EVP Generators: Picking the Right Ghost Communication Device

Updated August 26, 2021
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EVP generators give you another layer of ghost communication for your paranormal investigations. You may capture more EVPs when you choose to add a spirit box, word bank device, or app to your paranormal investigations.

Spirit Box

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) generators (also called electronic voice projection devices) are devices or apps paranormal investigators use in an attempt to generate spirit communication. As paranormal investigation has grown in popularity, innovators have designed several experimental EVP generating devices to give investigators options to test as they seek communication with ghosts.

This technology is called Radio-Based Instrumental Trans communication (ITC). The spirit box sweeps across radio frequencies to generate white noise. The spirits are then able to use the energy of those frequencies to communicate with audio sounds and words that ride on the white noise. Think of the radio frequencies as the ocean and the white noise as a surfboard supporting a ghost surfer as it rides the wave.

Currently, you can buy manufactured ghost boxes. Most use both FM and AM frequencies ranges. These ranges are preset to the best ones for paranormal investigators. Some ghost boxes come with a spirit box and an EVP recorder, so you have everything you need in one device. The cost is less or comparable to a spirit box and an EVP recorder.

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How to Use a Spirit Box

Keep a log of your session, such as the date, time, location, and your intention in holding the session. It may also be helpful to record the session on a voice recorder or recording app so you can go back and relisten later.

  1. Turn on the spirit box
  2. Clear your mind and focus on connecting with the spirit world.
  3. Speak in a normal and friendly voice as you would greet a stranger.
  4. Introduce yourself and state why you're there. Don't simply ask if someone is there. Ask for a specific spirit, by name if you know it, or the spirit that lived or died at the location.
  5. Ask if that spirit is present and wishes to speak.
  6. State that you would like to hear their side of the story about what happened to them.
  7. Once you get a response that the spirit is present, thank the spirit for responding and ask your first question.

After 15-20 minutes, you need to end your session since it's easy for your ears to become fatigued. If you want to continue your inquiry, take a 20-30-minute break to use other investigative techniques and equipment, such as an infrared camera or a recorder. You can then start another session with the ghost box after giving everyone a break.


You can add another layer to your EVP sessions with a device, Ovilus, that uses word and sound banks. You will use this the same way you use a spirit box by asking questions. Unlike a spirit box, the word/sound bank device concept is based on the theory that spirit energy can manipulate the environment via telekinesis. That means the device can be interpret the data and then translate it into words or phonetic syllables. The most recent version is the Ovilus 5b. It has word banks in both English and Spanish, as well as in phonetic mode. The integrated memory card allows you to access the device with your computer using a USB cable.

The iOvilus app for an iPhone is only about $2. It outputs environmental sensory data as speech using a 1,000-word dictionary. For iPhone users, this is an affordable way to get a sense of the Ovilus, since it only costs a few bucks. The app doesn't record.

Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal 9+ App

The Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal 9+ App is advertised as a tool for ghost hunters. The app description states it's used by professional ghost hunters. The app was designed specifically for use with an iPad or iPhone. The Ghost EVP Radio app claims to take the ghost box to the next level. It generates the audible speech of spirits by using technology to detect the gender, age, and mood of the spirit by recognizing various properties in the spirit's phrases and words.

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ParaTek Ai Speech Generator App

The ParaTek Ai Speech Generator App is not an entertainment or simulator app. It is advertised as "a new concept ITC Tool." This app was tried out by a skeptical team on Ghost Chasers TV series. The team was surprised by how well the word bank app worked and were able to capture EVPs using the app during their investigation. The app doesn't use audio banks and eliminates radio interference. It also doesn't include speech recognition that can result in a false reply. According to AppyDroid, they don't use a random process that is used in other apps. Instead, the company uses a form of AI technology that makes it easy to use.

EVP Generators and Picking the Right Ghost Communication Device

EVP recorders are considered an essential piece of equipment for paranormal investigators, but ghost voice generators have gained popularity. These tools offer you more opportunities to communicate with spirits that might not be heard using EVP recorders.

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EVP Generators: Picking the Right Ghost Communication Device