How to Do Red Candle Magic Spells

Published June 1, 2018
Red Candle Magic Spells

You can learn how to do red candle magic spells that are simple and don't carry a heavy karmic weight with them. Your intentions need to be pure, and there should never be any desire to force your will over someone when working candle magic.

Mend Broken Friendship Spell

This spell is designed to mend a broken friendship due to a quarrel or misunderstanding. Perform this spell on a Friday to take advantage of the powerful boosting energy of Venus. Your spell will have greater power with a waxing moon that brings energies of friendship and healing.


In addition to a red candle, you'll need the following:

Essential oil bottles
  • Basil essential oil: Basil is known for its properties to mend a quarrel as well as evoking sympathy and bringing happiness.
  • Chamomile: Known for its properties of love and peace, chamomile is an ideal herb for this spell.
  • Gardenia essential oil: Not only does this flower have a dreamy aroma, it bring the properties of healing and peace.
  • Lemon: This sunny citrus brings friendship and love to any spell.
  • Piece of white paper: You'll write your friend's name on a small piece of paper.
  • Red ink: Use this pen to write your friend's name on the paper.

Cast Your Spell

  1. In the center of a small piece of white paper, write your friend's name in red ink.
  2. Take a large pinch of chamomile and place it on top of your friend's name.
  3. Add three drops of basil oil, two of gardenia oil, and two drops of lemon juice.
  4. Bring the corners of the paper together and twist it closed around the herb mixture.
  5. Light the red candle and focus on your intent/desire.
  6. Once you feel at peace, proceed with the spell.
  7. Light the packet of paper and place it in the bowl to burn. While the paper burns, concentrate on your desire to mend your friendship. Your spell is complete once the paper is incinerated.

Use a candle snuffer or your fingers to extinguish the candle flame. Put away your materials and supplies and expect positive results from your spell.

Unblock Creativity

If you are suffering from writer's block or some other form of creativity obstacle, this spell will help open up your connection to the creative stream. Perform this spell on a Tuesday. This day is ruled by Mars and will give you that needed energy to overcome obstacles. This spell will have better results if cast when the moon is full or as close to a full moon phase as possible.


You will need a few supplies, plus a red candle:

Incense and cinnamon sticks
  • Cinnamon incense stick: This spice is known for its properties that energize passions and creativity.
  • Incense holder: You can use a traditional holder or any other type.
  • Honeysuckle essential oil: If you need to a boost to your creativity, this plant/flower answers the call.
  • Vervain essential oil: This herb is associated with magic lore and various tales of mysticism. It's also known for the creative properties it bestows to those using it.
  • Mint: Another herb with many properties, mint also inspires creativity.
  • Toothpick or cotton swab: You'll use this as a writing utensil.
  • Fireproof bowl: You'll place the lit paper packet in this to burn.
  • Paper: Use a small piece of paper that best represents the area in your life that's blocked. For example, use a piece of parchment paper or printing paper for writer's block.

Cast Your Spell

  1. On the paper write in honeysuckle oil by dipping the toothpick or cotton swab in oil. If you're unable to write a book, you can simply write the title of your book or the word "rejuvenate" or "heal" for other creativity blockages.
  2. Place two pinches of either dried or fresh mint in the center of the paper on top of the word you wrote in oil. Add a drop of vervain oil on top of the mint.
  3. Twist the ends of the paper together to form a packet.
  4. Light the cinnamon incense stick and place in its holder.
  5. Light the red candle and allow it to burn for a few seconds.
  6. State your intent as simply as possible, such as, "I command my writer's block to burn aways with the lighting of this paper" or "I command my marriage to rejuvenate or my finances to heal", etc.
  7. Light the packet and place it in the bowl, allowing it to burn completely.
  8. While the packet burns, take three deep breaths and focus on your intent without any fears or anxiety. Visualize the blockage burning away with the paper.

Once the paper has burned out, your spell has been cast. Use a candle snuffer or your fingers to extinguish the candle flame, and extinguish the incense in the bowl.

Casting Red Candle Magic Spells

You can cast a magic spell that require red candles, they can help attract positive energies into your life. Always enter your spell work with a clear mind and pure heart for the best results.

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How to Do Red Candle Magic Spells