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What a Pink Aura Means in Your Life and Personality

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You can discover what a pink aura means to determine how it reflects your personality and current circumstances in your life. A pink aura is one of the rarest colors seen in auras and has some special meanings.

What Does It Mean When Your Aura Is Pink?

A pink aura reveals a compassionate and caring person. If your aura is pink, then you have a positive attitude. It's easy for you to express your emotions. You look for the goodness in people and literally see the world through rose-colored glasses, or more aptly - aura.

How You Interact With Others

As a loving person, you reach out to others. Friends and family depend on your steady belief in them. You are creative and your heightened sensitivity to others and the world around you provides tremendous inspiration.

Root Chakra and Pink Aura Energies

Pink is a lighter value of red. The red aura is associated with the root chakra (grounding chakra). It is the first chakra, located at the base of your spine. It is the gateway for Earth energies to enter your chakra system and base for stability in life. Everything you need originates at this point. The root chakra generates the energy of your emotions, sexual nature and passion. The pink aura expression of these energies isn't as intense or powerful as those expressed in a red aura.

Pink Aura Personality Traits

A pink aura means your personality traits are much lighter and softer than a red aura. Pink aura personalities tend to move through life in a more refined and gentler way. This generates a more subtle approach to life.

Sensitive and Caring

Although you experience passion and emotions, they are tempered with a sensitivity and deep understanding of the nuances of love. Other people gravitate to you and appreciate your tender caring attitude. You believe in being honest and adhere to your own ideals and beliefs that are demonstrated in how you treat others fairly.

How Pink Aura People View Friendships

Friendships are very important to you. You are open to being friends with most people but are only close to a handful of those you feel are trustworthy. Loyalty is of utmost importance to you since you don't reveal your inner self easily and must trust the person to allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable.

Vulnerable to Good Nature

You are an instant confidant when people first meet you. The loving vibe you give off to the world attracts people to you and not necessary the kind of people you'd normally befriend. However, since you are such a caring and loving person, everyone is a friend. You find it difficult to believe others would lie to you or attempt to deceive you. Your naivety needs to be reined in by learning a bit of discernment, so others don't take advantage of your good nature.

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Forgive But Never Forget

If a friend betrays your trust, your spiritual nature will mandate you forgive the person, which you will do without even thinking about it. However, you will never trust that person again. Your friendship will continue to be congenial, but the closeness you shared can never be recaptured.

Romantic at Heart

A pink aura is the romantic of all the aura colors. Life is to be lived in beauty and you make everything special with those little touches, such as fresh flowers on the coffee table and a centerpiece on the dining table. You're an attentive lover and sensitive to your mate's needs, usually anticipating what they need. You enjoy doing things for your lover, especially the little things that express how much you appreciate and cherish them.

Psychic and Intuitive Abilities

A pink aura is indicative of strong psychic and intuitive abilities. You love unconditionally and are often disappointed that others don't reciprocate. This means you accept other for who they are and make no bones about how you appreciate their uniqueness. This attribute endears you to everyone. You use your psychic insights to others and feel an obligation to oversee the well-being of those you come in contact with.

Money Matters

Money isn't a big concern for you. It is attracted to you, so you always have enough. Your creativity ensures you have something going on that can make you money. You are generous with what you have and gladly give money to those in need.

Shades of Pink and What They Mean

There are several shades of pink and each has specific energies it attracts. Most imbue you with positive attributes, with love and sensitivity always being at the forefront.

Pale Pink Aura

Pale pink radiates around you when you've achieved a highly developed spirituality. You may find it difficult to stay grounded and tend to see every situation in your life from a spiritual point-of-view. Your psychic abilities are finely tuned, and you pick up on subtle nuances that other spiritually connected people often miss. You must guard against getting caught up in your own world to the point of neglecting the real world and those in it.

Medium to Bright Pink Aura

Medium to bright pink auras have a higher energy level than pale pink auras. You are just as sensual and your passion runs deep, but you are a more ardent romantic. Granted, you won't make the first move, but you will be very receptive. You are self-reliant, take care of your health and well-being. It's no wonder you emit self-confidence in everything you do.

Dark Pink Aura

A dark pink aura can signal a lack of positive energies and an issue with the advancing of your root chakra. This is often a manifestation within the personality, such as being selfish, immature, inability to express emotional nature in a positive manner, and even developing intentional deceptive traits. Each of these traits can easily slide into a dark region of personal behaviors.

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If you find dark pink tinges in your aura, you want to take conscious steps to prevent this energy from accelerating. You can undertake self-discipline practices, such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, and other practices that require a coordination of mind and body that also requires a level of emotional and spiritual energies. This type of exercise will get your systems working in unison under the same goal. This will open a new channel to express pent up or stunted energies.

Magenta Pink

A magenta aura is the rarest of pink values seen in auras. This type of aura is usually a mix of red and blue that blends into this beautiful color. It's a mixture of chakra energies coming together to create this unique hue. This rare color is created by a blending of root (red) and throat (blue) chakra energies. It means you have found a way to communicate and voice your base energies.

  • This color of pink reflects how unique you are. You're willing to take risks and follow your instincts.
  • You're very self-reliant and have a hands-on approach to everything you undertake.
  • This color also reflects your spiritual growth that has allowed you this balancing of two chakra energy points.

Learning to See Your Aura

You can use several techniques to see your own aura. With practice you should be able to see your aura and other people's auras. You may need to try more than one technique to find one that works best for you.

Understanding What a Pink Aura Can Mean for Your Personality and Life

You can gain a better understanding of yourself when you examine the meaning of a pink aura. You can delve into how it reflects not just your personality but also your life to help you choose what direction you wish to travel.

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What a Pink Aura Means in Your Life and Personality