Robyne Marie: Psychic Paranormal Investigator Interview

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Psychic Robyne Marie; Image used with permission.

Psychic Robyne Marie possesses multiple extrasensory abilities. Among the most unique is photo scrying, in which she views a photograph and can see and communicate with spirits that inhabit the location where it was taken. Recently, Robyne Marie talked with LoveToKnow Paranormal about her abilities and numerous projects.

Interview with Psychic Paranormal Investigator, Robyne Marie

Known as "The Boston Ghost Magnet," Robyne Marie has been aware of her psychic abilities since she was four years old. Along with her psychic abilities and paranormal investigation activities, Robyne Marie also has a background in classical opera singing and musical comedy. You can learn more about her on her personal website, She is the producer and director of the documentary Ghosts A'Fire, and frequently appears at conferences providing readings and lecturing about paranormal investigation.

Multiple Types of Abilities

LoveToKnow (LTK): Which types of psychic abilities do you possess?

Robin Marie (RM): I possess many, including:

  • Clairvoyant - Sees
  • Clairaudient - Hears
  • Claircognizent - Knows thoughts
  • Clairsentient - Senses their presence
  • Clairalient - Smells
  • Clairgustant - Tastes
  • Astral projects - Travel with my own spirit
  • Pre-cognitive dreams - Receive visions occurring through dreams
  • Photo scrying - Can physically see and hear spirits through photography
  • Past lives - Can see visions of other's past lifetimes around them
  • Remote viewing - Can see memories of occurrences played back in time, just like a movie
  • Psychometry - Can hold an item and pick up visions or make direct contact with spirits

LTK: Explain photo scrying. Do you always see things in photos?

RM: I see live and animated spirits who place themselves in the photo so I can communicate with them. They may just stand there, or they will speak, sing, dance or show me memories past. They may be sitting on your furniture or cooking at your stove - going through the same steps they were accustomed to in life. Even pets show up. I often take on their physical or emotional feelings, such as missing a loved one or feeling guilt.

LTK: Are there things other than photos that trigger information and intuition?

RM: Yes, I can hear spirits easily or experience remote viewing (their memories) by holding a client's hands. It feels like an electrical charge passing through our palms. I can also hold onto anything and have messages come through by putting my hands on a wall or holding an item that belonged to the deceased. Sometimes, it just happens randomly with no tools.

Communicating with Spirits

Psychic Robyne Marie; image used with permission.

LTK: When you communicate with spirits, have they crossed over, or are they earthbound?

RM: I have had several NDEs (near-death experiences), which have given me an entirely different outlook on this. I can communicate with any spirit who is deceased or even a non-human entity on this plane or another dimension. I feel that it is our Judeo-Christian beliefs that expect one to "cross over" and go towards Heaven. There is no sense of time or physical limitations or restrictions. Entities can be wherever they choose to be. If a spirit is often here on this plane with us, there is a reason. Spirits may choose to communicate or to resolve something here with us. They often are here to watch over and guide us, which is a good thing. Karma plays a big part in it, which is balancing. Sometimes, the spirits just need to balance that, and then move to wherever they choose to be. No one is stuck, although a spirit may be traumatized and have to work through his or her passing.

Psychic Readings

LTK: You sometimes receive information about the future. Are there any things you've seen that you wish to share?

RM: Annually, I write my predictions for the upcoming year and release that live on radio and TV on the Winter's Solstice. I have posted only a portion of my writings, which are documented and notarized each year to bring an assurance to my readers that my notes are valid. Some things are so horrific that I limit what I post so it doesn't bring panic. I also get people who refuse to accept these visions and accuse me of being negative. I do see many positive things. However, it is human nature to dwell on the negative because it can be traumatizing for some. I'm guarded on how I present these visions.

LTK: When you provide a reading for someone, which types of information do you receive?

RM: I never know what is going to come through. A typical reading with me is my connecting with your spirit guides who show me what may lie ahead, what you need to work on, what is going on with others around you, warnings of things we can change, and urging you to accept that which we cannot change. I blend my background in psychology with that of the spiritual, so it is more spiritual counseling. Most first-time clients will express that it was not what they expected, but they feel very enlightened and peaceful. They almost always cry. This is either a release of stress or that I have validated what they have expected all along.

LTK: How can you differentiate between psychic information and imagination?

RM: I think during imagination. Psychic visions and contact comes to me randomly. A woman walks through my kitchen, stops and says, "Tell Ray that I saw him last night taking a shoe box from the top right shelf in his closet with my photo in it. Tell him I love him and that I am with him in the house every day. And, tell my sister-in-law to stop putting sugar in the tomato sauce!" Then out of the blue, someone named Ray comes to me for a reading, I pass on the message, and he cries and thanks me. It makes sense to him. That is not my imagination.

Paranormal Investigation

LTK: How do your abilities help you during paranormal investigation?

RM: Often, teams will conduct preliminary investigations, and then bring me in blindly without revealing any info to me. They set me loose at a location, and I will always go straight to where they suspected activity or where they have knowledge of something spiritual happening. I can verify historical information and give great detail that may help in a case. Many investigators sense things, but my working with them helps validate all of that. It also helps the client. Teams across the globe also send me photos of their investigations, which I scry and then give them my results.

Robyne Marie at a castle in England; Image used with permission.

LTK: Talk about your documentary, Ghosts A'Fire.

RM: I wanted to be remembered for contributing to parapsychological research. I wrote, directed, produced and starred in the full-length paranormal documentary that spanned two years of research. I initially set out to find a unique location, untapped. What we found was minimal paranormal activity, but the most bizarre things happened to each of us that we all felt were spiritual.

I documented my channeling of coal miners in 2009 and, in 2010, we tracked down the living relatives who validated all of the information that the spirits had told me. There were over 30 cast members in the movie and to this day, we all get very emotional over it. We bonded with the spirits we made contact with, and we feel that they gave each of us a special gift. James McCann found his long-lost great grandparents when a spirit told him to look up, and there was their headstone. We have that live on film, and I thought he was having a heart attack when he went completely white with shock!

I was chased by a dog-headed shape shifter that gave a warning not to disrespect the hallow ground of a Native American burial site. The family I channeled wound up making contact with family they never knew they had because I was told which tribe they belonged to.


LTK: What advice do you have for people who believe they may have psychic abilities?

RM: Read everything! Study with others who have this gift. We all possess it, to some degree. Open yourself up, be very quiet and invite them in. They will come to you. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Remove all fears and remember that ghosts are people too!

Contacting Robyne Marie

You can contact Robyne Marie via her website. There, you can also learn about her upcoming appearances, or read letters of testimonial from Robyne Marie's friends and clients, such as Vanilla Fudge lead guitarist Vince Martell and "Haunting Evidence" star Patrick Burns.

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Robyne Marie: Psychic Paranormal Investigator Interview