chances are your reading was inaccurate.

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