Visiting 13th Floor Haunted Houses

Man turned to monster

Are you looking for ghostly ghouls and terrorizing chainsaw wielding clowns? Look no further than 13th Floor Haunted House attractions. With four locations, these haunted houses have been consistently featured on the top ten lists for several years as well as television shows and newspapers. Each offers a unique experience and attractions.

Legendary 13th Floor Haunted House Denver

Scared woman and man

Located at 3400 E. 52nd Ave. in Denver Colorado, the 13th Floor Haunted House moved to a bigger location and gained an extra 10,000 feet in 2017. Constantly rated among the top popular haunts in Colorado, this legendary haunted house was featured on Discovery Channel and USA Today among others. The legend behind this haunt is the secret 13th floor full of ghosts, ghouls, zombies and terrifying clowns. Each haunt features a yearly theme. In 2017, the theme was darkest dreams, along with the slaughter with the evil clowns of Coalfell and restless undead, which were awakened from the local cemetery by Madame Shelta. Those that are preparing for the zombie apocalypse will love the zombie training camp. The attraction also hosts BLACKOUT events that allow visitors to navigate freely through a completely dark haunted house with only a glow stick while the monsters in the attraction are equipped with night vision goggles.

The Dreaded Wait

The Denver attraction is a popular haunted house with long wait times; therefore, it is recommended you get your tickets online or splurge for the fast pass. The ticket prices range from about $20 to around $35, with the weekends having the highest prices. You can add the fast pass for $10 and skip the line for an additional $20 on top of the ticket price. There is also a BLACKOUT ticket available for about $28 with an additional $20 for the fast pass. In 2017, the attraction was open at the end of September and runs through mid-November. There were only weekend passes available in November. The time the attraction opens varies based on the date, but the earliest it opens is 6:30 and the latest it is open until is midnight.

The Good and the Bad

On their website, The World Famous 13th Floor Haunted House Denver lists being featured on Fangoria in 2014 for top U.S. haunted attractions and The Denver Post in 2013 for Denver's best haunted houses. In 2017, this haunted Denver attraction received a 9.9 on Haunted Denver and 5 ghosts out of 5 ghosts by the TRI 102.5 in 2016. However, there were a few unsatisfied customers on Yelp, which only gave this attraction a 3 out of 5 stars. Most people noted they shuffle large groups through, which negates the fear factor and takes away the surprise. Others complain of the long wait times.

San Antonio's Premier 13th Floor Haunted House

13th Floor Haunted House San Antonio

Across from the Sunset Station at 1203 E. Commerce St., you'll find this Texas haunted attraction. The back story for this location has to do with a bus full of children that met their fate on the tracks near the attraction in the 1940's. In addition to the haunted children theme, in 2017, this premium haunted house featured the cursed, which boasts werewolves, zombies, and sorcerers, oh my. There is also biohazard, the toxic creature living in sewers, and the abandoned water plant. Add this to the low lights, terrifying screams, and ghoulish whispers, and you can imagine the frighteningly good time.

Prices and Times

The attraction runs from late September through early November. Prices are about $22 to around $32 plus tax depending on the day and time. Saturday pricing is higher than any other day. On some dates, BLACKOUT tickets are available for about $25 plus tax and a fast pass for $20 plus tax. The fast pass and skip the line are available here as well for an additional price. The attraction is open from 7pm to 11am on weekdays and 7pm to 12am on weekends.

Pros and Cons

While the website doesn't list accolades for this attraction, in mySA, it was noted that his haunted attraction was among top in the country by It was also listed among Best Haunted Attractions by On the opposite side of the coin, there were a few Yelp reviewers that weren't fully satisfied with the attraction, which only received 3 stars for the San Antonio location. The main complaints were that the attraction was too dark to enjoy the costumes, and the heat was stifling.

Phoenix's 13th Floor Haunted Attraction

Scarey monster

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you can find this premium haunted house located on 2814 W. Bell Rd. on I-17 and Bell. Boasting itself as the largest haunted attraction in Phoenix, it very well could be with 60,000 sq.ft. of haunted twists and turns. It also offers two separate haunted houses. The specialized attractions for the Phoenix location are the Ancient Evil and Zombie Land. The Ancient Evil attraction gives you terrifying fun through their ancient Egyptian curse on Ravenwood Manor. As you can probably guess, Zombie Land is a ghoulish delight of zombie vs zombie action.

Approximate Dates and Times

This attraction is open from about the end of September through early November with BLACKOUT dates available. Prices are about $27 to around $34 with BLACKOUT pricing at about $27. The fast pass and skip the line prices also apply. However, it is noted that these tickets do sell out, especially on Saturday nights.

Worth the Cash

According to the Arizona Haunted Houses, the Phoenix 13th Floor Haunted House received nearly 5 out of 5 pumpkins and was rated very scary. Additionally, azcentral noted, "It's an experience, and one that hits on every possible fear pressure point without ever feeling stretched thin." However, some unsatisfied customers on Facebook Reviews noted they were rushed through the attraction, killing the scare factor. Additionally, some people complained of the long wait times.

13th Floor Chicago Haunted House

Scared people

Last, but certainly not least, is the Chicago location of this nightmarish attraction. Located in Winston Plaza Shopping Center in Melrose Park, Illinois at 1940 George St., you will find the cursed purgatory and the dead-end district. Built upon the sinister happenings of the Melrose Park woods, the cursed purgatory is home to witches and demons, including the sinister Belladonna. If you are looking for bone chilling clowns and bloodcurdling freaks, then the dead end district freakshow might be more up your alley at this 13th floor haunting. However, be aware the attractions change yearly.

Cost of Screams

To get scared at the Chicago location, you are looking to shell admission costs around $27 with added costs for skip the line and fast pass. Saturday scares are premium nights and will cost you a bit more. BLACKOUT tickets are available for about $27. The haunted house is open from 7pm to 11pm on weeknights and 7pm to 12pm on Friday and Saturday.

The Reviews

ChicagoNow gave the Chicago 13th Floor attraction three fangs up in 2016, stating, ''(It) was spooky fun but not quite change your underpants scary." Additionally, Facebook users gave the haunted scream fest 3.9 out of 5 stars. However, one customer on Haunted House Chicago noted it was hard to discern the different attractions.

Only the Brave Need Apply

Since this attraction isn't designed for the weak of heart, it shouldn't come as any surprise it is not recommended for children under 12. Additionally, those with nervous conditions, asthma, and pregnant may find the haunted attraction too intense. The use of strobe lights might be difficult for those with epilepsy or heart conditions. Those that get too scared can choose to opt out of the attraction, but there are no refunds. There might be live creatures within the ghoulish attraction. During busy seasons, you might also need to wait outside. While the actors will not touch you in the haunted house, all bets are off in the BLACKOUT event.

A Haunting Good Time

The 13th Floor Haunted House is a multiple location attraction that runs from the end of September until early November offering screams, ghouls, and zombies to your heart's content. While the venues each offer a different main theme that changes every season, these scream fests are constantly ranked among some of the better haunted houses in their locations. So if you are in the Phoenix, Chicago, San Antonio, or Denver area, you might want to give one of these terrorizing attractions a try.

Visiting 13th Floor Haunted Houses