Ways to Text a Psychic for a Reading (With Reviews)

Updated August 26, 2021
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You want to talk with a psychic, but you're too busy to talk on the phone, so you decide to text a psychic for a reading. You pause because you aren't sure how a text reading will work. A brief discussion of a couple of psychic reading services that offer a psychic reading by text can clear up any confusion, so you understand the pros and cons of this kind of reading. You may discover you prefer texting with the psychic.

Psychic Txt

iTunes Apple App and Google Play offer free downloads for Psychic Txt. The app connects you with psychic readers via text messaging. Each of the psychic readers is skilled in several types of readings. These include psychic, tarot and/or palm readings. You can inquire about love, money, family or future as well as other issues. The website states that the psychics are handpicked professionals.

Your first question is free. After that, the fee schedule is as follows:

  • 200 texts - $3.99/month
  • 525 texts + 3 live readings - $9.99/month
  • 625 texts + 10 live readings - $19.99/month

You can check your horoscope for free. You must be 17+ years old.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the reviews are mostly positive; however, a few people were not pleased with the app. Reviewer comments include:

  • "If you are a skeptic, try it out and wonderful things will unfold in your life and everyday events."
  • "Excellent app..."
  • "Amazing. Truly amazing did not have to say anything."
  • "Definitely will be calling her in near future. Thanks!"

Not everyone was pleased with their text readings, however, with some complaining that they were inaccurate.

Keen Real Psychic Readings Online

Keen Real Psychic Readings Online allows you to use your computer browser to chat with psychics using instant messenger. If you prefer to use your smartphone, you can download the Keen app and access the chat mode the same as your computer browser. The phone app automatically uses your phone browser.

Each psychic listed has the option for you to call or chat (text). If the psychic is unavailable, one or both options won't be available. Usually, a message will appear to arrange a call or chat later. Each psychic has their speciality described in their listing, along with their photo and name. The pricing is by the full minute and each psychic has their own pricing, so there isn't any cohesive pricing for all psychics.

  • You're billed per full minute for phone call and/or chat (text)
  • You will place money in your account as a reserve with a minimum requirement of $10.
  • The transcript of your chat is stored for 18 months, at which time it is deleted.
  • You select the psychic you wish to chat with and their minute rate is displayed on their listing.

Steps for the Text Reading

You must first put money into your account and then click on the chat button of the psychic you wish to text. Follow the instructions when downloading the app.

Customer Reviews

With several thousand reviews, there is a wide range of comments, but the overall rating is very high. Keen responds to any unhappy customers and attempts to make things right. Most customers seem very pleased with their psychic readings. Many of the negative comments are from customers whose predictions didn't come true. When customers are dissatisfied, customer service offers them a credit to make amends for their negative experience. Some issues seem to be older ones and were glitches in the app. Some comments include:

  • "Outstanding! I tried to give her my date of birth, she stopped me saying she didn't need it, immediately saw my situation! She is the REAL DEAL! "
  • "Love the Keen App! Very easy to chat with my advisors on the go without being tethered to my computer."
  • "Overall, I'm very satisfied with my reading."
  • "Not a good psychic. Did not tell me about my future, did not help me with any questions and definitely did not make anything clearer."
  • "I love my advisors. They're all super helpful with my current situation and are amazingly accurate. "

Advantages and Disadvantages of Text Readings

There are positives and negatives when it comes to a text reading. Many people compare this form of psychic reading to actual phone chats or FaceTime readings.

Smartphone with tarot


  • Text message psychic readings can be very good for anyone too busy to chat on the phone.
  • It's more private. A phone call conversation can be overheard while a text message prevents those nearby from eavesdropping.


  • Some people prefer talking with a psychic instead of what they feel is an impersonal form of communication about something so intimate.
  • The tone of voice is difficult to mimic in texting, and subtext can be lost.

Text a Psychic for a Reading

You may want to give it a go and text a psychic for a reading. You can then evaluate how it compares to a phone call reading. You can try more than one service to see how other psychics fair using this form of communication.

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Ways to Text a Psychic for a Reading (With Reviews)