Retrocognition: What Does It Mean to Have These Abilities?

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Have you ever experienced a sudden knowing about the past that was outside of your current knowledge or experience? If so, you may have experienced retrocognition. If something like this has happened to you, there's a good chance your strange knowledge of verifiable past events left you mystified and wondering how you could know so much about something you never learned or read about or experienced. The answers lie in the psychic phenomena of retrocognition.

What Is Retrocognition?

If you've never heard of retrocognition, think of it as being the opposite of precognition. Instead of knowing about something that is going to happen, you just automatically know about a past event or details about a person in the past. This unique psychic ability is also known as backward or behind knowing. It is considered a type of extrasensory perception (ESP) ability.

The first few times that you experience retrocognition can be confusing. You can't explain how you know something from the past. It's believed that a person with retrocognitive abilities taps into the past by using some type of psychic ability. Some intuitives simply know about past events the same way they just know about future events. This kind of ability is called a knowing or claircognizance only in this case, it's a retro claircognizance. Typically, this innate ability is spontaneous, although you can develop it like other psychic abilities.

How You Can Experience Retrocognition

Someone with psychic gifts can use various abilities to tap into a retrocognitive vabilities. Working with natural psychic talents can jumpstart the process.

Empaths Sense Past Emotions

If you're an empath, you can train yourself to tap into the emotions of a specific event. This is much easier when attempting to connect with an event that involved many people since the layers of emotions will be larger, highly charged, and more varied than a single person event.

  1. Clear your mind.
  2. Go into a meditative state.
  3. Focus on the date of the event or other detail.
  4. Relax and allow the emotions to come through.
  5. It's through these emotions that the event will begin to unfold.
  6. Focus on the strongest emotion you sense.
  7. Details will bombard you as you home in on those feelings.
  8. With practice, you'll become more comfortable in discerning the individuals and which emotions belong to them.

Automatic Writing or Drawing of Past Events

A psychic, medium, or seer with the ability to perform automatic writing or drawing may be able to redirect their abilities to the past. This type of retrocognition certainly is in the scope of possible psychic abilities. You can develop this ability using your automatic ability.

  • Follow your normal protocol for automatic writing.
  • Consciously focus on the past event you wish to tap into.
  • Allow the residual energies of the event to guide your pen/pencil.
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Dreams About the Past

Just as a psychic may have spontaneous premonitions in the awake state or precognitive dreams, so can an intuitive with retrocognitive abilities. The psychic is able to connect with the past event during their dream state. You can practice lucid dreams to allow yourself to travel in time while in a dream state. While you're in a lucid state of being, instruct yourself to go back in time to the event you wish to explore.

Psychometry Opens Doors to Past

A person with the gift of psychometry is able to pick up objects and see, hear, smell, feel, and taste the past event(s) associated with it. These are always past events and can range from most recent or ancient.

This ability can be focused on an object associated with a specific event to receive the information imprinted on the object. It can also be experienced when shaking hands or hugging another person.

Although this is typically a spontaneous ability, but you can develop it by practicing with a variety of objects on a regular basis. Flea markets, antique stores, and resale shops are excellent places to practice and hone this amazing ability. You should always be respectful of the shop owner and try to be discreet when reading objects.

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Trance Induced Retrocognition

Some psychics or intuitives are able to perceive future events by going into a trancelike state of being. If you have this ability, you can use this technique to see into the past.

While in trance, you'll be able to see, hear, smell, feel, and even taste what was happening during a past event as though you are living in that moment. To use this ability, you should have a guide/conductor to assist you.

  • Prior to your session, write out the questions you wish the guide/conductor to ask.
  • Once you're in a trance, the guide will instruct you to go to the pre-chosen event you wish to explore.
  • Allow yourself to move back through time to that event.

Meditation Retrocognition

Similar to trance retrocognition, some intuitives/seers practice deep meditation techniques that allow them to glimpse events in the past. These are altered states of being that may require practice before you are able to access this ability.

  1. Go into your meditative state.
  2. Concentrate on the past event you wish to experience.
  3. Choose a person or specific item associated with the event, such as battle flag, building, or object.
  4. Hold this image in your mind and then relax, allowing the scene of the event to open in front of you.

Retrocognition and What It Means

Developing the ability of retrocognition may take practice and a lot of patience. Not everyone has this natural ability, but you can use your other psychic abilities to tap into it, develop it, and eventually claim it as your own.

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Retrocognition: What Does It Mean to Have These Abilities?