Texas Haunted Places

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The most haunted places in Texas are filled with a rich and colorful history complete with ghosts and paranormal activity. Explore Texas' haunted places where dastardly deeds and deadly gunfights ensued, stories of The Alamo ghosts linger and a few spooky tall tales of restless spirits persist.

Injustice in Texas Haunted Places

Many hauntings are often the result of some type of injustice that occurred at one point in the place's history. As the wild west was settled, there are an abundance of stories that speak of the vigilantes and rough characters that once ruled the lands.

McDow's Hole

McDow's Hole is near what is now the ghost town of Alexandria. It was historically, a very rough country with warrior Comanche Indians and vigilante justice. Many pioneer families that lived here didn't last and were overcome by famine, illness or warring Indians. One such story involves Jenny Papworth who was reportedly killed, along with her baby while her husband was away. Visitors who go near the creek now say that they see a lady there that follows them. Some suggest she is looking for her little baby.

Killough Monument

Killough Monument in Jacksonville, TX is the site of the former homestead of the Killough family. Settling in the area in the early 19th century, the family of four built their home where the monument now stands. Local legend says that nearby Cherokee Indians wanted the land and massacred the family. People report going through the area feeling a profound sense of sadness.

War and Her Ghosts

Texas has been the site of much blood shed. A key state for the Civil War as well as for the Spanish-American War, Texans reportedly see their fair share of hauntings from ghostly soldiers.

Shafter Lake

Shafter Lake is located in Andrews County. Many locals have reported that on fall nights you can see a small army of soldiers on their horses galloping across the lake. Some say that it is General Shafter and his men as they were attempting to escape certain death at the hands of pursuing Comanche warriors.

Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate in Arlington is at the end of a somewhat hidden trail where Union Army spies were purportedly brought and killed. The trail is covered by a lot of undergrowth and most people that actually find the place, do so unknowingly. Still, there have been reports of disembodied cries and some say that you can even see a red haired general dressed in a Confederate uniform walking away from this place.

The Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo was a crushing blow to San Antonians. Originally a mission to train "uncivilized" Indians in Christianity, the Alamo later became a fort which was invaded by Santa Anna's armies. The soldiers that were found were killed, dismembered, looted and then buried in mass graves.

There are numerous ghost stories but the most common stories seem to involve sentries that are standing guard against those who are perceived as harmful. The first sighting happened in 1836 when Santa Anna sent soldiers back to the Alamo to decimate whatever was left. His soldiers returned to his camp claiming that they saw guards threatening them. Many people since then have reported sentries guarding the area, grotesque figures coming out of the Alamo and the distinct sound of trumpets playing El Deguello the last song played as the Alamo was overcome by Santa Anna's army.

More Haunted Places in Texas

There are many hauntings and apparitions in Texas. Haunted places are especially common in some of the cities that were associated with historical battles. However, there are no shortage of other places that hold equal mystery and restless souls. For more information on hauntings in the Lone Star State see:

Remember that when you go ghost hunting, if you are not a part of an official tour, you should make sure to get permission from the local authorities. Many an amateur have gotten arrested for trespassing on private property in search of a rumored haunting.

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Texas Haunted Places