What Is Claircognizance? Techniques to Develop & Recognize It

Updated June 21, 2021
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You heard someone say they have the gift of claircognizance, but you don't have a clear understanding of what they meant. Perhaps you believe you had a moment or two where you were claircognizant and just want to understand this psychic ability a little better. A few examples and tips can help you recognize this psychic gift and show you how to develop it.

What Is Claircognizance and Do You Have It?

Claircognizance is a psychic ability that is commonly called clear knowing. It's a form of having instant knowledge or information. This can be something as simple as telling a loved one to take an umbrella with them on a clear sunny day. Chances are, you have no idea why you just told them to carry an umbrella.

However, if you aren't used to having this sense of knowing something that you have no reason to know, you may not act on it. For example, you may not tell your sister to make sure she has a full tank of gas, and she runs out of gas after having been stuck in a traffic backup. After a few times of seeing how you knew something that actually happened, you may decide to start acting on your special knowing.

Another type of claircognizance comes as a warning. This can be lifesaving or simply assisting the person to avoid an unpleasant or inconvenient circumstance. For example, the warning might be something as simple as advising the person to stop for a coffee on the way to work and the person following your suggestion avoids being caught in a major traffic jam or worse, the victim of the accident that caused the traffic jam.

In the majority of claircognizance instances, the suggestions, advice, or warnings seem trivial at the time. They are simple things, such as wear a different pair of shoes, go a different route, take a sandwich with you, drive the truck instead of the car, take cash with you, and other bits of knowledge that are simply statements or suggestions you make without any kind of context.

As you now can see, the very nature of claircognizance is rather mysterious. It isn't rational. It isn't the result of deductive reasoning. It is simply having this knowing. This knowing doesn't come to you via a guide or spirit helper. That direct form of communication is completely bypassed.

When you receive the information, you only know what the statement says. The key is to learn to trust the information and act on it. If you suddenly know you need to turn off your regular route, trust the information and do it. You may never know if such action saved you from an accident, but in all cases, it's wise to follow the information directive.

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Technique for Recognizing Claircognizance

You can develop claircognizance abilities even if you currently don't show signs of having the ability. Like so many psychic abilities, you may not recognize it as a separate ability, since most psychic abilities work in unison. If you have other clair abilities, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience, it's highly probable that you have claircognizance, perhaps it just isn't developed.

Since claircognizance moments and instances are usually very mundane, you might not pay much attention to them. The first step is to recognize a claircognizance moment.

You can follow a few simple steps to recognize and identify these moments:

  1. Record each instance of claircognizance for a month.
  2. Note beside each instance if there were any results from following your suggestion or warning.
  3. Make notes of instances when your suggestion or warning was ignored and the results.
  4. Write down any emotion or thought you had at the time.

At the end of a month, evaluate your record to see if there were actual events of claircognizance. Be sure to pay close attention to any physical or emotional reactions you recorded. Sometimes, you may have a sensation in the solar plexus region during that moment of claircognizance.

Techniques to Develop Claircognizance Ability

One way to develop your claircognizance ability is through meditation. Any time you meditate, you strengthen the connection you have to God, spirit guides, angels, and the powerful energy of these realms. Daily meditation will strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm and this connection fortifies claircognizance as well as your other psychic abilities.

Your meditation practice will raise your vibration or frequency to that of the spiritual realm. It helps to think that meditation is to psychic abilities, the same way a gym workout is to a body builder.

  • Wear a quartz crystal or hold one while you meditate.
  • Chant ancient mantras known to establish a strong spiritual connection.
  • Use aromatherapy or burn incense to aid and bolster your meditation practice.
  • Tune in to meditative music for a deeper meditation.
  • Connect with your spirit guides more frequently to grow and strengthen that link.
  • Practice specific yoga poses designed to open certain chakras to aid you in your meditation and energy connection.
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Learn to Recognize and Develop Claircognizance

There are several ways to recognize moments of claircognizance. When you practice a few techniques, you can develop and grow your ability of clear knowing.

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