Green Candle Meanings for Luck, Earth & Abundance

Published February 27, 2021
Green candle meanings

The green candle meaning is one of abundance and wealth. Other green candle meanings symbolize nature and the spiritual connection of earth and plant energies.

Green Candle Meaning Spirituality of Nature

A green candle meaning can be used to connect you to the spirituality of nature. When you tap into the earth and plant energies, you can jump start your spiritual nature. The abundance that the color green imbues in everything it contacts can be discovered in the burning of a green candle.

Green Candle Meaning Tied to Earth Energies

The color green is also symbolic of the Earth's renewing energies of life bursting forth in springtime. Green energies have been long held as the color of fertility and abundance given from nature's generous bounty.

Green Candle Meaning of Fertility and Rebirth

If you are trying to conceive a child, then green candle magic is one way to tap into this green powerhouse of energy. The goddess Venus rules over love, fertility, and the abundance of nature. A green magic candle spell often appeals to Venus for her blessing and assistance. The best day to call upon Venus is on Friday.

Green Candle Meanings of Rebirth, Money, Abundance

Your conception may be more symbolic as a kind of rebirth or a different type of birth, such as a new career. You may wish to tap into the green magic energy to call abundance and money to you through a green money spell.

Earth Magic and Green Candle Meaning

The green candle is often used in Earth magic spells. These spells call upon the energies of the earth for healings and incorporate various earth elements within the spellwork.

Green Candle Meaning of Healing

Another green candle meaning is one of healing. You can light a green candle for making healing prayers or meditating on a specific healing.

Meditation with green candles

Meditation on Green Candle Meaning of Abundance

The green candle meaning of abundance is a powerful cornerstone for any meditation or a candle magic spell created to attract good luck or call money to you. You can use the candle to focus your intentions for abundance. A green candle allows you to focus your intentions of attracting positive energies and good luck.

Burn a Green Candle for Success

You can light a green candle to ensure you succeed in an endeavor, such as an exam, job interview, promotion, or achieving a goal. When you light a green candle, it releases the energy of the color and can imbue your efforts with the candle's power of attracting abundance.

Meditation for Green Candle Power

You can use a green candle for meditating on receiving the abundance of renewal during your meditation practice. If you feel your meditation needs a reviving energy, a green candle may hold the vitality you seek to infuse into your visualization.

Focus on Intentions and Green Candle Energies

You can light a green candle at the beginning of your meditation and use the flickering flame to focus your intentions. By focusing on your desires and goals while meditating on the candle, your engeries and those of the candle propel your intentions into the universe for fulfillment.

Green Candle Meaning for Zodiac Signs

There are several zodiac signs with green in the zodiac sign's color palette. If your zodiac sign is one of the following, you can tap into astrological energies when you light a green candle. These zodiac signs include Taurus with its ruler Venus, Gemini with its ruler Mercury, and Cancer with its ruler the Moon.

Fourth Chakra and Color Green

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, located in the center of your chest. The color green symbolize this chakra and the energies it generates. The green heart chakra energies are love, transformation, and growth.

Healers Attuned to Green Candle Meaning

If you are a healer, you most likely have a deep connection to nature and the color green. You understand the importance of an open heart chakra for good health and the abundance it affords you. If you feel your heart chakra energy isn't as vibrant as it should be, you can light a green candle and meditate. You want to focus on clearing out any blockage and opening your heart chakra to receive a healing and abundance.

Tap Into Green Candle Meaning of Abundance

You can easily connect to the amazing energy of abundance that a green candle can bring to you. The green candle meanings are examples of the kind of energies available to you when you use a green candle.

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Green Candle Meanings for Luck, Earth & Abundance