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La Lechuza History and Stories

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The history and stories about the myth of La Lechuza are told to children in Northern Mexico and Southern Texas as a warning. Stories of this owl-like creature can be traced back to the mid-1700s. Many people believe it is purely a myth while those who've seen the La Lechuza swear she is real.

Myth of La Lechuza

The word La Lechuza means The Owl. This isn't any ordinary owl; it is supposedly an old woman who shapeshifts into a seven-foot-tall owl with a massive 15-foot wingspan. La Lechuza assumes this shape in order to exact revenge on someone who has mistreated or otherwise wronged her. Some stories claim she is an old witch intent on finishing her revenge on those who harmed her.

La Lechuza Is Old Woman's Familiar

Another story tells how the La Lechuza is an actual owl that does the bidding of the old woman. It is often compared to a witch's familiar, the black cat.

Descriptions of Physical Appearance

The stories are varied when it comes La Lechuza's appearance. Some describe seeing a white owl while others claim they saw a black raven. Other reports even state the La Lechuza has the face of an old woman. Many reports claim the creature has large black almond-shaped eyes like a grey alien. Several eyewitnesses compare La Lechuza to the famous mothman.

How La Lechuza Lures Victims

The many stories about La Lechuza tell how this old woman creature lures her victims under the cover of night. The La Lechuza often imitates a crying baby that causes children, men and woman to seek the infant in a desire to help. It's said that La Lechuza often selects intoxicated men as her victims.

La Lechuza Attacks at Night

Other stories of sightings report the La Lechuza perched on a fence post or in a tree. Some witnesses have been in their vehicle when the La Lechuza swooped down at them.

Prey of the La Lechuza

Once the La Lechuza grabs her prey, she's said to fly off with the person screaming as she takes them to her secret lair. It's there that she punishes the person for their wrongdoing towards her. No one knows what that punishment involves, only that the person is never seen again.

Protection Against La Lechuza

There are many ways you supposedly can protect yourself from La Lechuza. Each one has no real reason behind why it works, only these are part of the mythology of La Lechuza.

  • One story claims the creature is defenseless against salt and chili powder, especially if you throw it in her face.
  • You can tie seven knots in a rope and hang it by your door as a sign of respect and La Lechuza will leave you alone.
  • Another claim states that by reciting a prayer, such as the Canticle of Mary the creature will be frightened away.

Sightings of La Lechuza

There have been numerous La Lechuza sightings over the centuries. Some more recent ones keep the myth alive.

2017 Chicago Sighting

Clyde Lewis at Ground Zero writes about an April 16, 2017 sighting of a humanoid owl creature one night at Humboldt Park in Chicago. Clyde tells of several witnesses seeing a two-foot tall humanlike owl. Other witnesses swore the humanoid bird was over six feet tall and black with huge red eyes.

Three Women Harassed While Driving

Mike Cox writes about three women on their way home from San Antonio one night encountering a La Lechuza. According to the women, they saw a very large bird come up from behind them and fly past the car.

Bird Taunts Women

The bird turned and came back towards the women. At one point, the bird kept pace outside the driver's window as the woman driver tried to outrun the bird. Suddenly, the car engine stopped and wouldn't restart. The three women sat terrified in the dark. When the bird disappeared, and the driver was able to restart the car.

Old Woman Found Dead

Another popular story is of several men tracking down and shooting what they believed was La Lechuza. They searched and were unable to find the bird and gave up. The next morning, they set back out to find the bird when they came upon the body of an old woman with frightening features. Her limp body was draped over a tree limb. The men believed they'd killed a real La Lechuza.

Myth of La Lechuza History and Stories

There are many stories about La Lechuza with a long history of sightings. Many people believe there are more than one creature and this shapeshifter witch is ancient.

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La Lechuza History and Stories