Color Magic in Wicca & Witchcraft: What Do the Colors Mean?

Updated June 22, 2021
Color magic in Wicca

Color magic draws on the inherent energy of each individual color to augment the intention a magical practitioner puts into their spells. It can be incorporated into any witchcraft practice, and there are multiple ways in which it can be used.

What Is Color Magic?

The use of color magic in witchcraft and wicca can easily be incorporated into nearly any type of practice, whether you're a kitchen witch, a green witch, a hedge witch, or have a practice that is a combination of some or all of the above.

Color magic is the practice of using colors and intention to create a certain magical outcome. Every color, from white to black and everything in between, has an energy or correspondence associated with it, and each of them evokes a particular mood or mindset, which can influence both the witch and those they come into contact with.

How to Use Color Magic in Witchcraft

To get started using color magic, you'll want to learn the different correspondences of each color, so you can match a color with your intention. Once you know that, there are various ways to use color magic:

  • Write spells, sigils, or incantations on a color of paper that matches your intention, or with an ink color that matches it.
  • If you're casting a spell, use altar cloths, stones, flowers, or candles in colors that correspond with your intent.
  • Incorporate color magic with candle magic.
  • Wear clothing or jewelry in the color that corresponds to what you're trying to achieve.
  • Wrap spell bag ingredients in a color of fabric that matches the intent of your spell, or tie the bag closed with string or ribbon in that color.
Color Magic in Wicca & Witchcraft: What Do the Colors Mean?


White is associated with purity, our connection to a higher power, truth, and cleansing. It's an excellent color to use when you're meditating, praying, or dealing with deep, important questions and issues.


If your intention has anything to do with reflection/self-truths, or you're working with the moon as part of a spell or working, silver is a good color to incorporate. It's also good for strengthening psychic abilities or astral travel.


Not surprisingly, gold is often associated with wealth, so if you're doing spells that involve money, financial well-being, or security, gold is a good color to use. Gold is also associated with the sun, so if you're a cosmic witch, for example, and you're doing workings involving the sun, adding some gold-colored items to your workings can strengthen that connection.


Yellow is good for persuasion and protection spells, mostly because the color evokes feelings of happiness and positive energy, which makes it more likely that those around you or the object of your spells will be more agreeable to your point of view and more likely to give you what you want.


Orange is the perfect color to use if you're trying to draw new opportunities into your life. It's also associated with creativity, adventure, and self-discovery. In general, it's a good color to incorporate anytime you're manifesting or doing spellwork to draw positive things toward you.


When most people think of red, they think of passion: red roses, red lipstick, romance. And indeed, red is perfect to use when you want to increase sexual passion or lust. Red is also a color closely associated with confidence, so it's a good color to wear or use in your spells or on your altar if you need a boost of self-confidence or know you're going to be facing a challenge.


Pink is associated with friendship and innocent, new love. Just like this gentle tone, the things it represents are soft and comforting. Use pink if you're trying to make new friends, or if you have a crush on someone and want to see if those feelings might be reciprocated. It's also a good color to use for healing magic.


Purple is associated with power and ambition, or royalty. Wear this color or use it in spellwork or sigils if you know you'll be going into a situation where you're determined to come out on top. Purple is also the color of connection to the divine, so it's powerful to use when you're doing any magic involving deities.


Light blue tones correspond to healing, as well as patience and understanding. Wear or use light blue shades to help you stay serene in potentially challenging situations.


Green is another color connected to wealth and money, but even more so to the idea of abundance in general. It's also strongly tied to fertility, as well as love (romantic or platonic), understanding, and forgiveness. If you need abundance, whether in material or emotional things, green is a perfect color to wear or to incorporate into any spellwork.


Brown corresponds with the Earth and with nature. If you're trying to connect more strongly to the natural world, this is the perfect color to start surrounding yourself with.


Black is associated with banishing negative things from your life. Burn black candles, write runes in black, or write your spells or intentions in black to amplify your intention to get rid of those things causing you stress, unhappiness, or harm.

Add a Bit of Color Magic

Colors and the corresponding energies of those colors can amplify and empower your spells, or even just your day-to-day life. Just by wearing a color that fits your goal for the day can have an impact on the outcome.

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Color Magic in Wicca & Witchcraft: What Do the Colors Mean?