Real Haunted House Videos


Catching paranormal evidence on video is sometimes equated with finding a needle in a haystack. Professional paranormal investigators will set up multiple cameras at known haunted locations and record hours of footage without capturing anything. However, there is still plenty of evidence that does get captured by both professional and amateur enthusiasts. Sometimes paranormal activity is caught on camera purely by chance. Unfortunately, when searching for real haunted house videos online, a vast majority of what you will come across is fake. Once you have seen the real deal enough times it becomes easier to spot bogus videos.

Where to Look for Authentic Footage

With all the haunted house and ghost videos posted online, where can you go find authentic paranormal footage? Start by looking for video clips from television shows on ghost hunting and the paranormal. Professional paranormal investigators use scientific equipment to capture evidence and they are also careful to try to debunk evidence that may have a natural explanation. The goal of these teams is to discover the truth about a haunted location and to document the phenomenon if it exists.

Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters is a weekly show that appears on the Sci-Fi channel. This was one of the first ghost hunting television shows to air and can be credited for creating such widespread interest in paranormal phenomenon. Any haunted house footage you find from Ghost Hunters will be authentic. The following clips are some of the most compelling evidence caught by the investigators of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Research Society):

  • The Stanley Hotel Tunnel "Hello" voice - In this episode, TAPS captures some of the most amazing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) evidence ever recorded when they were investigating the famous Stanley Hotel in Colorado; a haunted hotel that inspired the novel The Shining by Stephen King.
  • St. Augustine Lighthouse Apparition - TAPS investigates a haunted lighthouse where they find evidence of a shadowy figure moving up and down the spiraling lighthouse stairs. At the end of the clip, the figure moves impossibly fast up two stories to the top of the building, where it eerily peeks over the railing.
  • Crescent Hotel Locker Apparition - While investigating in the basement of the Crescent Hotel, Jason and Grant (the two founding members of TAPS) catch a full-bodied apparition standing against a locker with their thermal imaging camera.

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures airs each week on the Travel Channel. This paranormal team has just three members, Zak, Nick and Aaron. These three men get locked inside haunted locations for an all-night investigation where they try to capture evidence of spirit activity.

  • Villisca Ax Murder Home - Here the team is locked inside a notorious old farmhouse in Iowa. An entire family of eight, including children, was horrifically slaughtered here by an ax-wielding maniac in the early 20th century. The team is using a device known as a spirit box, which scans through unused radio frequencies, to communicate with the spirits in the house.
  • Lizzie Borden House - The Ghost Adventures crew investigates the infamous Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts, where they capture unexplained noises, footsteps and a nightstand drawer that mysteriously opens by itself.
  • Magnolia Plantation - Catch an entire episode where the guys investigate a haunted cotton plantation in Louisiana. Some of the evidence captured includes disembodied voices, strange music, screaming, and a light turning on and off in a locked slave cabin.

Other Credible Sources

You can watch reenactments of true haunting cases on shows like Paranormal Witness (Sci-Fi Channel). However, if you want to see real video of haunted houses and other locations, you can find them on the Biography Channel.

My Ghost Story

My Ghost Story appears on the Biography Channel. This show chronicles ordinary people who have caught paranormal evidence in their own homes or at haunted locations they happen to visit. The videos and photos featured on this show are sometimes even more compelling than the evidence captured by professional investigators.

  • The Creeper - A crew member for the show talks about his experiences filming shots at various haunted locations, including some eerie photos he took at a place called The Graber Olive House, a family owned olive farm that was started in the 1800s. As the camera man was shooting film in the vat room, he took some still photos with his personal camera and captured a creepy looking black mass known as "The Creeper."
  • Creepy Bed - One of the most bizarre and creepy paranormal videos was taken by a woman living in rural Maryland. She kept feeling something tickling her feet at night so she set up a video camera and captured some type of creature or apparition jumping on her bed. Other videos appearing in this full episode include a haunted home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a haunted castle, and the infamous Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.
  • The Demon Shadow - A couple moves into a house in Rhode Island and soon discovers something else is occupying the home. They begin to hear strange noises and see a shadowy figure lurking through the house at night. They finally call in some paranormal investigators, who capture chilling footage of a large shadow figure walking past the doorway and then stopping to peer back in.

Accidental Captures and Sensitives

Sometimes people catch anomalies entirely by accident. Others seem to naturally attract spirits because they can see, feel or hear them. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide whether the footage you're looking at is paranormal, faked or just misidentified.

  • Ghost in My Aunt's House - In this video, you can see a strange looking shadow person creep around the corner behind the little boy who is dancing. Another child seems to chase after the apparition.
  • Renovation Ghost - Home renovations are commonly known to increase paranormal activity in haunted homes and can sometimes start spiritual activity in homes that were previously inactive. Contractors, who thought the home they were renovating was being vandalized at night, set up surveillance cameras to catch the perpetrators. What they caught surprised everybody.
  • Basement Orbs - Linda Davis is a woman who claims to have attracted spirits her entire life. As she stands in the basement of an abandoned home, you can see orbs appearing all around her.

Fact or Fake

It can be difficult to discern whether the anomalies caught on video are truly paranormal or if the video has somehow been tampered with or hoaxed. Sometimes it comes down to the credibility of those who take the footage. Therefore, you may want to try visiting a few haunted locations yourself to see if you can capture anything unusual. It also helps to have a basic understanding of photography, to help rule out artifacts created by the equipment or the lighting. If you're unsure, call in the professionals to view your footage.

Real Haunted House Videos