Fertility Spells With Candles

Published August 3, 2018
Green candle with Frangipani flower

Fertility spells using candles are easy to cast and should give you fairly quick results. Always perform the fertility spell during the new moon, since it marks new beginnings.

Pine and Candle Spell for Fertility

The pine candle spell is simple and uses long-time favorite tokens/symbols of fertility. Before you begin gathering your supplies, you need to decide if you want to cast a spell for a boy or girl or remain neutral. You'll also need to select the time you wish to perform your magic. Since the new moon marks new beginnings, you'll need to cast your spell during the first three days of the new moon.

1. Gather Supplies

There are a few supplies you'll need to gather. Select the pen ink color based on gender preference: boy (blue), girl (pink) and no preference (green). You'll also need the following:

  • 2 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • Olive oil or other carrier oil
  • Green pillar beeswax candle and candle holder
  • Bowl (fireproof)
  • Matches or lighter
  • Small piece of white paper (color of purity)
  • Pink, blue or green ink pen
  • Dried pine needles (crumbled)
  • Pair of plastic gloves
  • Cotton swabs

2. Dress the Candle

Mix the olive oil and two drops of essential oil. Lavender is a healing herb and is used to reduce anxiety and depression. If you've been trying to conceive for some time, then this is the perfect essential oil for your candle dressing.

2. Wear Gloves

Wearing plastic gloves and using a cotton swab, you'll apply the olive oil and lavender oil mixture to the candle. Completely cover the candle in the oil mixture. Set the candle in the holder. Remove the gloves and dispose of them and the swab.

3. Write Your Heart's Desire

On the paper, use the ink pen to write your heart's desire. In the center of the paper, crumble the dried pine needles. (Pine is a symbol of fertility.) Gather the ends of the paper and twist together to form a small packet.

4. Cast Your Spell

Light the candle and repeat the following:

Child of my heart,

Accept my love and protection,

Be with me and your father (if appropriate),

Share this good and happy life,

We're waiting for you.

Hold the paper packet over the candle flame and allow it to catch fire. Immediately place it in the fireproof bowl and allow it to burn away.

5. Follow Through

After you've cast the spell, don't extinguish the candle. Allow it to burn completely. Take the ashes and the remains of the candle and bury underneath your bedroom window. Your spell should bring your unborn child by the next new moon.

Rose Quartz Candle Fertility Spell

This candle spell uses a rose quartz (love symbol) and a fertility symbol. Choose the fertility symbol you prefer, such as the Ingwuz rune symbol for fertility. You'll either carve it into the candle or draw it on the candle. Cast your spell on the first day of the new moon.

Close-up of rose quartz crystals

1. Gather Your Supplies

  • Green beeswax votive candle
  • 2 drops Patchouli essential oil
  • Olive oil or other carrier oil
  • Flower essence of Lady's Mantle
  • Bowl (fireproof)
  • Matches or lighter
  • Small piece of white paper
  • Green ink pen
  • Plastic gloves
  • Cotton swabs
  • Rose quartz (heart-shaped)

2. Carve the Candle

You'll either carve or draw/write on the candle.

  • On one side of the candle, carve or write your name.
  • On the other side, carve or write the name of the father.
  • In the center between both names, write or carve the fertility symbol you chose.

3. Dress the Candle

Don the plastic gloves, and with the cotton swab, dress the candle using the olive oil and Patchouli oil. Once finished, place the candle in the holder. Discard the gloves and cotton swab in the trash.

3. Write Message to the Unborn

One a piece of white paper, using the green ink pen, write a heartfelt message to your unborn child. Add one drop of the Lady's Mantle flower essence onto the paper and place it flat in the bowl.

4. Light the Candle

Light the candle and hold the rose quartz in your left hand. Focus on the flame and repeat the following message to your unborn child.

I call upon my unborn child

Step out from the heavenly nursery

I greet you with all my heart and love

Come live on this earthly plane with us.

We're waiting for you.

Our hearts are full of love and joy - all for you.

Come be with us now.

Pick up the paper and light one corner. Immediately, place it in the fireproof bowl and allow it to burn completely. Focus on the candle flame and the heart rose quartz while sending send your baby all the love and positive energy you can muster.

5. Follow Through

Allow the candle to burn down. Any remaining wax can be placed along with the ashes inside a small glass jar and buried during the three days of the new moon. Keep the rose quartz heart with you. Hold it often and think of your unborn child, sending all your love to him or her. As long as your intentions remain pure and positive, your child should answer your call to join you by the next new moon.

Fertility Spells Using Candles

A green candle is perhaps the best color to use for a fertility spell, since it represents nature and new beginnings. Choose a quiet time to cast your spell to ensure no interruptions.

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Fertility Spells With Candles