Gold Candle Meanings: Victory, Optimism, & Enlightenment

Published March 11, 2021
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A gold candle meaning is one of wealth, divinity and spiritual growth. You can connect with a gold candle meaning when you light a gold candle.

Gold Candle Meaning of Wealth

A gold candle meaning is the obvious one of wealth. Along with this meaning is the gold candle meaning of fortune. Wealth and good fortune are what many people desire. You can tap into these energies that are imbued in the gold color to attract wealth and abundance. You can light a gold candle any time you need an influx of cash or good fortune.

Gold Candle Meaning for Personal Power

Gold is the universal symbol of wealth. It is the precious metal that elevates personal status and power. If you desire personal power, you can light a gold candle to invoke the gold energies so you can infuse them into your meditation or spellwork.

Gold Candle Meaning of Strength and Confidence

Another meaning of a gold candle is strength and confidence. These two attributes work together to support you in the challenges you face in life. If you need a little stronger belief in yourself, light a gold candle and meditate on the attributes of strength and confidence.

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Gold Candle Meaning of Optimism

Just as you take advantage of the energies of having a strong self-confidence, the gold candle meaning of optimism is another desirable attribute. If you're suffering from a defeat or are struggling to remain positive about a situation, you can fortify yourself when you light the uplifting gold candle.

Invoke Positive Influences

You can invite positive influences to come to you through the burning of a gold candle. Clear your mind and focus on the dancing flame of the gold candle. Allow yourself to connect with the energies burning within the flame and request positive and beneficial influences to come to you.

Gold Candle Meaning of Reinforcing Willpower

Another way you can use a gold candle is to reinforce your willpower. You may be struggling to break a bad habit while your willpower is dwindling. Lighting a gold candle and stating your intent to shore up your willpower invokes the supportive energies you need.

Rays of Sunlight Gold Candle Meaning

Burning a gold candle allows you to infuse the sun's energy into your meditation or spellwork. You can connect with the endless solar power of the sun that shoots golden rays of sunlight through space to Earth. If you feel your meditation needs a higher octane fuel or your spellwork doesn't have enough energy to manifest, try lighting a gold candle.

Gold Candle Meaning of God and Divinity

The color of gold has long been considered the color of God and divinity. Golden rays from the heavens are often described as bursting from the realm of divinity.

Gold Candle Meaning God's Wisdom

In the seven rays concept, the seven colored rays are described as the rays of divinity. They are sometimes called angels from heaven instead of light rays. However, the second ray is the gold ray. The gold ray brings light that is the wisdom of God.

Benefits of God's Gold Ray

You can light a gold candle in your religious practice, prayers, or meditation to connect with God's gold ray of wisdom. This Godly wisdom bestows you with divine understanding that is far greater than human understanding.

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Golden Ray of Illumination

Another interpretation of God's gold ray is that of divine illumination. It is believed within the seven rays concept that the Holy Spirit brings you knowledge and intelligence on God's golden ray of wisdom.

Gold Candle Meaning of Communication

There are many forms of communication you can achieve when lighting a gold candle. One of the most profound is the ability to communicate with the spiritual realm. Whatever your concept of spirit and what lies beyond the veil that separates the world of the living and the world of the divine, a gold candle is used to help you lift back the veil.

Powerful Gold Candle Meaning and Purpose

You can use the powerful energies of a burning gold candle in your spiritual quest. The gold candle will illuminate the path for you to achieve your intent.

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Gold Candle Meanings: Victory, Optimism, & Enlightenment