Pink Magic Candle

Pink candles have romantic symbolism.
Pink candles have romantic symbolism.

If you're looking for love, a pink magic candle may be able to help. These pretty candles have great symbolism for candle magic, and by using it appropriately you can center yourself to achieve your romantic goals.

About Candle Magic

The burning of candles as part of magical or religious rituals is a common practice for many faiths and individuals. Modern candle magic is typically associated with Wiccan, pagan, or New Age practices, and candles are often burned as part of rituals, meditation, or spells. The color of the candles and how they are used are often critical for the intended results of the ritual.

Pink Magic Candle Symbolism

When considering candle magic spells and colors, pink is a soft, romantic color, and pink candles are used to represent love, harmony, friendship, affection, romance, and femininity. Honor and morality are also associated with pink candles, making them an especially suitable choice for creating strong, loving relationships. In magical terms, the color pink is often associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Because of this symbolism, pink candles are often the color of choice for love spells and potions, as well as for romantic occasions such as a wedding, anniversary, or Valentine's Day. By choosing a romantic candle, it is believed that the user can infuse their spirit with the love and romance the candle represents.

Related Candle Colors

While pink candles have certain symbolic meanings, other related colors can be just as useful for love spells and similar candle magic.

  • Red: Love, lust, sex, passion. This color is stronger and more forceful than pink.
  • White: Truth, purity. Used with a pink candle, this color will help ensure honesty and fidelity in a relationship.
  • Orange: Attraction, stimulation, fertility. This color has more urgency than a soft pink but is useful for relationships where a bit of spice is desired.

Using Your Pink Candle

To make the most of pink magic candle rituals, the candle must be used appropriately. You can make your own candle or purchase one, but before the ritual begins the candle must be cleaned and anointed. Simply wiping the candle with a soft cloth will clean it of any fingerprints, dust, or dirt.To anoint the candle, choose either a natural olive oil or candle perfume oils and work them along the candle's surface from the center of the candle to the tips. Focusing on the goal of the ritual while doing this will help strengthen the candle's perceived power and influence.

When burning the candle, it is important to focus on your goal, whether it is finding new love or strengthening a romantic relationship. While no one can be forced into a relationship against their will, using the candle can help you focus your positive energy toward achieving what you desire. Many people opt to say a simple chant or mantra while the candle burns to help them focus, or simple meditation techniques such as deep breathing or creative visualization can be useful.

a burning pink magic candle
Make your magic stronger.

Always remember that a burning candle should never be left unattended. Always choose safe, level surfaces when using candles for magic rituals, and keep the candle away from flammable materials.

Strengthening the Magic

While just burning the candle and focusing on your goal can be soothing and inspiring, there are several ways to make the magic or your pink candle love spell more potent if desired.

  • Repetition: In the practice of candle magic, repetition can strengthen spells. Repeating the ritual for three, seven, or nine consecutive nights is said to be strongest.
  • Inscribing: Engraving the candle with related symbols can help the magic be more effective. Initials, names, runes, or the words of a simple love spell are all suitable.
  • Accessories: Instead of using just a candle, add accessories to it for a greater focus on your goal. A heart charm tied around the candle can add romance to it, or you can use ribbons to add a binding element to the spell.
  • Shape: While most candle magic spells are done with either votive or taper candles, you can use a different candle shape to add more significance to your ritual. Heart shaped candles are popular, as are larger candles shaped like people.
  • Ceremony: Make your ritual as powerful as possible by treating it as the important event you want it to be. Burn your candle in a quiet, private place, and consider playing soft music or burning incense at the same time to add to the ceremonial atmosphere.

Buying Pink Candles

While any pink colored candle is suitable, many people prefer to use all natural soy or beeswax candles. You can make these candles yourself, or you can purchase them from home décor retailers. Online retailers offering different sizes, shapes, and colors of candles for magic use include:

A pink magic candle can be used for a love spell ritual or just to help you focus on strengthening a relationship you desire. By understanding the symbolism of the candle and how to use it appropriately, you can invoke its power for your positive energies.

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Pink Magic Candle