Elemental Magic Types and Practices

Updated May 24, 2021
Earth elements

Elemental magic is the practice of employing the energies of the main elements of fire, earth, water, and air in spellwork. This is a basic form of magic practice you can easily learn to master. You can focus on specific properties of the elements in your magic practice. However, there really is no controlling the elements, only using their magical properties to boost your energy and intent.

What Is Elemental Magic?

The basis for elemental magic is its energy. Each element has various meanings that can be aligned with emotions you're using in your magic spell or with a specific variant of the element. For example, an emotion of fire is passion and a variant of water is ice.

Properties of Four Elements

Some of the properties often used in elemental magic include:

  • Fire: Passion, purification, aggression, heat, and courage
  • Earth: Wealth, metal, grounding, strength, sensuality, and attraction (magnetism)
  • Water: Foresight, hidden things, emotions, intuition, persistent, healing, and cleansing
  • Air: Communication, intellect, dreams, illusion, music, and evasion

Variants of the Four Elements

These are variants of the elements:

  • Fire: Sun, lightning, stars, and volcanoes
  • Earth: Forests, mountains, valleys, caves, gardens, plants, wood, and crystals/gemstones
  • Water: Rain, ice, snow, hail, lakes, oceans, rivers, and ponds
  • Air: Wind (in the forms of breeze, gales, tornadoes, hurricanes, squalls, waterspouts, monsoons, cyclones), sky, clouds, and living breath
Four glasses representing the elements: Earth, Air, Fire & Water

Brief Elemental Witch Guide

An elemental witch will often select one element to learn and master. Once accomplished, the elemental witch will move to the next element. Mastering an element isn't always a fast process and some elemental witches are content to stay with one element. The choice yours to make as a magic practitioner. There are many ways an elemental witch can connect with her/his chosen element.

Fire Elemental Witch

Real fire is one way an elemental witch can connect with this element. You can create a bonfire if you feel the need for extreme fire elemental power. However, lighting a candle or two can be effective in most spellwork. You can easily bask in the sunlight to achieve that needed connection with the fire element. Set up an altar outside in the sun and perform your rituals there when the weather is favorable.

Smoke and candles altar

Earth Elemental Witch

Earth elemental witches often live near a forest or in a rural area. You should keep lots of plants inside your home as instant connectors to Earth energies. You can perform magic in a forest or even in your backyard garden. When you feel a need to connect with the earth element, a walk through the forest, an enjoyable hike, and working in your garden are all excellent ways to connect with earth energy. You can stay connected to earth energy by wearing or holding a crystal.

Beautiful woman on beach holding healing crystals

Water Elemental Witch

Many water elemental witches live on or near bodies of water so they have a constant connection to their element. A pool, lake, ocean, or pond is an excellent place for an elemental witch to take a swim. You can also soak in a tub of water filled with your favorite bath salts and essential herbs. You can dance in a rain shower and perform your magic enjoying the cool rain on a warm summer day. Before you cast a spell, drink a glass of cool spring water to bond with your elemental magic.

Woman dancing outdoors in the rain

Air Elemental Witch

Air is all around you, so connecting with this element is one of the easiest elements to join. Hatha yoga is an excellent way to connect with your air element. Enjoying a summer night breeze underneath a full moon and sleeping with your bedroom window open are both ways you can enjoy the flow of fresh air. When stuck inside your home, generate air flow with a ceiling, floor fan, or even a handheld folding fan.

Woman meditating while sitting at home

Elemental Symbols

The pentacle is the most recognized witch symbol that features an encircled star. This is used as a symbol of directions and elements. Each of the four elements has its own triangle symbol, circles or squares taken from Western alchemy.

How to Set Up an Elemental Witch Altar

You can set up an elemental witch altar with any kind of objects you desire. This is your altar, so design it however you wish. You may decide to have one altar inside your home and another one outside for good weather practices.

Witchcraft and Wiccan altar

You may go minimalist or you may prefer an excessive design. Be creative; for example, you could use a tree stump draped with moss you collected in the forest for your outdoor altar. A less dramatic altar might include:

  • An orb or sphere (or terrarium) that represents the earth element.
  • Burning incense introduces the fire and air elements, or you can use alternatives of a wind chime and burning candle.
  • A bubbling water fountain introduces the water element, or you can opt for a simple round mirror.

Elemental and Personal Energies in Spellwork

The concept of elemental energy isn't always completely understood by even those using it. For example, many magic practitioners believe that your words and ritual actions are mere spears that guide the elemental magic; this is partly accurate.

You Are a Walking Energy Conduit

It is true that the elements are the driving magical force behind any spellwork that uses them. However, you cannot and should not discount the value of your own energy. You are a walking energy conduit; how much of a conduit depends on your personal frequency.

Hands transferring lightning

Your Words and Rituals Generate Energies

In addition to your personal energy, anything you produce, such as magic rituals and the words you speak during a spell, all generate energies. The elemental energy used then infuses the energies you generate with its elemental forces. This is what makes elemental magic so powerful.

Your Frequency Determines Magical Prowess

Your frequency determines just how effective and powerful your elemental magic is. This is the defining aspect of exceptional and gifted practitioners. When you work to raise your frequency, you in turn elevate your magical abilities in spellwork.

Word of Caution for Energy Elemental Spellwork

You should never give up or transfer any of your personal energy, especially in spellwork. However, you do want to serve as a conduit. Before you begin your spell, plug into the divine energy source (whatever you wish to call it). You can then transmit the energy you receive, not your personal energy, and infuse it into your spell.

Woman's hand showing electricity ball

Learning to Practice Different Types of Elemental Magic

You can learn the various type of elemental magic and experiment with each to find the one you like best. Once you choose the elemental practice you wish to pursue, you need to spend time connecting with it to understand its nature and how to use in it your magic practices.

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Elemental Magic Types and Practices