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Ghost Story Magazines

Karen Frazier
Co-author Heather Long
woman reading a spooky story

If you love a good ghost story, plenty of print and online magazines are dedicated to eerie tales of the unexplained. Ghost story magazines are a combination of literary and paranormal investigative journals that are printed or electronically published. In the past decade, more magazines have gone to a strictly online format and no longer offer print editions. However, whether you receive a print magazine by mail or read it online, all of these magazines with ghost stories are sure to offer plenty of chills.

FATE Magazine

Since 1948, FATE magazine has been publishing bi-monthly. The magazine focuses on fringe science and event reporting. From intensely personal mystic experiences to UFOs or paranormal investigations and true ghost stories, FATE magazine focuses on providing their readership with an authoritative and honest assessment of the paranormal and unexplained. The magazine's readers range from those seeking entertainment to those truly seeking answers and it is the goal of FATE magazine to deliver both. The magazine is available in print for subscribers.

Haunted Times

Haunted Times was founded by Christopher Moon. Moon's first paranormal experience occurred as early as the age of seven. Since then, he's had regular experiences, leads ghost hunting seminars and more. While Haunted Times used to offer a print version, today it delivers in an online format with plenty of spooky free content for all.

Paranormal Underground

Founded in 2007, Paranormal Underground magazine has a convenient online format but also offers print subscriptions through MagCloud. Along with ghost stories, the magazine features articles about paranormal research, paranormal investigation teams, dream interpretation, energy healing, interviews with luminaries in the field of paranormal research, ghosts, equipment, and more. They also offer a podcast with more than 300 episodes for your listening enjoyment.

TAPS paraMagazine

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), which is the subject of the Syfy channel television show Ghost Hunters, has its own print magazine. TAPS paraMagazine takes up where the show left off with interviews of other paranormal professionals, articles on hauntings and haunted places, team member profiles, and more. Find out about the happenings with TAPS and TAPS Family members. The magazine is available in both print and online versions.

Underworld Tales Magazine

Underworld Tales is the evolution of the original Underworld magazine founded in 1998 and discontinued in 2000. The magazine returned in 2004 as Underworld Tales. While much of the older content was lost to hard drive failure, the current magazine delights in being an online literary magazine. Horror fiction, dark poetry, and true ghost stories make up much of the content. Fantasy and horror fans will enjoy the mixture of science fiction, mystery and truly ghoulish tales.

Beyond Investigation Magazine

Beyond Investigation is a digital magazine that offers interviews, ghost hunting tips as well as ghost stories from multiple cultures. The magazine is also the home of K-BIM, a paranormal talk radio show that airs on Wednesday evenings. You can also access archives and back issues of the magazine on the site.

Fortean Times

The Fortean Times bills itself as "the world's weirdest news." The magazine started in the late 60s and early 70s aimed at fans of science fiction and evolved into news of ghosts, aliens, and unexplained phenomena.

Magazines Feature Spooky Stories of Ghost Encounters

Supernatural encounters and ghost enthusiasts are the source for modern ghost stories. Magazines on the subject matter offer fringe followers accurate and factual reporting to the best of the investigators' abilities. The mixture of fiction with fact in the magazines can muddy the water for some readers, but most true believers and those seeking to prove the existence of ghosts appreciate the differences.

Ghost Story Magazines