Popular Paranormal Dating Sites: Find a Fellow Supernatural Lover

Updated June 4, 2021
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Dating sites that cater to those interested in the paranormal sound like a great idea. The few sites that have attempted to create this niche market have been around for a few years.

Ghost Singles

Ghost Singles is a 100% free dating site. You can send free messages. The only requirement is that you not be living. This website is just for the dead. This tongue-in-cheek spin is cute and attractive to singles who can chat 24/7 for free. The website states, "If you're mortal, this isn't the dating site for you."

  • In your search criteria, you must choose someone who died horribly, mysterious, tragically, or suddenly.
  • The website also states, "Upon request, we can recommend some online singles sites for the living."

Paranormal Date

The most well-known strictly for paranormal enthusiasts dating website is Paranormal Date. The reviews are varied, with one website hosting all negative reviews. George Noory (Coast to Coast AM host) and pal Mark Rollings created Paranormal Date, but many non-listeners join in. You can join the site for free and if you like what you experience, you can select the premium membership. You can look for discount codes for premium membership as well.

Paranormal Date Website Features

The website boasts you can find a match with someone who shares your paranormal interest. You must be at least 18 years old to join. Unlike most websites, you won't receive a confirmation email to the email address you enter as a form of verification until after you've added your photo and answered the questions needed for your profile. This information ranges from what you do for fun, your favorite meal, the most interesting fact about yourself, and details to describe yourself. You can decide how much of this information you wish to share. It's free to join.

Premium Membership

You can upgrade to a premium account and pay monthly (around $40) quarterly (around $80), every 6-months (around $125) or yearly (around $200). You decide how much contact you wish. You can enter the promo code "George" for a discount on your membership.

  • The topics of interest on the main page include Life After Death, Ghost Stories, UFOs, Science, Conspiracy, Bigfoot.
  • It's free to search profiles and send messages.
  • The premium membership offers online chat, see who's viewed your profile, online dating diary, etc.

Reviews of Paranormal Date

Reviews on SiteJabber for Paranormal Date aren't favorable. Mostly women have complained saying they aren't happy with the men who have contacted them.

Use Regular Dating Sites to Connect With Kindred Spirits

You can often connect with someone who shares your interests in the paranormal by using popular dating sites. Some of these sites include Zoosk, Tinder, OurTime, Hinge, Match, or Elite Singles. Complete your profile and in the description area about yourself, you can briefly list the paranormal and supernatural as areas of interests.

  • If you're a ghost hunter, you can enter this in areas of interests or under hobbies.
  • Play it lighthearted so you don't scare people away.
  • Use phrases such as, "You don't have to worry about me ghosting you."

Finding Paranormal Dating Sites

While there aren't an abundant number of paranormal dating sites, you can find a few. Always use caution whenever using a dating service and meeting someone for the first time. You can also use regular dating sites and emphasize your interest in the paranormal to connect with more people.

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Popular Paranormal Dating Sites: Find a Fellow Supernatural Lover