Green Candle Money Spells That Work

Published March 4, 2021
Green candle money spells

Green candle money spells that work will attract money into your life. This type of spell can vary from a basic green candle money spell to a green candle visualization spell, depending on the one you prefer to cast. If you are a beginner, then you'll want to cast the basic green candle money spell that works without needing a lot of experience. However, if you are a regular practitioner, then you may be advanced enough to venture into trying a green candle money visualization spell.

Basic Green Candle Money Spell

A basic green candle money spell is simple and easy to perform. All you need for this spell is a green candle and a few supplies.


  • Green candle (tea light or votive)
  • Candle holder
  • Matches/lighter
  • Anointing oil (of choosing)
  • Herb (of choosing)

Choice of Herbs for Green Candle Money Spell

There are specific herbs that are known to give good results for money or abundance spells. You only need one herb, but you certainly can select more than one should you wish. These herbs include:

  • Allspice: Dried berries or powder
  • Basil: Fresh or dried basil leaves
  • Chamomile: Tea or dried flowers
  • Rosemary: Fresh or dried leaves


  1. Anoint candle with oil.
  2. Place candle in holder.
  3. Sprinkle herb(s) in candle flame while casting spell.

Repeat three times:

"Candle green as money be,

Bring me cash like fruit upon a tree,

Let it grow and thrive each day,

Never let it go away."

Herbs for green spell candle spell

Green Candle Money Visualization Spell

A green candle money visualization spell is the true test of any spellworker. If you wish to exercise your mental skills, a green candle money visualization spell can take full advantage of your abilities. This spell doesn't require any typical rituals or anything else, other than formulating your intent and then visualizing it.

Laser Focus Intent for Green Candle visualization Spell

As with any green candle money spell, you need to focus on your intent. You want to be very precise about your intent and the results you desire. This is the most important part of this type of spell.

Visualization Spell to Finance New Home

Your intent might be to have enough money to buy a new home. However, this is a rather broad statement, and you might receive only enough money to purchase a rundown fixer upper, which wasn't your intention. Therefore, the more specific you can be, the more likely your spell will manifest as you envisioned.

Example of Intent to Buy a New House

You can revise your intent to either state you want the 20% down payment for a $350,000 home or go big and ask for the $350,000 in real currency, so you can buy a house. You should also put in a disclaimer, such as, you do not want to receive this money at the expense of someone else. The disclaimer ensures you won't receive the money as a result of an insurance death benefit or worse. Spend enough time writing your intent so you feel confident it is specific enough.


  1. Once you have tailored your money intent, light the green candle and place it in the holder.
  2. State your intent out loud while focusing on the green candle flame.
  3. Visualize the manifestation of your request in every tiny detail.
  4. Continue to use the green candle flame as your focal point for your visualization.
  5. Hold the image of your new home in your mind.
  6. Visualize buying the house and moving in.
  7. Continue your visualization until the candle self-extinguishes.
  8. Dispose of the candle remains either by burying them or placing in a glass jar with a lid to store with other spell remnants.
Green candle spell to buy new house

Green Candle Money Spells That Work

You don't require more than one green candle money spell that works. Once you receive the positive results, you may decide to try other spells for different purposes that also work.

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Green Candle Money Spells That Work