4 Techniques to Protect Yourself from a Psychic Attack 

Updated August 4, 2021
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Something seems off and you can't put your finger on it. All you know is that you're feeling badly for no particular reason. Could it be a psychic attack? If you think think someone is trying to harm you energetically, learn how to protect yourself from a psychic attack so you can feel better.

Learn Psychic Self-Defense

When someone attacks you psychically, they use negative energy in an attempt to do you harm. Psychic attacks are a form of violence, although they are much harder to recognize than physical violence as the person attacking you does so under the cover of darkness and secrecy. The goal of a psychic attack is always to do harm, so it's essential you use psychic self-defense techniques to keep them from happening or stop them in their tracks.

Create a White Light Protective Bubble

The easiest way to protect yourself from a psychic attack is to invoke white light, which is pure, divine energy. White light is readily accessible to anyone who has made a spiritual connection with divinity, and it displaces any negative energy sent in your direction with a psychic attack.

  1. Breathe deeply until you enter a meditative state.
  2. Envision white light streaming down into the top of your head through your crown chakra.
  3. Visualize the white light moving down your spinal column through your third eye (middle of your forehead), throat chakra (just above your thyroid), and heart chakra (center of your chest).
  4. When the light reaches your heart chakra, visualize it flowing outward from your body.
  5. Imagine it forming a bubble of white light that encapsulates your entire body. Visualize the bubble as being seamless.
  6. Envision yourself floating inside the bubble, completely safe and protected.

With practice, you won't need to meditate in order to create a white light bubble. Instead, you'll be able to quickly visualize it popping out from your heart center and surrounding you. As you do, repeat the mantra, "I call upon the white light to surround me in a bubble of protection. Only those energies and beings of the light can enter the bubble with me. All things not of the light are repelled and forbidden to enter my bubble of white light."

A bubble of white light can encase anything, such as your vehicle, your house, loved ones, pets, and anything you wish to protect. When you invoke the white light, always envision it as a complete bubble and not just a dome of energy. For example, when you encase your home, the bubble should go underneath your house, slicing through the ground, so your house is secure within the bubble from top to bottom.

Young woman in spiritual pose holding the light

Cut the Cord

The ancient practice of cord cutting (ribbon cutting) is a popular method of psychic attack protection. It's a simple but highly effective method for severing all types of psychic attachments, including negative ones.

Everyone has psychic cords or ribbons that attach them to other people and beings. These energy ribbons attach you to your children, spouse or lover, friends, and other family members. However, some people attach themselves to you without your knowledge or permission. This unwanted attachment occurs when someone attacks you psychically.

You may or may not know who has sneaked in and attached their energy to yours, but you can discover this harmful energy-siphoning attachment through meditative exploration.

The cords will be attached to your solar plexus region (abdomen). Use the following steps to visualize cutting unwanted energy cords.

  1. Enter a meditative state.
  2. Envision the various cords attached to you.
  3. Look for a dark, black, or gray cord (attachments of love are light colored ribbons).
  4. When you find the dark cord, envision a pair of white scissors that radiate with white light.
  5. See yourself holding the scissors in one hand.
  6. Trace the cord to your chakra in the solar plexus region of your body.
  7. Grasp the cord in your other hand just above the point where it is connected to your chakra.
  8. Open the scissors and hold them poised along the cord between your hand and the chakra.
  9. Before you cut, repeat a short mantra, "I sever your unwanted tie to me. You are never allowed to connect to my energy again. I send your energy and your intentions back to you by the power of white light. May you find peace."
  10. Snip the cord.
  11. Watch as the cord drifts away from you and the remaining small piece of cord attached to your chakra disintegrates. Release any negative feelings you have towards the person who was attacking you.
  12. Take three cleansing breaths and feel your energy coursing freely through your chakra system, no longer being siphoned from you.

Now that the psychic cord has been cut, you need to cleanse your chakra of any residual energy using Epsom salts.

  1. Take a shower and rub a handful Epsom salt in a clockwise motion into your solar plexus region.
  2. Rinse.
  3. Repeat, but this time rub the Epsom salt in a counterclockwise motion.
  4. Rinse.

Your chakra is now cleansed and free of any residues from your psychic attack. Some people like to take an energy revitalizing bath after a cord cutting. Use your favorite essential oil(s) for a long soaking bath. Any time you feel you're under psychic attack, simply repeat the cord cutting technique.

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A psychic attack generates negative energies, but another ancient art for protection, smudging, clears out negative energies. Smudging is like a psychic vacuum cleaner. It collects all the negative energies and transmutes them into positive energies. Traditionally, white sage is the herb choice of choice for smudging. You can smudge yourself and your home to clear out negative energies.


  • Matches or lighter
  • Smudge bundle (white sage)
  • Smudge bowl (fireproof bowl to extinguish smudge stick)


  1. Light the smudge bundle with a match or lighter.
  2. Allow the flame to burn for a few seconds and then blow it out, allowing the smudge bundle to continue to smolder.
  3. Hold the smudge bundle in front of you and fan the smoke so it encircles you. You can get a friend to assist you by moving the smudge bundle so the smoke moves over your entire body. Be sure to smudge your friend, too.
  4. Recite a mantra as you fan the smoke, "I clear myself of all negative energies attached to me. I reclaim my body and my energy."
  5. Once you're satisfied that you've cleared all the negative energies within your aura, it's time to smudge your home. You will smudge each room, repeating a clearing mantra, "With this sage, I clear this space of all negative energies. I reclaim this space as my own."
  6. Stand in the middle of the room and fan the smoke from the smudge bundle.
  7. Move to one corner of the room and fan the smoke to fill the space.
  8. Repeat in each corner of the room.
  9. Continue to chant your mantra as you work one room at a time. Don't leave a room until you feel the negative energies have been removed.
  10. Proceed until you've smudged each room in your home.
  11. Don't forget to smudge your closets.
Burning natural white sage incense

Use Protective Crystals

You can use crystals to realign and protect chakras and your aura. When you're under a psychic attack, negative energy bombards your auric field in order to weaken it so negative energy can penetrate vital chakra centers. Wearing a crystal can protect you and prevent psychic attack.

Choose a protective crystal and wear it as a necklace or bracelet or carry it in your pocket. Always cleanse crystals before wearing or using them. Each of the following crystals will provide psychic self-defense.

  • Amethyst was used by Ancient Romans to protect them against black magic.
  • Black obsidian is a highly powerful countermeasure for psychic attack. Black obsidian can break curses or spells placed on you.
  • Black tourmaline is a powerful preventative measure against psychic attacks and is a favorite of shamans and energy healers.
  • Labradorite provides powerful protection against all types of psychic attacks, including psychic vampires.
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Learn How to Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks

These techniques are preventative measures you can take against psychic attacks. Choose the one that you feel the most comfortable using and incorporate it into your routine, so it becomes second nature.

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4 Techniques to Protect Yourself from a Psychic Attack