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What Does a Psychic Paranormal Investigator Do?

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Contributor: Psychic Robyne Marie
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A psychic paranormal investigator can do what other paranormal investigators can't - directly communicate with spirit. As a psychic medium, this ghost hunter conducts a different type of paranormal investigation by offering an intuitive perspective about what is causing paranormal activity and a direct connection with entities.

Psychic Abilities Used in Paranormal Investigations

Psychic paranormal investigators aren't cookie cutter robots, but individuals with specific abilities. No two psychics are the same and their skills can differ. There is a wide range of abilities that psychic may have. Some of these work in unison while all can be used separately, such as psychometry, the ability to pick up images, conversations and more by holding or touching an object or person.

Working With Ghost Hunters

A psychic paranormal investigator often is part of a team of paranormal investigators also known as ghost hunters. According to Psychic Robyne Marie aka "The Boston Ghost Magnet," the team performs a preliminary investigation and afterward call in a psychic medium. She explains, "They bring me in blindly without revealing any info to me. They set me loose at a location, and I will always go straight to where they suspected activity or where they have knowledge of something spiritual happening."

Psychics Verify Historical Data

Psychic paranormal investigators can verify historical information. Robyne shares she can also give greater detail that often helps the case. Many psychics connect with past events through the residual imprint those events made on the location(s). When known historical events are verified by the unaware psychic, authenticity is automatically attained as a validation the psychic is tuned in to what is going on.

Spirits Seeking Closure

Not only does the psychic assist paranormal teams, but the family involved in a haunting or paranormal encounter are helped. This is most important for the successful outcome of a paranormal investigation. This allows not just the family, but the spirit(s) to find closure and finally move on if that is the purpose the spirit is present.

Empathic Abilities

Another ability that many psychics use during their paranormal investigations or sessions is empathy. This can be a very intense ability and most empaths must train themselves to differentiate between their own emotions and those they pick up from others, even ghosts. Robyne shares her experiences, "I often take on their physical or emotional feelings, such as missing a loved one or feeling guilt."


Many psychics are clairaudient, meaning they can hear the disembodied voices of spirits. This ability isn't an on-demand talent since spirits are like people and communicate at will. These communications can come at the most inconvenient times and often not at all when desired. This is part of the nature of this type of ability. Robyne has this ability and says, "Yes, I can hear spirits easily."

The Gift of Psychometry

Another very valuable gift for a psychic paranormal investigator is psychometry. This ability allows the psychic to pick up information by simply touching an object or person. Robyne explains how this ability works for her, " I can experience remote viewing (their memories) by holding a client's hands." For her, the sensation of an electrical charge passes through the palms of her hands as well as the client's hands. She is also able to receive images and messages by touching a wall or holding an object that belonged to the deceased person. She says, "Sometimes, it just happens randomly with no tools."

Psychic Paranormal Investigator Tools

Many psychic paranormal investigators use certain tools to assist them in communicating with spirit. Some of these include an Ouija board, alternative talking boards, tarot cards, pendulums, dowsing rods, angel cards, and many other divination tools. Holding a seance is another tool some psychics use to communicate with a ghost or spirit. Some psychics use an automatic writing technique to communicate with spirits.

The Art of Scrying

Another valuable tool for a psychic is the art of scrying. There are several ways a psychic can scry. Many have their own methodology while others prefer traditional ways, such as using a quartz crystal, crystal ball, mirror or even a bowl of water. The psychic is able to see animated images, similar to a movie or video.

Scrying With Photos

Scrying with Photos

Robyne uses photos to scry. She says, "I see live and animated spirits who place themselves in the photo so I can communicate with them." But she admits that some spirits don't really do anything other than stand in the photo. She has experienced some spirits dance, speak and even sing to her. And still, others send her images of their memories. "They may be sitting on your furniture or cooking at your stove - going through the same steps they were accustomed to in life." Among the cast of ghosts, she often has pets show up for their moment in the photo. "Teams across the globe also send me photos of their investigations, which I scry and then give them my results," she adds.

Communicating With Spirits and Other Entities

Communicating with Spirits

A psychic paranormal investigator will communicate with different spirits as well as other types of entities. These may be beings who have never incarnated on the Earth, often referred to as angelic beings. A person's individual guide or guides often come through during an investigation or reading with messages specific to the individual. Psychic mediums communicate with their guide(s) who often convey messages from other spirits. The messages can be about a current situation or a life lesson discussion. Robyne explains, "I can communicate with any spirit who is deceased or even a non-human entity on this plane or another dimension."

Psychics Discover Why Spirits Hang Around

A psychic investigator can often shed light on why a spirit is hanging around a specific location or is attached to a person. This is a key part of an investigation that sometimes can resolve any unfinished business an entity has. Robyne says, "Entities can be wherever they choose to be. If a spirit is often here, on this plane with us, there is a reason."

Discovering Reasons for a Haunting

While some hauntings are simply demonic and perpetuated with malice, others are often intentional to get attention so a spirit can resolve unfinished business. Some spirits of deceased individuals often hang around to watch over loved ones. Some spirits have unfinished business and refuse to move past this world until they've resolved those issues. As for spirits stuck or trapped, Robyne disagrees with this commonly accepted reason for hauntings. She says, "No one is stuck, although a spirit may be traumatized and have to work through his or her passing." This is where a psychic paranormal investigator can do a lot of good by assisting the spirit to release its hold on this world.

The Random Nature of Spirit Communication

Psychic visions and contact can come randomly to a psychic. While many people believe the psychic has control of when and how the information is received, this isn't true. The psychic is a receiver. Robyne gives an example of how a random spirit traipsed through her kitchen giving her a message for a man named Ray. Soon after, a man named Ray contacted Robyne for a reading. She was able to deliver the message to a very happy client.

Psychic Paranormal Investigator Works with Police

Beyond the ghost hunt paranormal investigation, many psychic paranormal investigators work with police departments to solve crimes, especially missing person cases. Many police departments consult with psychic investigators although some would never admit this partnership. There are several well-documented cases where psychics have been helpful to police in solving murders and missing persons.

Learning What Psychic Paranormal Investigators Do

The contribution a psychic paranormal investigator brings to any paranormal investigation or police case is significant. A psychic can provide a bridge between this world and the paranormal world.

What Does a Psychic Paranormal Investigator Do?