Dolphin Spirit Animal Symbols & Common Personality Traits

Updated June 2, 2021
Bottlenose Dolphin in Caribbean Sea

Do you have a playful spirit and an intuitive nature? Are you drawn to the ocean? Do you dream of dolphins frequently? Then a dolphin may be your spirit animal. If you believe a dolphin is your spirit animal, or if someone has told you this is so, what does it mean? Discover the meaning of a dolphin as a spirit animal and just what it might say about you.

You Are Psychic or Intuitive

People with dolphins as a spirit animal are often intuitive. Dolphins are a common dream symbol, and people who frequently dream of them might count them as a spirit animal. In dream symbolism, dolphins and whales both represent either latent or active psychic abilities. Therefore, people with dolphins as a spirit animal may possess psychic or intuitive abilities.

Building Community Is Important to You

Dolphins are social creatures that travel in groups called pods. These intelligent marine mammals are highly empathic and develop strong bonds among their community. Therefore, if a dolphin is your spirit animal, the communities you build around you are not only important, but necessary to you. Being a member of these communities is part of how you define yourself, and you can't imagine what your life would be like without them.

You Navigate Emotions Well

In dream and psychic symbolism (as well as in astrology, tarot, and similar traditions), water represents emotion. Dolphins navigate water with joy, playfulness, and ease. So if you have a dolphin as a spirit animal, chances are you navigate your emotions well and are optimistic, playful, and joyful.

You Are Social and Fun

With their playful energy in the oceans, dolphins appear to be frisky and fun with their leaping, spinning, and socializing with humans and each other. This is in your nature, too, if a dolphin is your spirit animal. Socializing and having fun is more important to you than it is for many of your peers, and you're a definite expert at it. You're known for your cheerful and playful nature.

You Are Protected and a Protector

Many coastal indigenous and First Nation peoples share legends of dolphins in which these marine mammals have gone out of their way to protect humans, and they therefore serve as protectors of the tribe. Celtic traditions also describe dolphins as being the protectors of Earth's seas. A dolphin is therefore a protective spirit animal and also signals your own protective nature towards others.

You Are Intelligent

Marine mammals like dolphins are intelligent creatures. In fact, dolphins are excellent problem solvers and are one of the world's smartest animals. With a dolphin as your spirit guide, it's likely you are intelligent and good at problem solving too. The guidance of your spirit animal can help you think critically and solve complex problems with relative ease.

Harmony and Balance Is Important to You

Dolphins are able to balance their physical needs with their intuition and ability to problem solve well. This balance of body-mind-spirit is likely one of your traits as well when a dolphin is your spirit guide. It's likely that being out of balance rattles you more than it does other people; thus, you seek balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.

You're Altruistic and Helpful

You'll find plenty of stories about dolphins who help humans that are in a pinch. Whether they save them from a shark or help guide them away from drowning, dolphins will give of themselves to serve the greater good. With a dolphin spirit guide, it's likely altruism is important to you, as well, and you likely engage in compassionate behaviors such as volunteerism, giving to charity, or simply helping out friends and family (or even complete strangers) when they need it.

How to Tell if a Dolphin Is Your Spirit Animal

So how can you determine if a dolphin is your spirit animal? There are several signs you might recognize.

  • You frequently dream of dolphins.
  • The traits above match the strongest aspects of your personality.
  • You see dolphins during meditation.
  • You feel especially drawn to dolphins.
  • You've loved or been fascinated by dolphins since you were a child.

Having Dolphin as a Spirit Animal

Many people are drawn to dolphins and love their energy and playfulness. If you feel a special affinity to dolphins, there's a good chance it's your spirit animal -- or one of your spirit animals. These joyful creatures are protective, altruistic, harmonious, and intelligent, so they serve as the perfect spirit animal for those who have similar traits.

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Dolphin Spirit Animal Symbols & Common Personality Traits