What Is the Hopi Prophecy? Common Beliefs Explained

Updated June 1, 2021
Hopi petroglyphs

The Hopi Prophecy is an ancient tale about Earth's past great apocalyptic cycles with instructions on how to avoid a fourth destruction. According to the prophecy, the Earth has undergone three destructions created by humankind turning their collective back on Mother Nature and allowing greed to rule their actions.

Hopi Origins and Prophecy

The Hopi Prophecy tells of the creation of nine worlds. Taiowa, the Creator, charged his nephew, Sótuknang, with the task of creating worlds and then creating all forms of life on them. The first world he created was for Taiowa. The second world he kept for himself. He then created seven other worlds.

Maasaw, the Earth caretaker, agreed that the Hopi could stay in the first world as long as they took care of the planet and respected Mother Nature. They wandered the four directions to learn everything they could about their new world. At length, their travels over the entire Earth brought them back together in what is described as the center of the world. It is the region where they reside today in Arizona.

The first world was eventually destroyed by greedy humankind who set out on a self-destruct course. The ever faithful Hopi were taken underground to await the time when they could re-emerge to start a new world. But the second world also self-destructed. Once more, the Hopi were spared by being taken underground.

The third emerged and grew, but that world was destroyed by a worldwide flood. The people had lost all spiritual connection once more and robbed the Earth of all her riches. In self-defense, Mother Nature fought back with a natural disaster that ultimately destroyed most of humankind. Through each world, the Hopi held on to their traditions and ceremonies. In their spirituality, they also respected and took care of the Earth as a living breathing female entity.

The Prophecy was revealed to the world in the 1963 Book of the Hopi written by Frank Waters. The Elders told their sacred story after centuries of keeping it secret, because they recognized the telltale signs that the fourth world (the current world) was on the brink of self-destruction once more. According to the Hopi Prophecy, the only way to avoid destruction is for humankind to reconnect with their spiritual nature and become responsible Earth stewards. If humankind cannot do this, then the end of the fourth world is inevitable.

Nine Signs: End of Fourth World

The fourth world is drawing to a close as it deteriorates from humankind's relentless quest for more and disrespect for Earth, and the gift she is with the driving force of satisfying all material desires. There are nine signs that the fourth world is coming to an end. Many of these signs have already come to pass.

  1. Arrival of white skin people who take land and attack enemies with thunder (guns).
  2. Arrival of spinning wheels that carry many voices (covered wagons).
  3. Large number of beasts similar to buffalo but have long horns (cattle herds).
  4. Snakes of iron cross over the land (railroad tracks).
  5. Giant spider web covers the land (telegraph then telephone and power lines).
  6. Rivers of stone cross over the land and create pictures in sunlight (highway system).
  7. The ocean becomes black and kills many sea living things (oil spills).
  8. Young people grow hair long like Native Americans. They visit tribal lands with a desire to learn Hopi ways and share in Native American wisdom (hippies).
  9. A dwelling place in the heavens/skies above the Earth becomes like a blue star and crashes into the Earth. This signifies the End Times of the fourth world. It brings the Hopi ceremonies to an end.
Ocean turned black

What Is the Blue Star?

There is much speculation about the final sign of the Hopi Prophecy. Some people have suggested it is the International Space Station (ISS) that loses orbit and plunges to the Earth. Others speculate it might be an asteroid or a comet that plows into the Earth. Still, others point to the 13th planet theory of Nibiru, a planet that takes 3,600 years to make its elliptical orbit. When it reaches Earth, catastrophic consequences rip across the Earth, destroying all life.

The Blue Star is also portrayed as a supernatural spirit called Kachina. The spirit ignites an internal feeling of fire within the people. It is each individual's choice if that fire destroys them by fueling desires that will ultimately lead to conflicts and war. However, if each person turns to the tribal teachings and focuses on creating a peaceful life within themselves and their environment, then they will be survive the coming war.

The biggest problem facing humanity is the split that divides the world into two distinct worlds. This split is represented by the individual. For example, in the Hopi Prophecy, people are divided into two types. One is ruled by their minds and the other is ruled by their hearts. The Hopi believe those who are ruled by their hearts will find peace and harmony to live a truly balanced life and emerge from the ending of the fourth world to build the fifth world.

Blue star

End of Fourth World and World War III

World War III is what brings the fourth world to an end. The Hopi Prophecy states it will be started by those in old countries. The Hopi Prophecy states the war that comes is a spiritual one that is fought between those who seek a materialistic life and those who choose a spiritual one. The Hopi Prophecy claims that the United States will be destroyed by atomic bombs from these countries. Only the Hopi land will be protected and those who seek shelter there. Those who survive are ones who hold peace in their hearts.

The final hope for the fourth world is the return to humankind's spiritual nature. A repeat of the same kind of destructions of the three worlds doesn't need to be inevitable. It is preventable if the world wakes up to the spirit of peace. It is the lesson that so far hasn't been learned.

The Hopi Prophecy and the Fourth World

The Hopi Prophecy holds a powerful and foreboding message to the world. The Hopi Nation decided to bring this warning to the world in an effort to prevent the apocalyptic end of the fourth world.

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What Is the Hopi Prophecy? Common Beliefs Explained