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Simple Ways to Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura

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You can find simple ways to eliminate and remove negative aura energy. Choose from meditation and visualization, crystals, smudging, and aromatherapy to cleanse and purify your auric energies.

Removing Negative Energy in Your Aura Is Beneficial

Negative energy in your aura is very harmful to your health and spiritual/emotional well-being. Negative thoughts, feelings and events can impact you on a physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional level.

What Are the Benefits to You?

Negative energies can block your chakras and eventually show up in your aura as black, brown or darkened colors. These are often seen over or around the affected chakra. If left untreated, it is believed this accumulated negative energy can cause illnesses and even diseases. It can also impede your spiritual growth. When you clear these harmful energies, you'll notice a vast improvement in:

  • Energy levels
  • Attitude
  • Spiritual nature

Select Aura Cleansing Techniques Based on Cause

Cleansing negative energy from your aura can be a process that may require repeating a specific method. Instead of using just one type of aura cleansing, you may discover that combining a couple of methods works best for you. It helps to know the cause of the negative energy in your aura. For example, a dark brown aura color in your heart chakra region might indicate a love problem or hurt emotions. You can heal these emotions by moving the negative energy through your lower chakras and sending it back into the earth.

Remove Negative Energy With Meditation and Visualization

You can use meditation and visualization methods to remove negative energy from your aura. Choose a quiet area to conduct this form of aura cleansing that can change your aura energies from negative to positive.

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  1. You will need to get in a meditative state using the method you prefer.
  2. Focus with the region where the negative energy resides in your aura.
  3. You will visualize pulling the negative energy through your heart chakra. Allow it to marinate there as the chakras cleanse the harmful parts of the energy.
  4. Visualize the dark negative energy being scrubbed clean by the heart chakra.
  5. You will then push the brown auric energy through your solar plexus region, the third chakra that is located in your upper abdominal region.
  6. Keep the momentum going and send the energy down to the second chakra, the Sacral chakra in your lower abdominal region.
  7. The last chakra is the root chakra or the first chakra that is located at the base of your spine.
  8. You allow the energy to rest there until you feel this chakra has finished the cleaning process.
  9. Release the brown energy in an exchange with the earth, sending the energy from the chakra into the earth and replacing it with new pristine earth energy.
  10. Visualize sending this fresh earth energy up and all the way through your chakra system and then back down again.
  11. Your chakra system is now cleansed, and your aura should no longer hold negative energies.

Cleanse Your Auras With Crystals

Crystals contain energies that you can match to your chakra center that is clogged with the negative energy. However, using the crystal that vibrates to the same frequency as your chakra may not be strong enough to cleanse the chakra and your aura. Cleansing a chakra usually requires a crystal that is known for its cleansing properties. A few of these include:

  • Amethyst is used to cleanse auras by transforming the negative energies to positive.
  • Aqua aura quartz clears negative aura energies and can then be used to amplify other crystals to strengthen your chakras and aura field.
  • Black tourmaline is used as a grounding and protection stone to repel negative energies, especially those from outside sources, such as a psychic attack, curse or spell.
  • Moonstone emits calming energies that can be used to counter negative auric energies.

Using Crystals to Remove Negative Energy From Auras

To use your crystals to cleanse your aura, you can lie on your back and place the crystal over the chakra blocked by negative energy. Another way is to simply hold or wear the crystal during meditation practice.

  • When using a crystal known for its powerful cleansing energies, hold it between your hands during your meditation practice.
  • For severe instances of negative energy, you can wear or carry the cleansing crystal until the negative aura energies have been transformed.
  • For added protection to prevent the return of negative aura energies from outside sources such as a psychic attack, curse or spell, you can carry or wear the cleansing crystals along with any other protection crystal you prefer.
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Cleanse Your Auras Using Herbs

It's easy to use herbs in the form of incense or smudge sticks to cleanse your aura. White sage is the go-to choice for smudging (clearing) spaces and auras of negative energies. However, you can also use cedar, thyme or mugwort for cleansing your aura. Like crystals, you can also use herbs that specifically resonate to each chakras to further boost the clearing of negative auric energies. It's easy to cleanse your aura with herbal incense or smudge sticks:

  1. Light the incense or smudge stick and let it flame burn for about five seconds.
  2. Blow out the flame and the stick will continue to smolder, leaving a smoke trail in the air.
  3. You can direct the smoke from the smoldering sage with your hands, so the smoke moves over your body and engulfs you.
  4. Some people prefer to repeat a healing mantra or prayer while the smoke cleanses their aura.

Using Aromatherapy to Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura

Another effective way to cleanse your aura is with aromatherapy. Choose the best delivery system for your essential oil cleansing.

  1. You can use essential oils in a diffuser set in your bedroom, office space or meditation room to deliver the powerful essential oils into the air.
  2. You may decide to wear an essential oil coated felt insert or lava stone inside a necklace or bracelet.
  3. You can add a few drops of essential oils to your aura cleansing bath for an effective cleaning of negative aura energies.
  4. Use essential oils daily to prevent negative energies from setting up in your chakras and aura.

Best Aura Cleansing Methods to Remove Negative Aura Energy

You can remove negative energy from your aura with a few simple methods. Try a couple of aura techniques to determine which one works best for you.

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Simple Ways to Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura