Creepy Haunted Toys and the Chilling Tales Behind Them 

Updated August 18, 2021
Teddy Bear Haunted Toys

What happens when a someone loves a toy so much they never want to leave it? In some cases, when that person dies, the toy becomes a haunted toy. The stories behind these often possessed toys are enough to make you go through your kid's toy closet and cull anything with the slightest bad vibe.

Mr. Ted, the Haunted Teddy Bear

Mr. Ted is a teddy bear owned by UK psychic medium, Debbie Davis. She gave the TV show, This Morning permission to test Mr. Ted, who growls and makes people sick when in his presence. He also causes lights to flicker and electronic devices to fail. Mr. Ted was escorted to a room in one of the most haunted castles in England, Bolsover Castle. The castle was built over a known ancient burial site, but it's the town that is the creepiest since it is the Satanic Capital of Britain. Mr. Ted and three volunteers were locked up in the castle along with the production crew camped out in another room.

Mr. Ted was set on a wooden chair near the three women. A half hour in, a ball of energy was spotted. Suddenly, one of the producers, Harry, became ill and had to go to A&E (Accident & Emergency). Mr. Ted is known to make people feel nauseated and have a headache. Seems like Harry was one of Mr. Ted's victims. Things began to happen quicker. At 3 am, the camera in the room with the volunteers and Mr. Ted stopped working. It was discovered that the cord had mysteriously been pulled out of the camera. The three volunteers used a spirit box to communicate with Mr. Ted, who told them to leave. Terrified, the volunteers complied and ran from the room. No one seems worse for the wear. Harry recovered, and it was later revealed that with Debbie's permission, the crew had buried Mr. Ted in a secret place some 30+ miles away. However, everyone is wondering if this is really the end of the evil Mr. Ted, or will he somehow dig his way out of his grave?

Debbie's Thrift Store Haunted Porcelain Doll

Debbie Merrick of Norfolk purchased three porcelain dolls from a thrift store. Soon after, her husband woke one morning to find small scratches all over his legs. Debbie claimed the tiny scratches looked as though they were made by small hands, like those of one of the dolls she purchased. Other strange things began to happen, like the smoke detectors in her home going off for no reason. Frightened, Debbie packed up the one doll she believed was causing the disturbances and placed it in a shed. She later sold it on eBay in what became a bidding war. While inspecting the doll and getting it ready to ship to the bid winner, she claims the doll had removed its necklace while being confined in the box.

She was happy to get rid of it, and Lee Steer, a paranormal investigator from Rotherham was thrilled to receive it. Lee lived with his parents and when the box arrived, he kept the doll inside so he could live stream the big reveal of his winning purchase. His father claimed to hear tapping coming from the doll's wooden box. Later that day, Lee was live streaming to 35,000 viewers as he opened the box. The light he was using so viewers could see him unwrapping the box mysteriously began to flicker. While he was live streaming, Lee's father became the latest victim with strange small burning scratches suddenly appearing on his arm.

Spooky Harold

In 2003, Harold, the doll, was listed on eBay. Harold supposedly caused the seller's cat to die, and it had to go, ASAP. But there was more. The seller's relationship had come to an abrupt end, all because of Harold. Since owning Harold, she suffered from chronic migraines, and to make things even spookier, she heard voices coming from her basement. The voices were those of children playing, which completely creeped her out. She sold Harold and over the next few years, Harold popped up for sale now and then on eBay and elsewhere. He was blamed for several deaths and illnesses. Anthony Quinata was the last person to buy Harold. He proved to be the last owner of scary Harold. Anthony announced to the world that he had successfully exorcised Harold and would not talk about the evil doll.

Harold - Ghost Doll

The Devil Infant Dolls

A bride in Louisiana was cursed by the famous Louisiana Creole Voodoo practitioner, Marie Laveau. During childbirth, the woman died, and it was said that her baby girl was Satan's daughter. The woman's husband cared for the baby until she died. The people in his town were terrified of the child. They claimed that she walked in the shadows. To ward off any evil, she might visit on them. The people in her town bought look alike babies as a way to keep her away from them. The mistake they made was buying babies that looked like the baby they feared. Their dolls were soon possessed by the devil infant. The dolls would move their eyes and move about on their own. They could teleport and disappear when they desired. It's said that these dolls are still around, and you can get one and not be aware of what you have until it's too late!

Haunted Toy Train

Greg Jenkins was conducting a paranormal investigation at TT Wentworth Jr. Museum when a thunderstorm briefly interrupted the power. The store had a makeshift toy store display filled with different creepy toys and dolls. Soon after a very loud clap of thunder that shook the building, he discovered a toy train lying on its side with the wheels spinning by themselves. He attempted to shrug off the incident as the result of the thunderous rattling of the building, but found it difficult to believe, especially since the museum seemed much colder than it had been prior to the clap of thunder.

Toy Train Engine

Paranormal and Creepy Haunted Toys

Paranormal activity is often associated with creepy haunted toys. Many of the scary stories told about possessed evil dolls, but other toys are can also be possessed or haunted.

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Creepy Haunted Toys and the Chilling Tales Behind Them