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Red Aura Meaning

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Red Aura

A red aura can have either a positive or negative meaning, depending on the range of color. By evaluating a red aura, you can easily determine what it says about your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional auric bodies.

Understanding Your Red Aura Meaning

Many people jump right to the emotion of anger when they hear the aura emanating around someone is red. If your aura is red, don't panic. Consider what the various meanings of red auras are and decide which one best describes your current situation. Remember, auras change colors all the time, so a red aura is simply an indicator of what is going on with you at the moment.

  • A red aura can reveal a very strong person, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • A red aura is often found in passionate people with very high sexual appetites.
  • If you have a red aura, it's possible you are a very competitive person.

What a Red Aura Reveals about You

Recognizing what is considered a red aura will help you understand this color of vitality and how it reflects your overall health. The color range from light to dark red reveals a wide range of powerful emotions depending on the color value. It also shows you have a very active and powerful root chakra. The root chakra is vital to your health since it determines what earth energies and how much of them enter to travel through your other chakras to support your body.

Different Reds Have Different Meanings

A wide range of reds fall into the category of a red aura. This range can be from a pale blush red to a dark wine red.

Pale Blush Red

On the lightest spectrum of color is a pale blush red. The darker strength of passion is stretched and refined.

  • This softer hue of red is often seen in artistic people. The sensuality that allows a person to perceive beauty and recreate it generates this auric color.
  • People who are newly in love often emit a blush in their aura.
  • A psychic will at times have a blush tinged aura. This hue can intensify when giving a reading.

Bright Red

A person with a bright red aura indicates a very passionate individual.

  • If you're a highly sexual person, this energy will generate a bright red aura.
  • A person involved in a competitive event will glow with a bright red aura.
  • If you're involved in a project that you're very passionate about, this can be reflected by a bright red aura.

Dark Red

Woman with red aura

A dark red aura often appears as a positive indicator for an individual as long as it doesn't have a cloudy appearance.

  • A dark red aura can be a positive indicator for anyone working on centering themselves.
  • A person who has achieved the status of being grounded will often have a dark red aura.
  • If you're focused and working toward being self-sufficient in life, your aura may change to a dark red.

Clouded Red Aura

Any color of red that is clouded indicates a negative cause. You can gauge the reason behind this color of aura based on personality and/or circumstances.

  • If you're upset and angry over a recent situation, then this can show up in your aura as a clouded dark red.
  • A person with a bad temper will often have this color aura.
  • If you harbor mostly negative thoughts, then this kind of thinking will color your aura.

Root Chakra and Red Aura Connection

The first chakra is called the root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of your spine. It is the first three vertebrae and the pelvic floor. The root chakra is what grounds you. It is the gateway for the energies you receive from the Earth to flow to other chakras.

Emotions of Security and Safety

The feelings of security and safety are generated from the root chakra. When this chakra is open, your aura will often glow red. This can reach beyond the root chakra region or be localized in this area of your aura. The intensity and depth of a red aura defines these energies and their influence over your emotions and vice versa.

Spirits and Red Orbs

It's commonly believed that spirits often assume the shape of an orb. The various orb colors have specific meanings. A red orb is typically said to be that of an angry spirit while a paler red or pink orb is a more loving and accepting spirit.

Many Meanings for Red Auras

There are many meanings for red auras. These can range from being happy, feeling sexy and creative to being angry. If your aura turns red, review your current situation to assess the possible meaning.

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Red Aura Meaning