Earth Magic Powers & Healing Possibilities

Updated July 1, 2021
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There is a type of magic that is accessible to anyone, whether you've practiced witchcraft before or are completely new to the idea. Earth magic is tapping into and deeply connecting to nature, using its energy to heal or soothe yourself. To start with earth magic, all you need is a few moments outside in nature, whether that's your backyard or patio or a deep, green forest.

Connection Through Meditation

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Anyone can connect with Earth energies. The best way to connect spiritually with Earth energies is through meditation. It may take a little practice if you've never attempted to commune with nature. You will eventually connect with nature energy. It may be the water, a tree, a rock or everything surrounding you.

  1. Choose a place where you are in nature, such as sitting in a garden or perched on a rock beside a gentle babbling stream.
  2. Clear your mind and use your five senses.
  3. Connect with the smells, sounds, textures through touch, and visuals of your surroundings.
  4. Take three deep breaths. Each time you inhale, imagine the energies of nature entering your body. You can imagine this in any way that connects to you. Some people envision the Earth rising up to meet them, others see their feet acting as tree roots. Some associate nature with a particular color.
  5. With each exhale, release any resistance to that connection and allow yourself to feel everything around you.
  6. As you go deeper into your meditation, the connection with nature will grow stronger.
  7. When you feel you are connected, ask nature to help you with whatever health issue you're having.
  8. Wait and remain quiet.
  9. Continue to be cognizant of your surroundings.

How Nature Communicates

As you remain quiet and listening, there are several ways nature communicates with you. Sometimes it is with a direct burst of healing energy.

  • You may feel a surge of healing energy course through your body.
  • You may receive a mental picture of how to treat your illness.
  • You might receive information through thoughts, such as a phrase or word.

Grounding: Tapping Into Earth's Energy

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Grounding is a method of ancient healing using the frequencies of nature. You part of nature, so you run at the same frequency, and when you tap into that deep energy and connect with the Earth, it has the power to heal. Many people use grounding as a way to deal with anxiety, since it's an excellent way to release some of the extra energy you may be carrying around.

To ground, you need to be able to in a place where you can be in direct contact with the earth. The lawn in your back yard, a safe place in a park, in the woods, or near a stream or lake will all work; whatever's accessible to you.

  • Stand or sit, with your bare feet touching the ground, or with the palms of your hands pressed to the ground, whatever's more comfortable. You can even do both, if you wish.
  • Take deep breaths, picturing the energy flowing through your feet or hands, through your body, and into the Earth. This is good for if you're stressed or anxious. If you are feeling low energy, picture the opposite; that the energy of the Earth is flowing up into you.
  • Some find it useful to envision themselves forming roots and growing deep into the Earth, the energy from the Earth flowing up their feet and legs, up their spine, and coursing through their body.

Elemental Earth Magic

The classical elements of air, fire, water, and earth are found in Western elemental magic tools for healing. Eastern cultures recognize five elements. These are fire, wood, metal, water, and earth. Both Western and Eastern cultures embrace elemental forces and the infinite knowledge they bestow. Accomplished shamans, energy workers and spiritual healers connect with these Earth element energies.

Healing Properties of the Elements

Water is one of the elements conducive to the art of healing. Energized water found in a running stream or river as well as the power of an ocean convey and transform the life energies of Mother Earth. Water cleanses, fire purifies, air clears away negative energies, and earth transforms.

Healing With Earth Magic

Many Earth magic practitioners incorporate various tokens and treasures of the Earth in their rituals and healing arts. These often include salt, soil, seeds, plants, herbs, and crystals. Living tree and plant energies are used in healings. Specific settings in nature, such as a boulder in a stream or river, can provide the needed Earth energy.

Examples of Elemental Magic

The energy of earth elements is imbued with specified frequencies that can be used to heal people as well as animals. Some people may resonate to the healing energy of rocks or specific plants. In his book, Earth Magic, Dr. Steven Farmer describes how he connected with the energy of a specific tree to heal.

Herb Energy Magic

Herb energy magic

Earth magic includes the use of herbs and their healing properties. Herbs have long been used in spiritual healing ceremonies as well as medicinal purposes. The herbs are taken in tea, added to potions, burned as incense during healing ceremonies, and used in spellwork to bring about a healing. You can use herbs any time you need to call upon Earth magic for a healing.

Herbs have particular magical correspondences, and once you know them, you can use this energy in your workings. For example, in her book The Green Witch, Anna Murphy-Hiscock notes that chamomile is "used for prosperity, peace, healing, harmony, and happiness," so if you're doing a spell or creating a spell bag with any of those things as your intention, incorporating chamomile will strengthen the magic of your spell.

Crystals and Gemstones

Healing energies are imbued in stones, such as crystals and gemstones. Many energy healers are conduits of divine spiritual energy and use crystals in their work to amplify the transference of that energy to their patients. You can use specific crystals that resonate with your seven chakras to aid in opening blocked energy channels.

Ley Lines

Earth magic also includes the energy centers of the Earth created by the intersecting or converging of ley lines. These energy lines are believed to cover the planet. They create a grid-like framework of energy that contains both positive and negative energy lines. You can find these points of convergence using dowsing rods and once identified, you can tap into Earth's energy or frequency.

It's theorized that the points of connection of ley lines were once recognized by ancestral cultures as sacred and magical places. The ley line connections are believed to create energy vortexes that can be used for various purposes, including healings. It's hypothesized that standing stone circles, such as Stonehenge and other sacred places were built along these lines of convergence.

Magic Accessible to Anyone

Earth magic is one of the most accessible forms of magic. You don't need any equipment to connect with nature and make use of its healing properties. Whether you connect with it through meditation or grounding, or use earth magic via herbs and crystals, this is a path that draws on the inherent connection between people and the Earth.

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Earth Magic Powers & Healing Possibilities