Orange Candle Spells for Energy and Empowerment

Published March 4, 2021

Orange candle spells can be cast to attract specific things into your life. This may be a job promotion, or other type of personal ambition that requires an influx of self-empowerment energy. Whatever your personal goals are in life, you can use orange candle spells to boast your efforts with a newfound boldness and determination. You can choose from a few orange candle spells, the one you feel will best manifest your desire for success.

Orange Candle Spell With Rosemary

You can use herbs to enhance your spells and provide a clearer intent to your requests. Rosemary is like magic's household cleaner. This powerful herb will eradicate negative energies attempting to block or derail you. Rosemary clears away anyone plotting against you and banishes any malevolent spirits wishing you harm. It is the perfect herb to use in a success or ambition spell, since it bulldozes anything standing in your way.


  • Orange candle (tea light or votive)
  • Anointing oil (olive, coconut, or almond)
  • Candle holder
  • Fireproof bowl
  • 1 teaspoon Rosemary (dried, preferably ground into powder)
  • Sage smudge stick
  • Smudge bowl or a second fireproof bowl
  • Matches or lighter
  • Paper and orange marker or ink pen
  • Glass of water (Precaution for extinguishing any accidental fire)

Write Down Your Intention and Desire

Use the paper and orange ink pen/marker to write down what you want to attract into your career or other goal. Make sure your honest about your true ambition and what you genuinely want. This is the way you get your heart's desire. Anything less and you won't be satisfied with the results. Once you are satisfied you've written down everything and have accurately portrayed your heart's desire, it's time to cast your spell and present your petition.

Write your intentions in orange ink


  1. Place the glass of water on the altar or nearby in case you need it.
  2. Place incense and candle on your altar or table.
  3. Create a protection circle, either using salt or invoke a bubble of white light to encapsulate you and the altar or table.
  4. Anoint the orange candle and set in the candle holder.
  5. Light the orange candle.
  6. Light sage smudge stick and hold in front of you.
  7. Take three cleansing breaths.
  8. Move the sage so the smoke encircles you.
  9. With your other hand, pick up the paper and move the incense stick around the paper, allowing the smoke to encircle your paper.
  10. Place the sage in the smudge bowl (or second fireproof bowl) and allow it to continue burning. If the smudge stick self-extinguishes, don't relight it, since it will self-extinguish when the sage has done its job.
  11. Read out loud from your paper.
  12. When you finish reading, set the paper on the altar or table beside the orange candle.

Pause and contemplate what you just read before continuing further:

  1. Carefully and slowly sprinkle the rosemary into the candle flame, to avoid any ashes or embers igniting the paper.
  2. Repeat three times, "So I ask, so it shall be."
  3. Light one corner of the paper with the candle flame.
  4. Carefully place the paper in the bowl to self-extinguish. Don't worry if it doesn't fully burn.
  5. Focus on the candle flame and visualize your goal, ambition, promotion, or other heart's desire that you need empowering energy to achieve.
  6. Continue to visualize until the candle self-extinguishes.
  7. Close the circle when your spell is finished.
  8. Gather the remnants of your spell, candle, ash, sage, burned rosemary. Either bury the spell remnants or store in a glass jar with a lid.

Simple Orange Candle Spell for Personal Empowerment

You may not have time for a ritualistic orange candle spell. For some practitioners and spellworkers, such spells aren't realistic and are unnecessary. If you've advanced your abilities, then all you need is a candle to use for color magic and as a focal point for your personal energy.


  • 1 orange candle (tea light or votive)
  • Anointing oil
  • Matches or lighter
Light an orange candle

Meditate and Visualize Self-Empowerment

Anoint the orange candle and then light it to give you a focal point. You will spend at least five minutes meditating and visualizing the reason you need to cast a spell for personal empowerment.

Scenarios of Needing Personal Empowerment

It may be something as simple as wanting to speak up more when facing opposition, you may need a strong personal strength, or you may be facing a challenge that will help you grow as an individual, personal relationship, or in your career. As you mediate, try to envision all types of scenarios where you stand up for yourself, allow your talents to be noticed, and other instances where personal empowerment is needed.


  1. Once you've finished meditating/visualizing, take three cleansing breaths.
  2. Relax as you look deeper into the orange candle flame.
  3. You will repeat the following mantra a minimum of three times. If you don't feel the surge of energy after three repetitions, continue to repeat until the energy arrives and fills you with newfound strength.
  4. Don't blow out the candle, use a snuffer.
  5. Repeat the spell for the next three nights.
  6. On the third night, allow the candle to self-extinguish.
  7. Either burn the candle remnants or store in a glass jar with a lid.

Orange Candle Spells for Self-Empowering Energies

You can decide on the type of orange candle spell you wish to cast for invoking self-empowering energies. You can use either spell anytime you need that extra boost of empowering energy to attract great things your way.

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Orange Candle Spells for Energy and Empowerment