Symptoms of a Psychic Attack + Techniques to Counter Them

Updated July 30, 2021
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You're going about your life when suddenly everything seems to start going wrong. Could you be under psychic attack? A psychic attack is a form of psychic violence in which the attacker makes a concentrated psychic effort or casts a black magic spell on someone with the intent to harm. The symptoms aren't always obvious, but once you're aware of what's happening, you can easily counter the negative energy and return to a better place.

Your Mind Is Full of Negative Thoughts

Suddenly, you notice your mind is full of unexplained negative thoughts. While this can be a sign of other issues as well (always first seek medical assessment for a new symptom), this could be a symptom of a psychic attack. Empaths are especially susceptible to this kind of attack. You may experience very disturbing thoughts or mental images that terrify and upset you, and you have no understanding of why you would have such thoughts.

You Have Nightmares

A common symptom of a psychic attack occurs when you are most vulnerable - asleep. This type of attack comes in the form of a nightmare. You might have dreams of being hunted, chased, or viciously attacked. You experience a sense of fear and panic. Often, the nightmare recurs as a repetitive dream that physically and mentally exhausts you.

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You Feel Extremely Fearful or Anxious

Another psychic attack symptom is a sudden inexplicable sense of fear. This often isn't any kind of fear that you've ever experienced. It may manifest as a sudden phobia, such as a fear to drive the familiar road to your place of employment, a sudden fear to venture outside your own home, or fear to enter a church or other religious gathering place. The fear overcomes the victim until the individual is simply unable to move. They fall into a state of inexplicable panic and suffer the physical symptoms of terror.

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You Feel Like You're in a Trance

Feeling as though you're in a trance-like state or under a hypnotic influence could point to a psychic attack using involuntary hypnosis. This typically only occurs when you're in the presence of your attacker, whose energy field can be strong enough to overpower you. Some attackers are trained in hypnosis and know how to modulate their voice and use specific words.

You Sense Negative Energy From Someone

Not all psychic attacks are a conscious premeditated aggression. Some people may not even know they are attacking you. Attackers often have strong negative emotions about you, such as jealousy, envy, or resentment.

During this kind of psychic attack, you feel the negative energy radiating from this person whenever they're near. They may smile and greet you cordially, but you can see the emotion in their eyes and sense the way they look at you whenever you aren't looking. It's difficult to hide the energy of this type of animosity. You may get goosebumps or in extreme cases, you may become nauseated when this person is near.

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You Suddenly Feel Unwell

You can feel the effect of the energy a person generates when they create a curse or black magic spell. This comes to you as an outside force or energy. It may give you a headache or some other unpleasant physical or emotional sensation. The good news is such acts always ricochet back to the person creating them.

There's an old saying, "Be careful who you point your finger at, 'cause you have three more pointing right back at you." This is how sending negative thoughts and energies to another works. The universe holds up a mirror and sends it back threefold to the perpetrator.

You're Drained of Energy

If your energy suddenly or gradually drains when you're with a specific person, you may be with psychic vampire who takes your life force energy as their own. Some people don't realize they're psychic vampires. When you spend any amount of time with one, you feel unexpectedly weak and exhausted.

If you've ever witnessed someone who was feeling low suddenly burst with energy and comment on how you always make them feel better, it's possible that person is an unaware psychic vampire. Likewise, if you spend time with someone and feel drained when you do, they're probably using your energy for themselves. They'll feel better because they siphoned off your chi energy, which leaves you feeling drained.

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Is It a Psychic Attack or Something Else?

The first sign you're experiencing a psychic attack is usually a series of mishaps, which may at first seem like bad luck or coincidence. If these continue, however, pay attention.

  • Write down every strange and odd thing that happens. These can be little things at first that expand and accumulate.
  • Pay attention to how others react and interact with you.
  • Note who was with you when these things happened to you. Were you always with the same person?

Once you've completed your list, you'll have a wealth of information to assess and help to determine if you're under attack.

This kind of attack starts with subtleties that aren't easily recognized and build upon each other until you become mentally exhausted and confused. A manipulative adept can even control their victims and cause them to act out of character through this mental disruption. Recognizing the symptoms can help you choose a course of action.

It's important to realize you can have symptoms of a psychic attack and not be under attack. There are very real physical and mental illnesses that mimic psychic attack symptoms. Be sure you approach any analysis with a healthy dose of skepticism. For example, if you're depressed or have suicidal thoughts, consult a mental health care professional immediately. The truth is, you'll need all the help you can get to defend yourself if you are under psychic attack. Establishing a healthy medical first line of defense will keep you from deteriorating while you fight with a second line of defense.

How to Counter a Psychic Attack

Once you've ruled out medical conditions, take steps to regain control of your energy. It's important to remember you are a sovereign being of God, and no one underneath the divine Creator has the right to exert their will over yours. Don't give your permission to them. Stand up against a psychic attack by declaring yourself a child of God. Verbally state you have dominion over those trying to manipulate you. You'll immediately feel their hold over you as it releases and disappears.

You can also use defense techniques:

  • Use protective crystals and gemstones to absorb and deflect/ward off this kind of energy. Black tourmaline is especially helpful to counteract negativity, and smoky quartz transmutes negative energy into positive.
  • Wear a symbol of your spiritual faith, such as a cross or amulet.
  • Call upon your guides/angels for protection.
  • Use a singing bowl or other sound healing tools to clear out negative vibrations as soon as you notice them.
  • Ask for intercession from God, Christ, Buddha, etc. Divinity can intercede, especially in cases of black magic being used against you.
  • Smudge your home with white sage while reciting a prayer or mantra.
  • Use salt and rubbing alcohol in a fireproof pot or pan. Set it on fire to draw and clear negative energy.
  • Visualize being in a bubble of white light and gluing squares of mirrors all around it, facing outward. You end up with a bubble shield surrounding you like a 1980s disco ball. This technique will repel all negative energy that comes your way.
  • Distance yourself from anyone you believe harms you psychically or spend as little time with them as possible.

Take Action Against Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

Whenever you feel vulnerable or under psychic attack, always protect yourself by encasing yourself in a bubble of white light. Anything that isn't of the divine light won't be able to enter your bubble of light and harm you.

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