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Recognizing and Developing Claircognizance

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Recognizing and developing psychic abilities includes claircognizance, also known as clear knowing. Many psychics and mediums believe claircognizance is a form of instant information downloading directly into their minds. The information is bestowed by either guides, spirits or the person tapping into their higher self or spiritual matrix.

Methods for Recognizing and Developing Claircognizance

The very nature of claircognizance is mysterious. When a psychic or medium receives the information associated with claircognizance, they simply know. There isn't any process of communication with their guides or spirit helpers.

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Examples of Claircognizance

Rarely does a psychic having an instance of claircognizance understand or know the reason behind that knowledge. There isn't any logical basis for the knowing or any information other than the knowing.

Claircognizance Directives

A classic example of clear knowing is telling someone to take an umbrella with them when no rain has been forecasted, but the person gets caught in a sudden downpour. The person giving the advice has no idea why they made the suggestion. They just knew the person needed the umbrella.

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Claircognizance Warnings

Another type of claircognizance comes as a warning. This can be lifesaving or simply assisting the person to avoid an unpleasant or inconvenient circumstance. For example, the warning might be something as simple as advising the person to stop for a coffee on the way to work and the person following the suggestion avoids being caught in a major traffic jam or accident.

Claircognizance Suggestions Seem Trivial

In the majority of claircognizance instances, the suggestions, advice or warnings seem trivial at the time. They are simple things, such as wear a different pair of shoes, go a different route, take a sandwich with you, drive the truck instead of the car, and other bits of knowledge that are simply statements without any kind of context.

Mystery of Claircognizance

The psychic receiving the information doesn't know any more than what the statement says. The key is to learn to trust the information and act on it. If you suddenly know you need to turn off your regular route, trust the information and do it. You may never know if such action saved you from an accident, but in all cases, it's wise to follow the information directive.

How a Psychic Receives Claircognizance Information

Most claircognizance psychics are also logical, critical thinkers and practice meditation. They are open to receiving these messages and typically just suddenly know something about a person or situation.

Claircognizance vs Premonitions

Some people confuse claircognizance with premonitions. Knowing something is going to happen before it does is a premonition. Claircognizance is knowing something without knowing what it is, as in the case of suggesting an umbrella when it seems illogical based on the weather forecast.

How to Develop Claircognizance Ability

You can possibly develop claircognizance abilities even if you currently don't show signs of having the ability. Like so many psychic abilities, a person may simply not recognize a separate ability, since most psychic abilities work in unison. If you have other clair abilities, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience, it's possible you have claircognizance, just not yet developed.

Step One: Recognize Your Claircognizance Ability

Since claircognizance moments and instances are usually very mundane, most psychics don't pay much attention to them. The first step is recognizing whenever you have a claircognizance moment.

  1. Record each instance of claircognizance for a month.
  2. Note beside each instance if there were any results from following your suggestion or warning.
  3. Also make note of instances when your suggestion or warning was ignored and the results.
  4. Record any emotion or thought you had at the time.

Step Two: Evaluate Your Recordkeeping Efforts

At the end of a month, evaluate your record to see if there were actual events of claircognizance. Be sure to pay close attention to any physical or emotional reactions you recorded. Sometimes there is a sensation in the solar plexus region or the seventh chakra during the moment of claircognizance.

Step Three: Practice Meditation

One way to develop your claircognizance ability and other psychic abilities is through meditation. Any time you meditate, you strengthen the connection you have to God, spirit guides, angels, and the powerful energy of these realms.

Step Four: Yoga to Open Chakra System

You can practice specific yoga poses designed to open certain chakras. For example, if you have a blocked chakra, such as the sacral chakra (2nd chakra), you can practice a hip-opening yoga pose, such as thread the needle.

Thread the Needle Yoga Pose

Step Five: Meditate to Open Chakra System

In conjunction with yoga, you can also work on opening chakras through your meditation practice. Include a specific meditation with the goal of pouring healing spiritual energy into your chakras. The energy will unblock and open main chakras centers.

  1. Focus on opening your seventh chakra located at the top of your head.
  2. Visualize a stream of white light entering through the top of your head (seventh chakra).
  3. Watch as this stream of energy moves through the third eye chakra and down through each chakra center to your base root chakra.
  4. This energy will then move up your spine and back through the seventh chakra.
  5. You can then redirect this continuous flow of energy to your arms, hands, legs, and feet, always down the front and up the backs of your arms and legs.
  6. You want to practice keeping this flow of energy until it is well established as a constantly flowing current gyrating through each chakra.

Step Six: Raise Your Frequency

Your meditation practice will raise your vibration or frequency to that of the spiritual realm. The more you practice the stronger your connection becomes. You can use special music, such as 432 Hz or 528 Hz to assist you in raising your frequency. These sound waves are believed to be beneficial to the human body by delivering healings and repairs. 528 Hz is believed to have DNA healing vibrations.

Ways of Recognizing and Developing Claircognizance Abilities

There are many ways you can begin to recognize instances of claircognizance. You develop this special ability through yoga, meditation and music with the goal of raising your frequency enough to establish a stronger cosmic and spiritual connection.

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Recognizing and Developing Claircognizance