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Black Magic Symptoms, Effects, and Remedies

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The symptoms of black magic have noticeable effects, and fortunately there are remedies available to break the spell. You can use other types of magic, such as white magic, warding charms, mantras and other ways to protect yourself and your family from black magic attacks.

Symptoms of Black Magic Witchcraft Spells

Loss is usually a large component of a witchcraft spell. You experience different losses that affect you emotionally or physically. A witchcraft spell is crafted just for you by someone intent on harming you. If the person casting the spell knows you well, they will target the thing(s) you hold dearest in an effort to make you suffer.

Old witch diary book with cross, pentagram and black candle

Mental Distress Symptom of Black Magic Spell

One of the first symptoms that you're under a black magic spell is mental suffering. These symptoms include panic attacks, bouts of fear, mental fog, confusion, and inexplicable depression. You begin to question yourself, your beliefs, and lose self-confidence.

Emotional Loss

The goal of a spell to inflect emotional loss is to make you suffer and experience emotional pain. The losses you experience are personal, such as a financial loss, loss of a job, loss of a lover, or loss of friends. You may suffer from sudden explosive episodes of anger that you've never experienced. These losses are design to have a deep, unsettling, emotional impact on you.

Physical Loss

Physical losses of a black magic spell have a devastating impact on your health. This black magic symptom manifests in things like accidents, mishaps, sudden illnesses, and migraine headaches. Insomnia becomes the norm, and you may stop dreaming or suffer from grotesque nightmares. You may begin to see changes in your physical appearance, such as hair loss or tooth decay.

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Spiritual Loss

One of the most profound and destabilizing aspects of a black magic spell are the spiritual symptoms it wreaks on your life. If your spirituality isn't strong and solid, your overall symptoms will be magnified. Spiritual discernment bestows insight into what is going on around you. Black magic is from an evil source that wishes to destroy the Light within you, that divine spark. It attempts to shatter your faith in God or whatever you consider the Creator of all life.

Combination of Loss

Typical black magic spells affect you on all four levels of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional losses. One of the most devastating effects can be the loss of a home, through financial strive, fire, flood, or other way that seems natural instead of magical.

Signs of Black Magic in Your House

You can often see signs of black magic at work in your house. In addition to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual symptoms, things may be unsettling within your home. At first, you may brush it off as mischievous entities, but as time progresses, you may become aware that these incidences are being controlled by something or someone intent on torturing you and even your family.

Normal Haunting vs Black Magic Triggered Haunting

While it is possible that a random entity managed to infest your home, it is more likely that it is acting as the agent of a black magic spell worker. This type of magician employs dark evil spirits to carry out their black magic spells, so you could be battling more than a single demonic being or spirit. Symptoms black magic has infested your home:

  • The lights in your home flicker, turn on and off by themselves.
  • Objects fall off shelves as though pushed.
  • Food spoils quickly for no reason.
  • Wall art crashes to the floor for no apparent reason.
  • Knocking, raps, taps at odd hours of the night.
  • A current of cold air whoosh through a room.
  • Items in your home disappear, such as a hairbrush or keys.
  • You hear voices for other areas of your home when no one is there.
  • You see shadows out of the corners of your eyes as they move in your home.
  • Foul odors waft into a room, especially that of hard-boiled eggs.
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Remedies for Black Magic Symptoms and Effects

Most black magic spells, along with their debilitating symptoms and effects, can be remedied. Depending on the power behind the spell, you may need to try more than one remedy to find the one that works.

Evil Eye

The evil eye is an ancient symbol used to ward off evil. You can use it as a piece of jewelry or other personal item to keep with you at all times. Some people place an evil eye at the front door to prevent evil spirits from entering their homes.

Evil eye bead

Iron to Ward Off Evil

Iron is used to ward off evil. You often seen an iron horseshoe turned up so good luck doesn't run out, but more importantly, this good luck symbol is used to prevent evil from entering the home.

Chain of Protection Charm

An ancient Lucumi protection charm uses a chain, cigar smoke and rum. No doubt these latter items are used since they were readily available in Cuba. However, you can use other items, such as sage incense and holy water, if you prefer.

  1. Use any length of iron chain of any thickness.
  2. You need to add pins and nails that connect to the chain. Use small enough chain links to thread the nails and pins through the links.
  3. Lucumi tradition states to call upon your choice of a warrior god to charge your chain charm with protective energies. In other belief systems, you can call upon God to charge the chain and bless it with protection powers. You may also call upon St. Michael to offer his protection.
  4. Follow tradition by blowing cigar smoke over the chain charm three times, followed by spewing rum onto the chain three times. If you prefer, you can substitute with sage smoke and dowse the chain with holy water.

Other Ways to Break Black Magic Spells

There are other ways you can break a black magic spell. These are also simple remedies anyone can use.

  • If one of your personal objects/belongings was taken to use in the spell, you must cut your attachment to the objects, especially any spiritual one.
  • Wear a blessed talisman of your choice to protect you from evil. This can be a St. Christopher medal blessed by a minister or priest.
  • You can cast a reversing candle spell to undo a black magic one placed on you.
  • A warding charm is often used to deflect a black magic spell. These are created by powerful white witches or Voodoo priestesses or priests.
  • Wear a blessed religious charm, talisman or other symbol of your faith.
  • You can enlist the help of a Voodoo priestess or priest to provide you with an uncrossing spell.
  • Other ways to break black magic include burning uncrossing incense, taking a sea salt cleansing bath, practicing meditation, and reciting a prayer.
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Countering the Symptoms of Black Magic by Using Magic Remedies

There are many symptoms associated with various black magic spells cast on you. By using magic remedies, you can free yourself of these evil powers.

Black Magic Symptoms, Effects, and Remedies