Who Are Crystal Children and What Are Their Traits?

Updated July 6, 2021
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The crystal children came into this world on a mission to assist humankind in achieving a higher spiritual connection with divinity. These unique souls move through life from a place of unconditional love.

Who Are the Crystal Children?

The crystal children were born between the 1980s and 2010. At a very early age, they were self-aware and understood their role in life. They remained connected to their true spiritual selves when they entered this world. The core of their being gives them a clear knowing of divine manifestation in this world and a desire to share this knowledge.

Their innate need to help others understand how all things are connected makes them excellent spiritual teachers. Their compassion for the suffering of others often guides them into a career in the healing arts. A strong need to embrace self-express may lead them into a career in art or music.

Their connection with the spirit world and divinity is always strong, giving them an air of mystique. They have very strong psychic abilities and are powerful empaths. A wide range of abilities often include the clairs, telekinesis, and even telepathy. As outstanding mediums, they can simply close their eyes and are plugged in, not requiring any type of divination tools.

Prominent Common Characteristics

Like their indigo parents, crystal children rebel against groupthink and political correctness. They value individuality and independent thought. They embrace the freedoms their Indigo parents bestowed to them and are fierce defenders of all forms of freedom and individual expression.

You won't find a crystal kid falling in line with conventional methods or norms. They are always going to walk to the beat of their own drum and encourage others to do the same. These are very frank people who approach life in an honest and authentic way.

They are guided by intuition and easily recognize deceit in others. They cannot be manipulated and have a zero tolerance level for anyone who play games. Crystal kids know when someone is lying to them and have psychic abilities that confound most people.

Brave hearts is an adequate summation of the cystal child's fearless approach to life. They eagerly try new things. An inner knowing gives them a confidence that they'll always succeed. This means they never question the outcome once they commit to a task.

Physical Appearance

The crystal kid is a beautiful person inside and out. These individuals have large sparkly eyes. The vibrant energy within shines in the depths of their eyes is mesmerizing. Their face is usually round or oval. They aren't very athletic, although there are exceptions. Their physical constitution may be compromised by environmental, chemical, and other manmade pollutants. These special people have a unique way of seeing the world and expressing themselves. The insights you can gain by talking with them can be mind-opening.

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Power of Nature

The connection with nature is powerful and one of reverence. For them, nature is a manifestation of the divine and they thrive by surrounding themselves with nature. They prefer living on the edge of a forest or by a body of water. When they were children, they may have been called a wood nymph since they are so naturally attuned to nature and wildlife.

Animals respond to their kindness and the loving energy they exude. Butterflies often light on them and every type of critter is attracted to them. Crystal children are natural herbalists and have an amazing green thumb. You will find them happiest working in a garden. The joy of growing food for their family or making herbal tinctures is just one of their many talents.

They understand the energy and power of nature, and especially how to use crystals. They know how to harness these energies and use them in various healing arts. They derive limitless energy for nature and bring it into everything they do.

A close affinity with nature makes them highly sensitive to chemicals and pollutants. You'll find Crystal kids often have food allergies or allergic reactions to medicines. This over sensitivity to the environment is another reason they prefer natural environments instead of cities. This sensitivity carries over to things like noise. Loud noises and busy environments tend to make them feel dizzy and disoriented. Nature keeps them grounded and provides them with a feeling of security.

Recognizing a Crystal Child

Crystal children are said to be easy to recognize. If you are an aura reader, their translucent shimmering aura will throw you off at first. Once you realize you're in the presence of a crystal child, you'll be intrigued by the way their aura changes with their emotions.

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