White Witchcraft Practices (and How They Differ from Black Magic)

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The practices of a white witch are significantly different from a black magic witch. Dubbed good magic, white magic serves a higher purpose and is wielded for the benefit of others.

What Is a White Witch?

Many white witches are self-proclaimed healers and intuitives who use magic. They use the title white witch or white wizard to distinguish themselves from those practicing black witchcraft.

Origins of White Witchcraft

The roots of white magic are obscured by time. However, white witchcraft is believed to be a practice of antiquity that existed long before the time of Ancient Egyptian magic. Some practitioners believe white magic was the first expression of human worship and was founded in the rhythms and patterns of nature. As a result of being rooted in all things nature, worship was given to various gods and goddesses of fertility, harvest, rain, sun, and other aspects of the natural world. Even today, white witchcraft is known as natural magic.

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White Magic vs. Black Magic

Magic is neither good (white) nor evil (black). It is the intent of the witch practicing magic that determines what form the magic takes. Intent is everything. Unlike the dark arts of calling on supernatural energies, the white arts have its roots in the ancient practice of nature worship and calling upon the natural world for its power to manifest.

In fact, white witches consider black magic to be a malevolent and selfish practice. White mages believe in the pursuit of selflessness. This is in direct opposition to those practicing black magic, who are focused on personal gains. In this malevolent form, black magic destroys and is often used as a tool of revenge and hate. The domination of other people's free will and bending them to the will of the black magic practitioner transforms magic by intent. White magic is practiced with the opposite intent.

Healing White Magic

Healings are a large part of the sacred work of white witchcraft. This benevolent pagan practice taps into the balanced energies found in nature, the beauty of the natural world, and the healing properties nature provides. White witchcraft also brings various magic tools to the witch's practice. These can include things like charms, talismans, amulets, spells, incantations, chants, songs, sigils, and other types of magic aids to help transform magic through good intent into white magic.

Gift of Heredity

While it may be true that the practice or even the knowledge of white magic was lost during the Dark Ages, it is alive and well in modern times. In fact, populations of white witches are considered the heirs of a long lineage of white witchcraft. These families know and practice magic and benefit from a family history of unbroken knowledge. They possess the accumulative white witchcraft knowledge of their ancestors. Each generation protects and passes down this extensive knowledge to the next generation, preserving the practice of selfless magic.

Along with this family tradition of witchcraft, it is believed that certain types of power are also passed down through the bloodline. These powers are finely tuned psychic abilities, mediumship, and a large range of similar intuitive gifts.

Power of the Family Grimoire

Some witches possess a family grimoire that has been compiled over multiple generations. This book of incantations and magic spells is passed on to the next generation of white magic practitioners or white mages. The power of a grimoire lies within the spells entered into the book. These spells are ones the family's ancestors created and successfully used.

It's believed that the creation of the spells themselves imbues a certain amount of magic into the spellwork. This magic is invoked each time the spell is cast. White witches tap into this magical energy that is bolstered by the power of each ancestor who cast it before them.

When the white witch repeats the magic spells and incantations, their own energy is infused into the spell so future generations can tap into and subsequently leave a little of their energy behind for the next witch. This is the true value of a white witchcraft family grimoire!

White Magic and Spellwork

White magic takes the higher road of the human psyche with tenets of goodness, kindness and respect of others, and their free will. White magic spellwork isn't used for self-gratification or advancement. White magic practitioners respect all life and desire to be of service to others and the world at large. They accomplish this through their knowledge of magic, herbs, and the bounties that the natural world offers.

White witchcraft uses spells on behalf of others, such as casting a love spell. In white magic, love spells aren't cast to break up couples like black witchcraft spells that bend a love interest's will.

Examples of White Magic Spells

When a white witch casts a love spell, a call is sent out to the universe to assist in connecting with a true mate. As long as you approach a love spell with this mindset, you should have good results from white witchcraft.

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Pink Candle Love Spell

A pink candle love spell can be cast to attract a love interest. The spell announces to the universe that you are ready for the right partner to share your life with.

White Candle Love Spell

White candle spells for love are ideal since white candles are considered magical. A white candle love spell can open the various energy channels so someone with similar energies to yours will be attracted to you.

Money or Abundance Spells

There are all kinds of money spells and abundance spells you can cast to attract money to you. This type of spell requires a green candle and sometimes specific herbs and/or essential oils.

Using White Magic Knowledge

White witchcraft is the benevolent side of magic. The white witch casting the spell always does so with good intent.

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White Witchcraft Practices (and How They Differ from Black Magic)