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Secular Witch Meaning: Basics of Non-Religious Witchcraft

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Secular witches separate personal spiritual beliefs from their witchcraft and various magic practices. This means a secular witch practices magic without any religious nuances, objects, or attributes.

Defining a Secular Witch Practice

A secular witch casts spells and uses several tools, such as candles, herbs, essential or flower oils, crystals, and any other objects they may desire. The power behind their spellwork doesn't come from the witch, spiritual entity, or deity. It is the work of the magic itself that propels a spell and brings it into fruition.

Secular Witches and Types of Witchcraft Practiced

The type of witchcraft you may practice as a secular witch can be in any form. You may decide to follow a strict witchcraft, or you may create your own type of witchcraft. The practice of witchcraft originated as a solitary practice that is individualized by the witch.

Creation of Wicca and Covens

Around 1921, the Wicca religion emerged and created covens. Over the decades, many witches have joined covens for various reasons. However, a large number of hereditary witches still adhere to the tradition of solitary practice handed down to them from one generation to the next.

Contradictions of Secular Witch Definition

Some witches argue that a Wiccan can't practice as a secular witch since Wicca is considered a religion. At the same time, many Wiccans believe they can practice as secular witches the same way non-Wiccans can.

How to Separate Your Religion From Magic Practice

If you wish to separate your religious belief from your magic, you'll need to modify your spellwork to eliminate any religious references, symbols, or invocations. For example, if you're a practicing green witch who believes and invokes the power of gods and goddesses, you'll need to eliminate them from your craft in order to practice purely as a secular green witch.

Belief System Connection With Magic

You may decide that separating these deities, as well as nature spirits for your work as a green witch, is impossible. Your belief system as a green witch is built on the connection and interaction with divinity and nature spirits and in many instances gods and goddesses.

Inability to Separate Divinity From Magic

This is the crux of many arguments that secular magic simply isn't possible for most witches. In these witchcraft practices, magic isn't viewed as a separate practice, but as a unified form of witchcraft, worship, and magic.

Path of a Secular Witch

A secular practice is possible, but perhaps it is best used outside defined witchcraft disciplines and practices, such as nature witch, hedge witch, elemental witch, and so on. A secular witch practice should then stand on the magic without any spiritual assistance or divine invocation.

How Magic Is Used

The path of witchcraft is typically enmeshed with the witch's spirituality and morphs into a way for the witch to achieve spiritual growth and/or follow a spiritual path. In addition, the witch's magic practice usually relies upon divine energies, especially spiritual or religious spirits to assist in the creation of magic. For this kind of witch, attempting to become a secular witch can feel like an impossible task.

Magic Can't Be Held by Rules

Many modern witchcraft practices stifle the creativity of witches. Some practices strictly follow the dos and don'ts laid out in these dogmas and guidelines. With so many rules and guidelines, it's very easy to miss the point of magic - it's indefinable.

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Secular Witch Magic Practice

A secular witch's approach to magic enacts and invokes magic without the various customary props. In this form, magic should exist unto itself and be used as a separate form or entity. This removes all the extraneous trappings for anyone who seeks to use just the magic.

Solitary Secular Witch

It is believed that any type of witchcraft you choose to practice can be performed as a secular witch. However, solitary witches may find secular witchcraft an easy transition depending on individual belief systems and the type of magic practiced.

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Type of Magic Practiced

A solitary witch practice is a very personal and customized craft that doesn't follow the dogma of organized witchcraft, such as the Wicca religion or other Pagan belief systems. For these solitary secular witches, the focus is on individuality and bringing the magic into their practices.

Infinity of Magic

Since solitary witches are extremely independent and aren't restricted in their practices by guidelines, they already explore the wonders and gifts of magic. They freely explore limitless magic, experiment with it, defy rules made up about it, and learn about it on their own.

Meaning and Viewpoint of a Secular Witch

When it comes to the definition of secular witch, opinions are varied. Perhaps, to modify a line from Margaret Wolfe Hungerford's book, Molly Bawn, by substituting the word beauty with the word witchcraft to read, "witchcraft is in the eye of the beholder," is a true statement when it comes to secular witchcraft definitions and understandings.

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Secular Witch Meaning: Basics of Non-Religious Witchcraft