20 Best Paranormal Shows for Supernatural Enthusiasts

Updated June 2, 2021
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A list of the best paranormal shows gives you many choices, depending on the type of paranormal activity you prefer. Many of these shows are available for viewing on apps or your favorite TV channels.

1. Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation

If you've seen the official video of the UFO from Navy pilots dubbed as the Tic Tac, then you definitely want to watch History channel's Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation. The debut episode was in 2020, with interviews of the pilots who took the Tic Tac videos, radar chief who witnessed the craft on radar, and other eyewitnesses.

The team of investigators include military intelligence official and Special Agent In-Charge, Luis Elizondo (former director of Defense Intelligence Agency's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), as well as the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Intelligence, Chris Mellon.

Many ufologists and other people in the UFO community believe this show, along with government released UFO videos and the admission by the military of operating a secret Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force that investigates UFOs, are a well-planned public preparation for disclosure or more aptly, the UFO truth finally being admitted by the U.S. Government. To avoid any stigma with the campaign waged against those who've reported UFOs since the 1950s, the military dubbed UFOs as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). The show's high profile team certainly has the credentials needed to prevent discrediting them as conspiracy theorists.

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2. Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliensfirst premiered on the History channel in 2009 and continues today as one of History channel's most popular shows. The show is based on the ancient alien theory made popular by the books Erich von Däniken's Chariots of the Gods and Zecharia Sitchin's 12th Planet. The ancient alien theory postulates that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth long before prehistoric times.

Ancient astronauts are credited with giving humans language, art, philosophy, and almost everything that humans have achieved. According to the Ancient Alien theory, this influence is especially reflected in ancient architecture. Various UFO conspiracy theories as well as alien abduction claims are also featured on the show and include well-known UFO incidences, such as Roswell. Ufologist and ancient alien proponent, Giorgio Tsoukalos is a regular guest and serves as a consulting producer for the show. Other UFO researchers are often guests on the show.

3. Expedition Bigfoot

Travel Channel debuted the newest and hottest bigfoot research show, Expedition Bigfoot in December of 2019. The team uses an advanced data algorithm to narrow their search for Bigfoot based on reported sightings. So far, the team has identified a possible migratory pattern for the big hairy creature. The team also uses state-of-the-art technology to assist them in their search.

The team has documented humanoid heat signatures of possible Bigfoots. Made up of researchers notables American anthropologist Mireya Mayor, PhD (National Geographic wildlife correspondent), author and part-time filmmaker Russell Victor Acord, paranormal researcher and author Ronny Le Blanc, and actor, producer, and bigfoot researcher Bryce Johnson, the team is very impressive.

4. Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters is the oldest running reality/documentary ghost hunting/investigative TV show. The show features the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) paranormal investigations. The team uses state-of-the-art technology and various techniques to capture proof of a haunting by first attempting to find a logical reason for the activity.

The first episode aired on SyFy channel in 2004 and ran until 2016. Grant Wilson left the show in 2012. However, in 2019, he resurrected the show on A&E with only Grant Wilson and a new team of investigators. The show ran until 2020. In 2021, Jason Hawes announced that Ghost Hunters was back in his control and airing with the former team of Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango. They are also joined by team member Shari DeBenedetti. The 2021 show will air on Discovery+.

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5. Aliens in Alaska

You can catch the newest UFO/alien show Aliens in Alaska on Discovery+. Any ufologist will tell you that Alaska has so many UFO sightings that it's known as a UFO hotbed. The show presents personal testimonies and video evidence of UFO activity. With 3,000 people disappearing in Alaska every year, alien abductions is one theory often explored. The first show in the TV series premiered in March 2021. The cast includes producer/writer Dustin Rubin and former military and law enforcement officer turned unexplained phenomena researcher Larry "Beans" Baxter.

6. Beyond Belief With George Nory

Beyond Belief Gaia TV series launched in 2014 and is hosted by talk radio's Coast to Coast AM icon George Noory. The show explores all types of mysterious, unusual, and amazing things. Some of the topics include divination tools, UFOs, giants, Anunnaki, and serpent people of Ancient India Sanskrit texts. You can subscribe to the channel on Amazon or go directly on Gaia.com to download the app.

7. Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventuresdebuted in 2008 Sci-Fi (SyFy) channel and later moved to Travel Channel. It is one of the longest running ghost investigation TV shows. The ghost hunting team of Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley, and Nick Groff (2008-2014) travel to places said to be haunted.

The team's approach is different from many ghost hunters. They do a dusk-to-dawn lockdown at the haunted site. They use state-of-the-art technology, but unlike other ghost hunters, the team engages in an antagonizing approach with ghosts in order to evoke a response. Spirit possessions have been part of three shows, with claims that Bagans was possessed during the investigations. Like many of the paranormal shows, in 2021, Ghost Adventures will be featured on Discovery+.

8. Unexplained: Caught On Camera

The UK production Unexplained: Caught on Camera debuted in 2019 and is available on Discovery+. Each episode features strange and often terrifying paranormal video footage. The people who took the videos are also featured and tell about the incidences. Paranormal experts try find some type of explanation for unusual phenomena. Experts include Barri Ghai, Ciaran O'Keeffe, Jayne Harris, and Deborah Davies.

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9. Long Island Medium

The series Long Island Medium followed Theresa Caputo in a reality show about a real-life psychic medium. The show gave viewers an inside look into Theresa's work as she conducted readings for individuals as well as groups. In 2020, TLC announced that the Long Island Medium show was canceled and wouldn't be returning in 2020. However, if you're just discovering this show, you have from 2011 to 2019 episodes that you can binge watch of Theresa Caputo talking to the dead on Discovery+.

10. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

Known as a creepy paranormal and UFO phenomena hotspot, Skinwalker Ranch has been the topic of scientific study. The 512-acre ranch is believed to be a portal for entities to travel from other dimensions to the ranch and back. Former owners of the ranch claimed to have encounters with wolf like creatures, UFOs, and even aliens. Government scientists failed to crack the mystery of the ranch after years of scientists living on the ranch and conducting investigations and experiments.

Mysterious cattle mutilations, spikes in radiation, and magnetic anomalies, are just some of the things the new team analyzes. Under new ownership, Skinwalker Ranch is being examined with new state-of-the-art technologies by team members, Brandon Fugal (ranch owner), Travis Taylor, Bryant Arnold, Thomas Winterton, Erik Bard, Jim Morse, Kandus Linde, and Tom Lewis. The show debuted in 2020 and can be watched on the History Channel.

11. Paranormal Caught on Camera

The Travel channel introduced Paranormal Caught on Camera in 2019. The show features videos of various paranormal and ghostly encounters. This mix of videos also features those who made the recordings with firsthand eyewitness testimonies. The panel of experts, Brian J. Cano, Mark Moran, and Sapphire Sandalo analyze the videos and offer their thoughts. The show is similar to its UK cousin, Unexplained: Caught on Camera.

12. Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness debuted in 2011 and ran until 2013. However, it was revived for two more seasons 2015-1016. You can binge watch the five seasons on SyFy. Paranormal Witness features true stories of unexplainable hauntings and other paranormal activities experienced by individuals. Some of the stories told included ghostly encounters, alien abductions, Mothman, demons, and other creatures.

13. Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry

If you're a star-gazer of the Hollywood type, then E! entertainment may have the star popping psychic show you'll love. Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry is the hottest, most sought-after psychic medium of the Hollywood crowd. E! entertainment has produced his show since 2016 to 2020. You can watch your favorite stars get their personal reading from Tyler on Eonline. Many of the things Tyler reveals often make these movie icons a bit uncomfortable.

Tyler Henry and Stephanie Drachkovitch speak onstage at the 'Hollywood Medium'

14. Finding Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot was a reality series of a team of Bigfoot researchers seeking proof of Bigfoot. The show aired on Animal Planet from 2011 with its 100th and last episode airing in 2018. Like so many other shows, new life has been breathed into the show that now airs on Discovery+. The same cast of Matt Moneymaker (President of Bigfoot Field Research Organization aka BFRO), James "Bobo" Fay, Ranae Holland, and Cliff Barackman are also back. Like before, the team investigates claims of Bigfoot sightings and reviews videos, foot casts and other evidence as well as conducting their own in-field nighttime investigations.

15. Destination Truth

Destination Truth was a paranormal reality series that debuted in 2007 and ended in 2014 on the SyFy channel, featuring the host Josh Gates. Josh and his team traveled around the world investigating all manner of the unknown such as cryptids, ghosts, and the supernatural. Josh's sense of humor, especially his self-effacing comments, endeared him to viewers. You can binge watch the episodes on YouTube, Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon, and other venues.

16. Expedition Unknown

Josh Gates went on to debut his new show Expedition Unknown in 2015. It was temporarily suspended during the COVID pandemic. Instead, Josh launched Josh Gates Tonight so he could conduct interviews from his studio desk. In April 2021, Josh tweeted that production had restarted for Expedition Unknown. Josh explores the unknown with his team, traveling around the world to remote locations to continue their investigations of the unusual, paranormal, and cryptids. Originally, the show aired on Travel channel, then moved to Discovery Channel in 2018. It is also accessible on Discovery+.

17. The Dead Files

The Dead Files is a paranormal series that premiered in 2011 on the Travel Channel. Amy Allan, a physical medium, works with her partner, former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi in investigating haunted locations. Their clients request the duo to investigate what they believe is paranormal or ghostly activity. Each one works independently of the other in investigating the location, so they don't influence each other's findings. At the end of the episode, they meet with their client for the big reveal.

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18. Expedition X

Expedition X is a spinoff of Expedition Unknown that debuted in 2020. The show is hosted by Josh Gates who directs is two-person field team, Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot, as they explore various paranormal and UFO incidents the way Expedition Unknown did prior to the COVID pandemic. The duo create a balance with Jessica a believer in UFOs and the paranormal and Phil a skeptic that must be shown before he believes.

19. Haunted Towns

The premiere of Haunted Towns was in 2017 on Destination America channel, but the second season saw the series moved to the Travel Channel. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) paranormal investigators have an approach of attempting to trap ghosts. The team includes Chris Smith, Steven "Doogie" McDougal, Scott Porter, Brannon Smith, and Mike Goncalves. They investigate haunted towns across America. The team was previously featured in their show, Ghost Asylum 2014 - 2016, also on Destination America.

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20. Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits debuted in 2016 on Destination America and TLC. In 2019, the show moved to the Travel Channel. The investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry (formerly of Ghost Hunters Academy and Ghost Hunters) meet with people in their homes and businesses to determine if there is a genuine haunting or other paranormal anomaly taking place. In the fourth season, the duo was joined by new team member, medium Chip Coffey, to provide greater insight about the haunting and suggestions for helping the family and the spirits.

Decide on Favorite Paranormal Shows

You may need to watch each show to determine which one is your favorite. Of course, you just might end up with 20 favorite paranormal shows!

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