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Best Paranormal Investigation and Reality Shows

Karen Frazier
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There are a number of paranormal investigation and reality shows. Some paranormal shows remain on the air, while others are no longer actively filming but may be available On Demand or on websites such as YouTube. Discover some of the best paranormal reality shows.

10 of the Best Paranormal Shows

What is it that makes a paranormal reality or investigation show the best? It really depends on who you ask. Some people think the best paranormal shows are scary, dark, and tense, while others find that the best paranormal shows are those that depict the reality of paranormal investigations and encounters. Some people prefer shows about cryptids, crop circles, UFOs, and aliens, while others are more interested in phenomena such as reincarnation, psychic abilities, ghosts, and other paranormal creatures. Fortunately, there are paranormal shows available to suit all preferences.

1. Sightings

Many consider Sightings to be the granddaddy of paranormal television. The show aired in the 1990s, and it featured stories about all types of mysterious phenomena such as UFO encounters, alien abductions, ghosts, vampires, psychic phenomena, and more.

2. Unsolved Mysteries

With its haunting theme song and the recognizable narration of Robert Stack, Unsolved Mysteries often featured paranormal content alongside tales of unsolved crimes and disappearances. The show originally aired in the 1980s, but it had a reboot in the 2000s starring Dennis Farnia, and Netflix is rebooting it in July of 2020.

3. Ghost Hunters

When SyFy's Ghost Hunters originally aired in 2004, it was the first in a series of shows that highlighted the process of paranormal investigation. The original show, which you can watch on Amazon Prime, featured the investigations of Rhode Island plumbers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson and their team. It spawned spin-offs such as Ghost Hunters International and UFO Hunters. Wilson currently stars in an A&E reboot of Ghost Hunters.

4. Destination Truth

A few years after Ghost Hunters first aired, SyFy added Destination Truth to its paranormal line-up. The show, which starred Josh Gates, looked into different paranormal phenomena around the world including cryptids, UFOs, and ghosts, and it was wildly popular during its 5-season run.

5. Ghost Adventures

When it first aired, viewers were excited about Ghost Adventuresdue to its combination of pulse-pounding action and procedural paranormal investigation content. The show started with a documentary featuring the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada. The Travel Channel series, which starred Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin was thrill inducing and featured both fascinating paranormal phenomena and plenty of jump scares along with the macho investigation style that many paranormal investigators continue to imitate. Ghost Adventures remains on-air on the Travel Channel with more than 20 seasons under its belt.

6. The Dead Files

The Dead Files, starring former NYPD detective Steve DiSchiavi and psychic medium Amy Allan, first aired on the Travel Channel in 2011. The show takes a different approach to paranormal investigation; Allan does walk-through of a haunted location to communicate with spirits and obtain psychic information, while DiSchiavi does outside investigative work to learn the history of the site. The show usually features darker hauntings and demonic infestations. It continues to air on the Travel Channel.

7. Paranormal Lockdown

Starring Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman (who first appeared television screens as an investigator in Paranormal State), Paranormal Lockdown aired for three seasons on TLC and Destination America starting in 2016. The show featured Weidman and Groff being locked down in well-known haunted locations to conduct three-day investigations. Watch it on Hulu.

8. Ancient Aliens

History Channel's Ancient Aliens series hit the airwaves in 2010 and has continued for 15+ seasons. Investigators on the show seek answers to whether the human race has been seeded or influenced by alien cultures.

9. MonsterQuest

MonsterQuest aired for four seasons between 2007 and 2010 on the History Channel, and you can watch all four seasons On Demand on Amazon Prime. Investigators looked into eyewitness accounts about cryptid encounters.

10. My Ghost Story

My Ghost Storyshared the paranormal tales of people from all around the world, and it aired for five seasons starting in 2010. The format was simple; it featured talking heads of the person sharing their story combined with re-enactments of the events they described. The result was entertaining and a little spooky.

10 Paranormal Show Honorable Mentions

There are many paranormal television shows; the genre has grown in popularity since the early 2000s, with new shows springing up every season. Some great honorable mentions include:

  • Hellier is an Amazon Prime paranormal series that follows a group of investigators looking into a host of strange phenomena in a small mining town.
  • Most Haunted was a British ghost hunting show featuring investigations of creepy haunted locations in the UK.
  • Haunted History features historic sights with supernatural occurrences.
  • Paranormal State featured a group of Penn State college students investigating hauntings.

Paranormal Television Peeks Into the Unknown

Peek into the unknown with paranormal shows. Interest in paranormal activity remains a cultural phenomenon, so there are plenty of paranormal shows you can watch to get your paranormal fix.

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Best Paranormal Investigation and Reality Shows