How to Use Chakra Candles for Healing and Meditation

Published February 26, 2021
Chakra Candles

Discover how to use chakra candles that help you to heal. You can learn how to use chakra candles in your meditation practice for beneficial results.

How to Use Chakra Candles in Your Practices

Chakra candles are a great focus tool for any type of chakra healing or balancing. If you are working on a specific chakra, you can use a colored candle that matches that chakra. The colored candle will provide you an excellent focal point while you work on opening a closed chakra or healing a chakra that is out of balance and needs realigning to the other chakras in your body.

State Your Intention

When you work with chakra candles, you want to be very clear about your intention. You don't want to give a mixed message. For example, if you've determined that your throat chakra is closed and that's why you are having constant throat infections, then you want to make a statement of your intention or purpose. A possible statement of intention might be:

  • "My throat chakra is now opening as I focus on this blue candle."
  • "I focus on the blue candle flame and see it melting the blockage in my throat chakra."
  • "My throat chakra is spinning back into balance as the blue candle lights the path to finding my voice once more."

How to Use Your Statement of Intent

The burning of chakra candles provides you with a new layer of energy for your chakra meditation or focused chakra healing. To take full advantage of this chakra healing tool, you can use it as a mantra. You may recite your new mantra or record yourself repeating it and then play it on a loop while you meditate. You may decide to get creative and have meditation music playing in the background. You can personalize your meditation using the chakra candle however much or little you want.

Visualization With Chakra Candles

As with any meditation focal point, you want to visualize the healing of your chakra. Once you have a clear idea of the current status of your chakra, you can visualize it opening up like a lotus flower. You can envision the chi energy being set free and flowing through the spinning chakra and traveling upward like the reaching flame of your chakra candle.

Use Chakra Candles With Magic Spells

You may decide to cast a healing candle spell for your chakra. You will select the appropriate matching colored candle to use during your spell work. For this type of spell, it is best to allow the candle to self-extinguish or burn down, whichever comes first.

Understand the Chakra Candles Meaning

Each chakra has an associated color. When you understand how the candle color corresponds to each chakra, you can establish a stronger connection to your candle work. Your chakra also radiates the energy that is known as the human aura.

One: Root Chakra (Red)

This root chakra is where good health begins. Your life force is generated from the root chakra located at the base of your spine, or more aptly your tailbone. Without a strong root chakra, your body won't have the necessary energy to thrive. A red candle signifies the emotional support the root chakra provides with feelings of safety and security. Burning a red candle can help you focus on increasing your physical strength and overall energy level.

Two: Sacral Chakra (Orange)

The sacral chakra is your emotional center. It is where your sexual and passionate energies are generated. The creative nature is birthed from this chakra. If you've shut down emotionally and/or sexual dysfunction, this is the chakra for focusing your meditations and healing energies with an orange candle.

Orange Burning Candle

Three: Solar Plexus (Yellow)

The solar plexus is the generator of wisdom, hope, and enthusiasm. The deep in the pit of your stomach feeling comes from your solar plexus. It is the center of self, ego, and personal responsibility. If you're suffering from low self-esteem, a refusal to accept wrong-doings, or you're experiencing an overall feeling of depression, then you can use a yellow candle for meditation and healing energy. You may choose to cast the yellow candle magic spell.

Four: Heart Chakra (Green)

The heart chakra is known as the love chakra. This is where love is manifested. If your fourth chakra is out of balance, it shows up as depression or possibly as an inability to love or allow anyone to get close to you. It is possible you are harboring feelings of jealousy. If your relationships are suffering, then you can introduce a green candle in your mediations or a candle spell to remove any obstacles preventing your love energy from thriving.

Five: Throat Chakra (Blue)

It's not surprising that the throat chakra is responsible for talking, communication, and self-expression. If you aren't able to voice your opinions, concerns, and ideas, then this chakra may be blocked or out of balance. The color blue is the ruler of this chakra and by lighting a blue candle, you can focus on opening up this chakra or realigning the energies for a yin yang balance through meditation and various healing practices.

Blue burning candle

Six: Third Eye (Indigo)

The sixth chakra is the seat of your intuition, insight, and imagination. It is the bridge between the physical self and the spiritual self. The energy flow in this chakra is vital to achieving a higher spiritual evolution. If you're a psychic or intuitive and are unable to access the spiritual realm or you're out of touch with your personal abilities, you may be suffering from a blockage or imbalance within this chakra. An indigo colored candle can be used in your meditations or during a healing session. You may use an indigo colored candle for an unblocking candle spell.

Seven: Crown (Purple)

The crown chakra is your connection point to the spiritual realm. This chakra is the seat of your higher self and your spiritual connector. If this chakra is blocked or imbalanced, then you disregard the sacred, your mind is closed, and you no longer grow spiritually. You become opinionated and believe you know what is right and judge others who don't fall in line with your way of thinking. These are all indicators of a stunted spirituality. A purple candle can be used in meditation and spiritual practices. You can focus on the candle to infuse the purple energies back into your aura to open up your crown chakra. Lighting a purple candle can signify humility and a willingness to learn from spirit.

How to Use Chakra Candles

There are several ways you can use chakra candles. You can use chakra candles in healing practices, meditation, spells, and visualization.

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How to Use Chakra Candles for Healing and Meditation