Who Are Crystal Children and What Are Their Traits?

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The 1980s burst with a recognition of a phenomenon known as Indigo Children. Those children grew up and had children of their own. Their offspring were dubbed the Crystal Children, also believed to be angelic or highly evolved spiritual beings sent to infuse love and kindness into the human existence.

Why Are Crystal Children Here?

Those who believe in Crystal Children explain they are spiritual beings who came to the Earth plane to spread spirituality. In addition to creating a stronger bond to the divine world of spiritual love, they also infuse into the human experience a greater bond with nature. This is an understanding of how all things are connected, and the respect of that connection is a divine manifestation in this world.

Recognizing Crystal Children

The traits of Crystal Children are quite different from other children. The Indigo and Crystal Children are believed to be highly evolved spiritual beings from the realm Kryon introduced to the world through Lee Carroll's channeling of the spirit known as Kryon. This spirit is actually a representative of the Kryon realm that is dedicated to spiritual divinity and work to aid others in their path.

Lee Carroll and Jan Tober are the original authors of the book, The Indigo Children, which discusses how these kids are ushering in the spiritual awakening that's moving through the world as humans prepare for the spiritual jump to the next higher level of existence. The characteristics of Crystal Children are indicative of their spirituality.

Pushing Human Evolution to Higher Spirituality

The theory behind both Indigo Children and Crystal Children is that they are here to push the human evolution in the direction of a higher spirituality that encompasses greater kindness, unconditional love, and greater respect for the planet Earth, also known as Gaia, as a sentient being.

Mission of Love

As the next generation in this evolution, Crystal Children are credited with questioning the status quo in most areas of life. Their mission is to raise humanity above personal power and materialism and reinforce morals, kindness, and above all, love.


There are quite a few characteristics of Crystal Children. The foremost characteristic is that Crystal Children are guided by their hearts, not their minds. They are fun-loving, caring, and aren't encumbered by societal constraints. They are idealists in the extreme and follow the beat of their own drummers. They literally walk their talk.

Communicatively Non-Verbal

Crystal Children are designated as non-communicative. Examples of this are children who don't begin speaking until they are older toddlers. Some point to this as an indicator of their intense connection with the angelic realm. They believe the children are immersed in that world and not connected to their physical world. This creates what many feel are misdiagnoses of the children being autistic, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and Asperger's syndrome.

Telepathic, Intuitive, and Psychic

Crystal Children are known to be psychic and intuitive as well as telepathic. These abilities seem to have been carried with them from their spiritual realm when they were born. Telepathy appears to be very strong ability parents recognize in their children at an early age.

Author and creator of Angel Therapy, Doreen Virtue, describes Crystal Children as being considered non-communicative in their early years. However, she describes how these children communicate telepathically. In fact, she states many parents nurture this ability by communicating with their children telepathically. She writes, "I held mental conversations with the children, and could clearly hear them answer my questions in mind."

Other Ways of Communicating

Virtue explains the children communicate in a variety of other ways, such as personal sign language they make up and by using sound, especially songs. As the children grow and acclimate to being in the Earth plane, their oral communication skills increase.

Sensitivity to the World

Another attribute found in Crystal Children is their sensitivity to this world. It's as though they truly do not belong to this realm, but a higher one. Some of their sensitivity is in moral issues that clearly separate them from a materialistic world.

Guided by Heart Not Mind

Their ethics and values are spiritual and they prize integrity. In fact, they are so sensitive to their own nature that they are ruled by their hearts. They don't compromise whenever they feel something is not right, or a path they are guided to follow isn't for them.

Physical Sensitivities

Other sensitivities revolve around the physical word, such as food allergies or allergic reactions to medicines. They often are overly sensitive to the environment they find themselves living in. They are usually very intolerant of loud noises and busy environments.

Connection With Animals

In addition, they are so attuned to all life that they are instinctively vegetarians from the beginning, unable to tolerate the idea of an animal suffering to provide them with food. They are very adoring and connected to animals and nature.

Food Sensitives and Allergies

Andye Murphy states in her article published in Gaia, 23 Way To Recognize Crystal Children that food sensitivities and sensitivities toward the pollutants in the environment prompted many parents to champion the movement against GMOs. She writes, "Their reaction to our world is enabling us to change to more natural ways of living on the planet free of harmful toxins and its effects."

Beyond the Surface

intense eyes

Crystal Children are said to be very beautiful with their most dominating feature being large, all-knowing, wise eyes. People describe how intense their stare can be. Murphy describes their gaze as being so intense many people grow uncomfortable around them. Some describe eye-to-eye as feeling as though the child can see right into their souls. They are often described as old souls.

Boundless Love

Crystal children tend to accept everyone and transmit an instant feeling of love and peace to those they meet. They are demonstrative in their affections and like to hug. Their love bestows great compassion and empathy for the suffering of others.


It's not surprising that Crystal Children are also very gifted, especially in music. They also have unique ways of expressing themselves through various creative arts and fields that are often awe-inspiring.

Healing Arts

Not surprisingly, Crystal Children have a talent for the healing arts. They are drawn to work with crystals and gems in these healing practices. While they are part of the lofty realms of spirituality, they are also firmly grounded in Earth energies, serving as a bridge between both worlds. It is believed the Crystal Children will ultimately save the world from destruction and put it on a truer and more spiritual path.

Crystal vs Indigo Children

It's said that Indigo Children, recognized by their purple auras, began arriving in the 1950s while some waited until the 1960s and 1970s. The Crystal Children followed in the 1980s and continued up to 2010. The Crystal Children (clear translucent auras) embraced the freedoms their Indigo parents bestowed to them, just as the Indigo Children did.

Indigo Characteristics

Indigo characteristics are similar to Crystal Children; however, Indigo Children are true rebels. They took on the establishment, social rules, protested against war, were anti-politics and promoted love, peace, and understanding. They burned their bras and protested inequality. They created idealistic and inspiring music that was also rebellious. Many Indigo Children ushered in the hippie movement while other Indigos followed the beat different drums, choosing to stay on the outer fringes of pop culture. Phrases like, "Do your own thing", "Make love not war", "Peace and love" and "Live and Let Live" accurately describe the Indigo Children.

Crystal Children

Like their Indigo parents, Crystal Children rebel against groupthink and political correctness. They value individuality and independent thought as much if not more than their parents. They also fiercely defend all forms of freedom. They buck societal pressures to conform. They don't suffer fools and freely speak their minds. Crystal Children are self-aware and know why they are here. They move through life guided by intuition.

Understanding Crystal Children

Some people aren't able to understand Crystal Children but are instantly drawn to their open, loving energy. It's believed the Indigo parents paved the way for their Crystal Children, who've entered this realm to elevate and herald a shift in world spirituality.

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Who Are Crystal Children and What Are Their Traits?