What Does a Pet Psychic Do? 6 Services They Offer

Updated July 30, 2021
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Have you ever wondered what your pet wants or needs? If so, you're not alone. Many people think they know what their pets are thinking, but they aren't 100% sure. This is where pet psychics can help. Animal communicators psychically tune into your pet to facilitate better communication and more understanding between animals and humans.

What Are Pet Psychics?

A pet psychic is exactly what the name implies: a person with psychic abilities who can communicate with pets using animal telepathy, which is also known as intraspecies telepathic communication. Some pet psychics are also mediums, which means they can communicate with beloved pets that have died. Regardless of the type of pet you have, an animal communicator can talk with it. Reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, fish, house pets, farm animals--there's no limitation. So whether you have a tarantula or a horse, fish or fowl, dog or cat, working with an animal communicator can help you and your animal companion better understand each other.

How a Pet Psychic Communicates

Communication between pet psychics and your pets is two-way; that is, they talk to your pets, and your pets communicate with them. To do this, they use various forms of psychic ability, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, mediumship, empathy, and telepathy. According to Lorrie the Pet Psychic, the most common ways they receive communication from pets is via pictures and images, feelings, or words your pet shares with them.

So when connecting to your pet, an animal communicator may receive impressions that they translate and share with you to promote mutual understanding. Likewise, they can use the same types of communications to share information with your pet.

Services Animal Communicators Provide

Pet psychics provide a variety of services you can use for a stronger and more balanced relationship with your pet.

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Resolve Behavioral Issues

Pet psychics are often experts in pet behavior, and their ability to communicate with your pet about behavioral issues can help you understand the roots of the issue and provide solutions that allow you to work with your pet to change undesirable behavior.

For a behavioral issue, a pet psychic might take the following steps:

  1. Your pet psychic will gather a comprehensive history of the situation from you, asking about both your behavior and your pet's, as well as seeking information about how you've tried to remedy the situation in the past, what you feel may have caused the situation, and if you feel there are any contributing factors.
  2. They will then establish psychic communication with your pet, either in person or at a distance, and discuss the issue, asking the animal why the behavior is happening and communicating with your pet new expectations for behavior along with the reasons for them.
  3. Next, they'll share their findings with you so you can understand your pet's behavior. They may also offer you modifications for your behaviors that contribute to your pet's actions.
  4. They'll follow-up as needed to help with ongoing issues if they remain.

For example, if your dog barks and wakes you up every night, a pet psychic might discover the behavior started when they were barking one night and you picked them up and carried them back to bed so you could sleep, thus establishing in the dog's mind a pattern or expectation.

In other words, your dog trained you...it happens more than you might imagine.

In this situation, the pet psychic would communicate with the dog, explaining this behavior is unacceptable because you need to sleep so you can work and make money to feed it. Then, they'll communicate a new expectation that the dog goes to bed without barking. The psychic will also find the dog's reasons for barking, making sure there isn't a physical basis for it, and share any of those issues with you. The psychic may also give you suggestions about how to proceed, such as taking a firm stance with your dog or engaging in some type of reinforcement to stop the behavior, and help you to understand how your behavior contributed to your pet's behavior.

Get to Know Your Pet Better

In some cases, you may want a pet communicator to check in to see how your animal companion is doing. In this case, they will get in touch with your pet to see if there are any issues the animal feels need to be solved, whether there are pain or health problems, or if your pet has emotional needs that aren't being met. They will share this information and facilitate ongoing communication with your pet to resolve any issues that come up.

Prepare Your Pet for Changes

If you're moving house, going on a trip, having a baby, getting a divorce, or experiencing any other major life change, it affects your pet. A pet communicator can help you share these upcoming changes with your pet to help them know what they can expect. They can also facilitate ongoing communication about concerns your pet may have. The pet psychic can also reassure your pet and help you understand the best ways to prepare it for whatever change may be coming.

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Explore End of Life Issues

Pet psychics can help you determine if your old or sick pet's quality of life is so poor it is time to euthanize, or whether the pet would rather die naturally. These are difficult decisions, and having a psychic communicate with your pet can help reassure you that you are making the right choice for your animal companion.

Find Lost Pets

If your pet is missing, a pet psychic can communicate with it and tell you if it is alive or dead. If your pet is alive, the psychic may be able to help you find them by sharing ideas about where it is based on the surroundings your pet sees and communicates with them. The communicator may also be able to help guide your pet home or to some place safe via psychic communication.

Teach You to Communicate

Some pet psychics can also teach you to communicate with your animals. You may already be better at this than you realize, and a pet psychic can offer pointers to help you understand what your pet is telling you in these communications.

Find Local Pet Psychics

Chances are, you can't flip to the pet psychic section of your yellow pages and find an animal communicator. However, there are ways to find local psychics. Because many work remotely, you can also find pet psychics in different areas to work with your animals at a distance.

  • Ask your local vet, pet food store, animal clinic, animal rescue, humane society, or groomer. While not all of them will have resources for you, some might, or they might be able to tell you who to ask.
  • Look in a psychic directory such as Best Psychic Directory or AnimalCommunication.info.
  • Enter the terms "pet psychic" or "animal communicator," and the name of your town in a search engine.
  • Ask local metaphysical organizations, such as the Unity Church or a local paranormal or psychic group.

Do Your Research

Once you've located an animal communicator, do your research. Look for Better Business Bureau ratings, seek online reviews, and ask for references from past clients. Locating a respected animal communicator may just facilitate a better understanding between you and your pets.

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