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TAPS Family Paranormal Investigation Teams

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The official TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) logo

The TAPS Family is part of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) and is organized as a subgroup global network of paranormal investigation teams. Through the collective efforts of this subgroup, the TAPS organization via the TAPS Family teams is able to undertake thousands of paranormal investigations around the world.

TAPS Family Beginnings

The TAPS co-founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson also hosted the long-running popular reality TV show Ghost Hunters that was canceled in 2016 by the SyFy channel. The TAPS Family continued after the TV show was canceled. In April 2019, Jason Hawes announced the show's return retitled Ghost Nation to premiere in the Fall of 2019 on the Travel Channel.

Join the TAPS Family Paranormal Investigation Teams

To join the TAPS Family, groups must meet specific requirements. An application must also be completed. The team's professionalism is also examined, such as website design and info that reflect the team's decorum and ethics. TAPS members make the final selection of those teams chosen to join. The team is awarded a verification logo of authentication.

TAPS Family Respects Individual Investigative Styles

TAPS Family appreciates and respects individuals and state they never ask groups to alter anything when they join the Family. Groups joining the TAPS family are required to maintain case confidentiality. The paranormal investigation teams are only allowed to share information with those part of the TAPS Family network.

Benefits of Belonging to TAPS Family

The TAPS Family groups share their experiences and knowledge with other investigators. If a team needs additional investigators, they can turn to TAPS Family members and be assured they are getting professional paranormal investigators to assist them. Teams also benefit by receiving overflow cases from TAPS to help families suffering from possible paranormal incidences. Members also have access to the TAPS Family online forum.

Paranormal Investigators Get Involved

Like many people drawn to paranormal investigations, TAPS Family Manager, Kristen Perkins began her work as a paranormal investigator to find answers. "I sought information online, which led me to a local paranormal investigative team," she says. In 2006, after working with two teams, Kristen was inspired to create her own paranormal investigative team, INsight Paranormal. "I felt strongly that I wanted my investigations to result in tangible, and hopefully eventually, verifiable evidence," she explains.

Debunk Ghosts and Haunted Places

One of the foremost precepts of TAPS and its reality ghost hunting TV show was to approach investigations with skepticism and attempt to debunk the supposed haunting. "Most investigations lead us to point out environmental, structural or sometimes even health issues that are creating situations the family is concerned are paranormal in nature," Kristen says about her investigative team.

Help Families

Another precept of the TAPS organization is to serve as a helping hand to families feeling they are being besieged or attacked by a ghost or other paranormal or supernatural entity. Debunking or validating those concerns, TAPS Family teams help countless families find peace of mind or arm them with ways to counter the otherworldly presence. Kristen says, "It's rewarding to be able to bring relief to those families, and to be contacted even months later by the family as they thank us for the peace they now enjoy."

Investigate Haunted Crime Scenes

Some paranormal investigating teams work with victims and families of victims to find answers that law enforcement hasn't. Some are cold cases and others are cases law enforcement don't recognize as possible crimes.

Black Widow Paranormal Investigation of a Serial Killer

Kristen reveals a family asked her team for help solving a crime. The location was a residence and the family believed the deaths deemed accidental by law enforcement were actually murders committed by a black widow serial killer.

Family Records EVPs

The family offered Kristen's team their EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) samples. "Our investigation not only resulted in some of the most horrifying EVPs we've ever recorded, but also in a horrifying amount of blood evidence revealed through the use of Luminol." The team turned over their evidence to law enforcement including the male EVP pleading and wailing.

Reality of EVPs as Evidence

In reality, the EVPs aren't considered valid evidence of a crime. Kristen says, "All of this [EVPs] is open to interpretation." The investigation, like most paranormal investigations gives the family some form of solace or validation.

Strength of TAPS Family, Teams and Program

The adage that the whole is only as good as the parts is proven with the TAPS Family organization. "Our teams and program are strong today due to the unfailing dedication and hard work of those individuals," Kristen says.

TAPs Family Paranormal Investigation Teams and Manager

The TAPS Family organization is a day-to-day operation. "I work with the liaisons in each zone to address concerns and cover issues, as well as the Help Desk team to resolve any complaints or address questions that they may have had presented to them," Kristen explains.

Hands-On Approach

The paranormal investigation teams within the TAPS Family benefit from the staff's experience and hands on approach. Kristen meets with the teams in each zone every month via Skype. She explains that her goal is "to see if I can assist them in any way, and to continue building the cohesion between the groups within the TAPS Family Member Program."

TAPS Family Member Events

There are annual TAPS Family reunions that members can attend. Kristen explains the goal isn't to host investigations at the reunions or fill the time with guest speakers. "Instead, the goal is to enable the teams in our family to meet face to face, get to know each other personally, and further build the bonds connecting our teams," Kristen says.

Learn About TAPS Family Paranormal Investigation Teams

Learning how the TAPS Family subgroup works and how paranormal investigation teams can join opens pathways for teams to explore. What started with two guys wanting to help families suffering from paranormal phenomena has grown into a large global network of teams.

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TAPS Family Paranormal Investigation Teams