15 Alien Photography Examples: What Do You Believe?

Alien Face


Photos of aliens are used to depict what a real alien possibly looks like. Many claim to have proof extraterrestrials exist, but there has yet to be any definitive evidence presented. Still, photos are a popular way to convey what many eyewitnesses have described. Some photos of aliens presented as authentic have been proved to be hoaxes.

The Greys


The greys stand 3 to 4 feet tall. Roswell crash witnesses described the small creatures as grey skinned with bulbous heads and long arms and fingers.

Alien Interrogation


An alien interrogation supposedly was filmed in a deep underground government facility hidden at Area 51. Still shots of the interrogation depict a grey alien in a darkened room.

Reptilian Alien Portrait


The highly muscular reptilian race has lizard-like skin. These menacing aliens reportedly stand 7 to 8 feet in height and view themselves as superior to humans. It's believed they fed on human blood and glandular fluids.

Masters of Greys


Taller aliens that resemble the greys are said to be the masters of the drone-like emotionless greys. These masters have a lighter complexion and are believed to be scientists conducting experiments on human abductees.

Green Aliens


While little green men was a term often used in science fiction to describe Martians, there have been relatively few reports of green aliens.

Blue Aliens


The Hindu god, Krishna was described as having blue skin but was depicted as human-looking. There are a few recent reports of an alien similar to the greys having blue skin, but very little else is known. Some believe the blue alien may be a hybrid.

Alien Skull


The Peruvian Paracas skulls, unlike this photo, feature elongated skulls. 2014 DNA tests reported unknown results. A second round of DNA tests verified first testings that the mitochondrial DNA isn't of any known human, primate, or animal.

Alien Autopsy


In 1995, a black and white 17-minute video was released of a supposed alien autopsy. The UFO community had mixed reactions. The film was proved to be a hoax.

Preying Mantis Insectoids


This often 8-foot tall alien is painfully thin with a stick-figure appearance that resembles a praying mantis. It sometimes oversees human abductions, and abductees report this alien isn't menacing. Its coloring varies from brown to a slight green.

Alien Agenda


There are many theories about the alien agenda. Some abductees fear the aliens while others have a utopian relationship. Most agree the aliens are mixing human DNA with theirs to create a human-alien hybrid.

Test Tube Hybrid Alien


Some abductees report being introduced to alien-human hybrid children they felt were the result of genetic material harvested from them and mixed with alien DNA.

Nordic Aliens


The Nordics resemble Earth's Scandinavians and are said to be from the Pleiades star system. These very tall and beautiful beings supposedly have a 3,000-year lifespan and came to Earth to help save the human race and the planet.

Tall Whites


The Nordics are also called Tall Whites and have oval shaped eyes. Some claim they're shape shifters. Others say Tall Whites are galactic travelers/traders. They claim to be spiritual teachers. Argentina TV reports rumors that 30 to 40 alien communities are hidden in the country's mountains.

UFO Museum in Diyarbakir


This encased figure can be found in the UFO museum in Diyarbakir, Turkey. While stories of aliens have become part of modern culture, similar stories of alien visitations and cryptids like bigfoot have long been part of the Native American oral history.

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15 Alien Photography Examples: What Do You Believe?