What Do Gray Witches Practice and Believe?

Updated May 24, 2021
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Gray witches are also known as neutral witches. They use various magical practices that may either harm or benefit. These magical practices are based on the belief that dual polarities define all life, and opposite energies are necessary to create a harmonious whole.

Gray Witchcraft Philosophy

The gray witch believes the sum total energy of the universe is neutral. It contains a combination of both positive and negative energy; one cannot exist without the other. According to gray witchcraft, divine energy consists of dual polarities and is therefore neutral, just like nature is neutral. "Good" things and "bad" things are relative. What is "good" for one may be "bad" for another. For instance, when a lion eats an antelope, what may seem bad for the antelope is most definitely good for the lion. In this way, it's all relative. Nature is balanced, and nature is a microcosm of all energy.

Magical Practices

Any magical practices work with the flow of nature, because magic is also neutral. Thus, magic also has two polarities: black magic and white magic, and gray witches believe both are necessary for harmony.

A gray witch works with both energies, resulting in balance. This philosophy of witchcraft means the rule of "harm no one" cannot be applied since good (positive) needs bad (negative) in order to be whole. The gray witch doesn't avoid magic simply because it may "do harm," nor do they do white magic solely because it will "do good."

Gray witches attempt to bring balance by combining opposite energies. Their spellwork can contain one, the other, or both. This is neither in an attempt to harm nor help another, nor is it an attempt to heal or curse another. Simply put, a gray witch uses magic that is a combination of both light and dark, or more aptly, positive and negative energies. The two opposites combine to make one harmonious whole for the purpose of balance.

For a gray witch, both positive and negative magic energies are used in balance without fear of possible harmful consequences.

If a gray witch casts a black magic spell, there will clearly be harm in the magical intent. A gray witch isn't concerned about these consequences since she/he feels justified in using the black magic. In this instance, the gray witch believes while there will be a negative effect, dual polarity means there will also be an equal positive effect somewhere.

A witch's intentions may be dark or light when they use magic to fulfill a desire. A gray witch believes it isn't the magic itself that does damage. Magic energy remains neutral; it is the witch's intentions that point the magic to its target.

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In this concept, black magic and white magic become illusions, since both exist at the same time. They are opposites; therefore, they must coexist. There cannot be a negative if there isn't a positive and vice-versa. They exist together or not at all.

A very simple example might be a protection spell. The good and bad results might be the target of the black magic spell is harmed, while the person defended by the black magic spell is protected. A gray witch may view this as neutral magic used with two equal and opposite results.

This philosophy means that in the face of tragedy, you will always find the opposite. In destruction, you'll find growth. This is also seen in the philosophy of yin and yang energies.

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The gray witch feels free to perform both white and black magic and isn't concerned about any potential consequences if she/he needs to use that form of magic. Any potential consequences simply aren't prohibitive to performing black magic if the gray witch needs to use it. The need justifies the use and intention, especially if it is to protect herself or someone else.

However, there is a line the gray witch draws between this kind of magic and the misuse of magic. A gray witch should never intentionally misuse magic. Alternatively, a gray witch firmly believes in selfish magic. This core belief reiterates that a gray witch certainly helps and serves others as a healer, defender, and whatever else is required, but a gray witch should never shy away from helping oneself through the use of magic.

Gray Witch Creed

There is no official gray witch creed. However, a summation of the belief system defines a kind of creed. It might state:

  • Follow your nature and make magic practices yours through expressions of creativity.
  • Honor spirits and respect magic.
  • Never destroy life; the exception is to protect your life or someone else's.
  • Respect all belief systems, all things, and all people.
  • Seek balance and harmony in all your acts.
  • You alone are responsible for your actions and their consequences.

Neutral Witchcraft

The purpose of gray witchcraft is to practice a balance of magic. A gray witch will use black and white magic to achieve manifesting whatever is needed or desired.

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What Do Gray Witches Practice and Believe?