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4 Haunted Places in Mississippi

Sally Painter
Waverly Mansion, Westpoint

Mississippi has many haunted places you can visit. Some of these places are open to the public, operate as museums, or are the site of a battlefield.

Waverly Mansion, West Point

Waverly Mansion is a National Historic Landmark. The former plantation house was built sometime in the 1840s and is considered one of the most haunted places in America. Its antebellum-era architecture is unique and features an oversized octagon-shaped cupola. A self-sustaining plantation, it contained livestock, gardens, orchards, brick kiln, ice house, and cotton gin.

Some paranormal encounters include:

  • A little girl is heard crying for her mommy and her handprints are sometimes found on fogged-up windows.
  • A civil war soldier wanders the properties.
  • Orbs are a common sight, especially in photos.
  • Full-bodied apparitions have been seen by guests, staff, and residents.
  • A man wearing all black clothing is seen riding a phantom horse around the plantation grounds. Some witnesses claim to be chased and even attacked by the horseman.

You can visit Waverley Mansion year-round. Tours are conducted Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Stuckey's Bridge, Enterprise

Stuckey's Bridge is listed with the National Register of Historic Places and crosses the Chunky River. Legend has it a man only known as Stuckey owned an inn near the river. It's said Stuckey was a member of the infamous Dalton Gang, and he would murder and rob his guests. Depending on who is telling the story, Stuckey would either toss his victim's body into the river or bury the victim by the river. Stuckey's crimes were somehow discovered, and he along with his helper, were hanged from the original bridge and left for several days before being cut down. The current bridge was built later, but the ghosts don't seem to care and still haunt the bridge.

Some stories include:

  • Locals have seen a strange mist surrounding a human silhouette.
  • Disembodied screams of women have been heard.
  • Reports of a face appearing in an eerie mist is another common encounter.
  • Some witnesses claim to see an apparition holding a lantern as Stuckey stalks his next victim.
  • Others report seeing his ghostly body hanging from the bridge.
  • One witness claims an angry spirit pushed them from the bridge

Stuckey's Bridge is closed to traffic, but people still walk across it and visit in the hope of seeing Stuckey's ghost or one of his victims' spirit.

McRaven Tour Home, Vicksburg

The McRaven Tour Home was built by Sheriff Steven Howard and his wife Mary. Unlike many haunted National Register of Historic Places, McRaven promotes its ghostly residents. The home is known as Mississippi's Most Haunted House. This famous home was a Confederate campsite and hospital during the Civil War. The McRaven Tour Home knows how to capitalize on its dual claim to fame by offering both a history way-of-life tour and a haunted tour. Visitors can enjoy the three-acre gardens in addition to touring the interior.

Home Construction

In 1797, President George Washington built the first portion of the home followed by a highwayman named Andrew Glass, Sheriff Stephen Howard (1836) and John H Bobb (1849).

Ghosts at McRaven

11 grave sites are said to exist on the property. The spirits of these people have been sighted and reported over the years. These ghostly residents of McRaven Tour Home include:

  • In 1836, Mary Elizabeth Howard died in her home soon after giving birth. The website states she is the most active spirit and some of her belongings are still in the home. You might find yourself greeted by Mary since she enjoys welcoming guests into her home. She also loves to play pranks on staff and visitors.
  • After having survived the Vicksburg Siege, John was killed in 1864 by Union soldiers. Eyewitnesses have seen this former businessman strolling along the balcony of his master suite.
  • Andrew Glass is another active spirit, still using the rooms as a hideout.
  • In 1991, William Murray died in the home.

Visit, Tour, and Ghost Hunt

You can visit the McRaven Tour Home at 1445 Harrison Street, Vicksburg, MS. Children 5 years and younger always free. You can participate in:

  • History tour: Adult ($15), Student 6-18 yrs ($10)
  • Haunted tour: $35, Friday through Sunday 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
  • Combination tour: Adult ($35) Student 6-18 ($30), Friday through Sunday 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
  • Call (601) 501-1336 if you want to participate in a paranormal investigation at the McRaven House.

Listen to an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) captured at the McRaven Tour Home

Vicksburg National Military Park, Vicksburg

The capture of Vicksburg (Gibraltar of the Confederacy) was strategically the key to winning the Civil War. There are ghost stories about the Battlefield and many describe strange happenings around some of the 1,350 commemorative monuments. The cemetery has over 17,000 soldier graves with 13,000 unmarked and unknown. It's no wonder there are many ghostly encounters on the battlefield. Some include:

  • Orbs are seen throughout the battlefield grounds.
  • The apparitions of soldiers are seen throughout the park battlefield.
  • Witnesses visiting the Pennsylvania Monument claim the bronze medallions sculpted with the Pennsylvanian commanders' faces shed bloody tears.
  • Smoke appears to come from the cannon part of the Texas monument.
  • Various phantom sounds are reported, such as gunfire, cannon fire, orders being shouted and the smell of gunpowder and smoke.

Visiting the Park

Haunted America Tours advises ghost hunters and paranormal investigators to get a permit from the national park in advance if they wish to use any electronic equipment on the battlefield. Contact the park at 3201 Clay Street or call (601) 636-0583. Rates for visitors vary by type of vehicle capacity with commercial and noncommercial rates.

Haunted Places in Mississippi

You can find haunted places throughout Mississippi. Many are well-known with a cast of ghostly characters, while others are out of the way in isolated places with gruesome histories.

4 Haunted Places in Mississippi