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Color Magic in Wicca and Witchcraft

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Color magic is used in Wicca and witchcraft practices. Candle spellwork is a great way to use color magic as are everyday uses, such as clothing, home décor and even foods.

How Color Magic Is Used in Wicca and Witchcraft Practices

Color magic boosts various Wicca and witchcraft traditions and practices, especially candle spells. Magic is a personal practice that is based on rituals. These can be traditions that have been used for centuries or rituals you personalize or create. You can decide on which color(s) to use based on how a color makes you feel, or you can allow traditional color meanings to guide you.


Blue has many meanings, especially as the element of water. It also represents a high intellect, psychic and intuitive abilities, discernment, truth, and spirit. It is used as a protection color in many magic spells and rituals. Fire often has blue flames and blue flames in a burning candle often indicate the presence of spirits. Blue candles are often used in spells to summon spirits or are used in a protection candle spell.

Using Color Blue in Everyday Magic

You can wear blue when doing spellwork for any related purposes to further enhance the color energy. For example, if your practice includes protection magic or a magic ritual to open your psychic abilities, donning blue clothing can help you tap into that color power. Wearing a blue gemstone or crystal can boost any magic work that taps into the power of the color blue. Blue flowers, a blue décor and even a driving a blue care can aid your daily magic.

Indigo, Violet and Purple

The different values of indigo, violet and purple are colors used in divination spells or spells to overcome obstacles. Purple candle spells can be cast to advance your ambitions or to gain power over your circumstances. Indigo is an excellent color for spells and magic ritual intentions for peace and devotion. Violet colors are excellent choices for magic rituals for nurturing or creativity.

Magical Color Correspondences of Indigo, Violet and Purple

You can capitalize on indigo, violet and purple in your clothing choices. Amethyst has a long history of being used for transferring of earth energies for magic spells and rituals. Place amethyst crystals on your altar or in your meditation room to boost your personal energy and your spellwork.


The color green represents newness, growth, advancement, and abundance. Green is also the color of health and immortality. It is one of the Earth colors. You can use green to connect with the power of nature. Candle spells also use green for rituals of monetary desires.

Exploit Green Magic Power

You can carry a green jade stone in your purse to call money to fill your purse. You can continue a spell for good health by wearing green clothing, and decorating your home with green furniture, accessories and even wall art. You can also focus on eating green foods to further use color magic.


The color red represents passion and an intensity in emotional responses. This fire color is often used in rituals and spellwork to represent the energy of vitality, power and sexual love. Red candles are often used to cast love spells. You can use red clothing to infuse the magical energy this color brings to you whenever you wear red.

Magical Ways Red Can Be Used

If you wish to stimulate the love energy of a fading love or new love interest, eat and/or serve red foods, such as strawberries, cherries, apples, red peppers, tomatoes, and other red colored food. Red roses and other red flowers infuse the color magic wherever you plant them, use as cut floral arrangements, or cast about a bed or trail to a bedroom.

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Pink is a great color to use in magic practices and rituals since it has several meanings. The most prominent meaning is love. Some of the other colors include, romantic love, friendships, spiritual awakening, and healing on a spiritual level.

How Magic Can Use the Color Pink

Some of the ways you can use pink in magic depends on the meaning you wish to focus on, such as how the phrase being in the pink would mean you use pink as a color for health. You may choose to use pink in a spell to protect or to encourage a friendship to blossom into a romantic love relationship. You can wear pink clothing, a rose quartz crystal in the shape of a heart, or focus on adding pink accent pieces to your bedroom décor.


If you are looking for a color that represents a powerful energy that is also associated with fire colors, orange is a good choice. It's also a color often used in magic to stimulate attraction. This can be attraction of an individual, a job or specific circumstance or desire. Orange is often considered a creative energizer.

Magical Intensity of Orange

Orange has an intensity that can be used in magic candle spells. You can capitalize on this powerful energy by wearing orange clothing, jewelry, decorate your home and/or office, and once more eat orange foods. Being mindful of your intention in using this color is one way to tap into the magical powers of the color of orange.


Yellow is a popular divination color. In magic, you can use yellow in spells for generating joy or in attracting abundance. The meaning of yellow is a mix of communication and of course, the sun. You can use yellow to enhance natural psychic abilities to connect to spirit guides or in necromancy, such as communicating with the dead as part of your divination or magic rituals and practices.

Sunlight in Yellow Energy

You can continue to tap into that infinite energy by wearing yellow clothing and wearing yellow crystals. The sun is a yellow energy creator. You can tap into the solar power and soak up that powerful energy by sitting in direct sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes whenever you need a boost in energy and power.

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The powerful energies of gold is considered the color of personal power and great intuition. Gold also has monetary energies. Gold candle spells are popular for generating money and good fortune. It's also a powerful divination color.

Power of Gold Energy

You can take advantage of the energy gold resonates by wearing gold jewelry and clothing. This powerful energy can boost your daily magical practices. You can also use gold in your home décor as a continuation of using the color gold.


White is the color of purity, innocence, love, and enlightenment. This color is used for cleansing in spellwork and other forms of magic rituals. White brings clarity and understanding to your work.

Power of White in Color Magic

White is an adaptable color and can be used in almost any candle spellwork with a few exceptions. White can serve as an excellent protection when doing your work. You can encase yourself in a bubble of white light to ensure negative forces don't interfere with your spellwork. You can open and close your protective circle with white light.


Black is often associated with negative connotations in magic, such as black magic. However, the color black is used in spells to releases negative energies, people and circumstances. You can use black candles for reversing spells or to break a hex or curse.

Using Black for Other Magic Purposes

Black can be used in other magic practices, rituals and spells for protection as well as providing stability in a specific situation. You can wear a black crystal for protection against negative forces and energies, such as obsidian, onyx, black tourmaline, and hematite.

Gray or Silver

The color gray or silver represents the development of talent, spirituality or psychic abilities. Gray and silver are used to deflect negative and malevolent forces or spirits.

Using Colors Gray or Silver in Magic Rituals

You can wear or use smoky quartz or other gray crystals in your rituals to protect you from negative forces/spirits. Gray is a grounding color that you can use in magic practices to imbue its strength and resolve.

Color Magic Is Easy to Use in Wicca and Witchcraft

You can use magical color correspondences with your spellwork, rituals and practices. While traditional magic colors have specific meanings, you always have the freedom of choice to personalize your magic when using colors.

Color Magic in Wicca and Witchcraft