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Haunted Caves to Explore in the US

Sally Painter
Exploring Caves

There are many haunted caves to explore in the US. Some are open to the public and even offer tours. You can visit some caves that exploit the stories of their resident ghosts by offering ghost tours. Others may relate their ghostly tales, but don't offer any ghost hunting opportunities, yet many visitors report having ghostly encounters while on the tours.

Robbers Cave, Lincoln, NE

925 Robbers Cave Rd
(402) 477-2337

The famous Robbers Cave in Lincoln, Nebraska is a 5,000 square foot cave network of tunnels. The checkered history began in the 1860s when it was first dug out to be the home of a brewery. The cave was said to be used as a hideout for the infamous outlaw Jesse James and other criminals.

Blue Blood Brewing Co. Opens Cave to Public

Today, Robbers Cave is home of the Blue Blood Brewing Co. In the past throughout the opening and closing of various businesses at the cave and locals exploring the cave and tunnels, there are reports of various ghosts that have haunted Robbers Cave. Stories include hearing disembodied voices, laughing, crying, and screams.

Touring Robbers Cave

You can participate in a 45- to 60-minute tour of the brewery and Robbers Cave that's conducted three times a week. Tours are held on Wednesday (6 pm and 7 pm) and Saturday and Sunday (1 pm and 2 pm). Ticket are $10 for 21+ years old, $8 (6 to 20 years old), free (ages 5 and under). Maximum tour for cave is 30 people. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Private tours are available by completing an online form for minimum 10 people.

Mammoth Cave National Park, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Mammoth Cave Parkway
(270) 758-2180

Mammoth Cave is the longest known cave system in the world. It's estimated the oldest sections of the cave were first formed nearly 10 million years ago. It's no wonder this incredible cave system has generated hundreds of haunted stories. So far, over 500 miles have been explored, but that exploration is ongoing and those overseeing the exploration state they don't see any end to the cave exploration any time soon. The cave is full of chambers and a labyrinth of networks and tunnels.

Cave Ghostly Encounters

There are stories of apparitions dressed in period clothing. One such ghost dressed in a shirt, denim jeans, and suspenders disappeared, while another period dressed man vanished in front of witnesses. There have been reports from tour guides and visitors of being pushed by unseen entities, seeing apparitions, and hearing disembodied voices calling from a distance.

Taking a Cave Tour

There are several types of cave tours you can participate in that are led by park rangers. Some are only an hour long, while others take you deep into the cave network and can last up to three hours. The tour prices range from $8 to $20 (adult), $6-$15 (youth), and $4 to $10 (special access). Check with the visitor center (open 8 am to 6 pm) for seasonal tours and current conditions that can impede cave exploration such as cave river flooding.

Bell Witch Cave, Adams, TN

430 Keysburg Road
615- 696-3055

The Bell Witch Cave is on the US National Historical Registry (2008). The story of John Bell and his neighbor Kate Batts is a very well-known story of a haunting. Kate believed John had robbed her of the land he purchased and swore to vengeance on her death bed.

Haunting of the Bell Witch

Shortly after, John and his daughter Betsy were victimized by supernatural events, such as hair pulling, physical assaults. John also suffered from the vengeance of Kate's spirit with a swollen throat and gagging from what felt like a stick being jabbed down his throat. Her disembodied threats and curses were heard during times of her attacks. Eventually, John succumbed and died. The Bell farmhouse was torn down in an attempt to discourage ghosts hunters. Some kids had a scary experience inside the cave when a candle went out, and the panicked children heard a disembodied voice.

Tour the Cave

The adjacent cave is open to public tours. The dates fluctuate according to the time of year and weather conditions (the cave floods during heavy rains). A cabin on the property is also included in the daytime tours (10 am to 5 pm). Reservations are required. $12 (cave only), $8 (cabin only), and cave and cabin ($18). May: Saturday and Sunday; June to Labor Day: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; Labor Day to October 31: Saturday and Sunday. Last two October weekends check for special dates and times.

Moaning Cavern, Vallecito, California

5350 Moaning Caverns Rd

Moaning Cavern in Vallecito, California was named for the sound that the air moving through the cave opening generated. With the expansion of the cave mouth, that sound isn't heard often; some say the moaning sound is gone.

Grisly Findings and Ghostly Encounters

There were many bodies discovered at the bottom of the 165-foot deep cave. The remains were of prehistoric people, Native Americans, and miners. All were believed to have fallen to their deaths, perhaps lured by the moaning sound emanating from the cave mouth. Visitors have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of miners and a saber-tooth tiger with a chipped tooth earning him the name Chip.

Walking, Rappel or Spelunking Tours

You can opt for a 45-minute walking tour that takes you down a 100-foot spiral staircase. Adults cost $15.95 and kids cost $8.50. If you're more adventurous, you can take rappel tour ($47.50 to #72.00) or a 2-hour spelunking tour for ages 12 and up ($130). Open 9 am to 6 pm. Reservations available for groups up to 40.

Wabasha Street Caves, Saint Paul, MN

215 Wabasha St S

Located in the Twin Cities by the Mississippi River, the Wabasha Street Caves cover a 12,000 sqaure foot underground area. Unlike other caves, this one has been decked out with brick walls and a stucco ceiling. The Wabasha Street Caves, steeped in history, have a cast of ghosts ranging from gangsters and bootleggers to party-goers. Currently, the property serves as a private events facility. However, the company offers quite a few tour opportunities.

Ghostly Partying Residents

There are many ghost stories shared by the staff during the tours about the apparitions of gangsters and their molls. Some of the eyewitnesses have been employees, vendors, and guests. One tour offers a slideshow of apparitions caught on camera.

Tour the Caves

You can reserve your place in one of the tours, such as the Saint Paul Gangster Tours, Historic Tours, and seasonal tours such as Ghosts & Graves Tour, Lost Souls Tours, and Winter Lights Tour. Check the calendar for dates, times and price ($8 to $20, depending on tour).

Exploring Haunted Caves in the US

There are many amazing haunted caves in the US that you can explore with guided tours. You can visit these haunts and discover for yourself if the ghost stories are true.

Haunted Caves to Explore in the US