Black Magic Symptoms (and How to Keep Them at Bay)

Updated June 16, 2021
Black magic elements

You're feeling a little off, and maybe parts of your life seem like they're suddenly falling apart out of nowhere. While it's entirely possible that it's just rotten luck, if you start seeing a pattern of loss and hardship, black magic could be at play. Knowing the signs of black magic can help prepare you to recognize it and fend it off.

Recognize Individual Symptoms of Black Magic

Loss is usually a large component of a witchcraft spell. You experience different losses that affect you emotionally or physically. A witchcraft spell is crafted just for you by someone intent on harming you. If the person casting the spell knows you well, they will target the thing(s) you hold dearest in an effort to make you suffer.

Mental Attacks

One of the first signs that you're under a black magic spell is mental suffering. This could take the form of mental fog, unexplainable fear, panic or anxiety attacks, confusion, or depression. This form of attack weakens you by attacking your mind, making it that much more difficult for you to fight back against it because you can't focus.

Emotional/Personal Attacks

The goal of a spell to inflect emotional loss is to make you suffer and experience deep emotional pain. These will be very personal losses, such as a financial loss, loss of a job, loss of a lover, or loss of friends. These types of losses disrupt the very core of who you are and what you hold most dear. By causing emotional turmoil, this type of attack ensures that you have no choice but to remain focused on your sadness and loss.

Attacks on Your Health and Well-Being

This black magic symptom manifests in things like sudden illnesses, headaches, mishaps, accidents, rashes, or other discomforts. Insomnia is often part of this type of attack, and you might stop dreaming or suffer from terrifying nightmares. You may begin to see changes in your physical appearance, such as hair loss or tooth decay.

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Spiritual Attacks

One of the most profound and destabilizing aspects of a black magic spell is the spiritual symptoms it wreaks on your life. If your spirituality isn't solid, your overall symptoms will be magnified. A strong spiritual foundation can give you insight into what is going on around you. Black magic is from an evil source that basically wants to shatter your faith in God or whatever you consider the Creator of all life, which will result in a weakening of your power, especially if your faith is a deep part of who you are.

Black Magic Attacks in Your Home

You can often see signs of black magic at work in your home. In addition to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual attacks, things may have a feeling of "wrongness" in your home itself. If you are regularly experiencing one or more of the following in your home, it could be the result of black magic.

  • The lights in your home flicker or turn on and off by themselves.
  • Food spoils quickly for no reason.
  • Knocking, raps, taps occur at odd hours of the night.
  • A current of cold air blows through a room.
  • Items in your home disappear, such as a hairbrush or keys.
  • You hear voices in other areas of your home when no one is there.
  • You see shadows out of the corners of your eyes as they move in your home.
  • Foul odors waft into a room, especially that of hard-boiled eggs.
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How to Protect Yourself Against Black Magic

Most black magic spells, along with their debilitating symptoms and effects, can be remedied. Depending on the power behind the spell, you may need to try more than one remedy to find the one that works.

Evil Eye

The evil eye is an ancient symbol used to ward off evil. You can use it as a piece of jewelry or other personal item to keep with you at all times. Some people place an evil eye at the front door to prevent evil spirits from entering their homes.


Iron is used to ward off evil. You often seen an iron horseshoe turned up so good luck doesn't run out, but more importantly, this good luck symbol is used to prevent evil from entering the home.

Other Ways to Break Black Magic Spells

There are other ways you can break a black magic spell. These are also simple remedies anyone can use.

  • If one of your personal objects/belongings was taken to use in the spell, you must cut your attachment to the objects, especially any spiritual one.
  • You can cast a reversing candle spell to undo a black magic one placed on you.
  • A warding charm is often used to deflect a black magic spell. These are created by powerful white witches or Voodoo priestesses or priests.
  • Wear a blessed religious charm, talisman or other symbol of your faith.
  • You can enlist the help of a Voodoo priestess or priest to provide you with an uncrossing spell.
  • Other ways to break black magic include taking a sea salt cleansing bath, burning uncrossing incense, practicing meditation, and praying.
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Shielding Against Magical Attack

Shielding is best used before an attack. This is a precautionary practice, but one that would be a good idea to add to your practice, especially if you have enemies who might want to harm you. Shielding involves meditating, grounding yourself, then envisioning a cocoon of white or golden light (or any other color that feels like protection to you). Picture that light surrounding you. Build it in your mind, intensely focusing on it. Once it feels strong and solid to you, bring it in closer, so it's like a second skin. This should shield you from most magical attacks, and is best done early in the day.

You'll want to be sure to release the shield at the end of the day, when you're home and safe. A shield keeps all energy away from you, both good and bad. To release it, simply envision the entire process in reverse, until the shield just sort of drifts away.

Countering the Symptoms of Black Magic by Using Magic Remedies

There are many symptoms associated with various black magic spells cast on you. By using magic remedies, you can free yourself from these evil powers.

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Black Magic Symptoms (and How to Keep Them at Bay)