Purple Candle Spells for Power and Ambition

Published July 31, 2018
Purple candle with lavender

Purple candle spells are ideal for attracting and manifesting personal power and paving the way to achieve ambitions. There are many ways to approach a candle spell using herbs, oils, flowers, and various symbols of the five elements.

Purple Candle Spell Using Herbs

This purple candle spell takes advantage of powerful herbs to transcend obstacles standing in the way of your intent. Cast this spell during the waxing moon phase, which is ideal for increasing and growing spells.

Supplies Needed

  • 1 purple candle (taper or pillar) and candle holder
  • 1 fireproof bowl
  • 1 small bowl or vial
  • 1 drop pine needle essential oil
  • 1 drop myrrh essential oil
  • Olive oil or a carrier oil
  • 1 stick cedar wood incense and incense holder
  • Polygala herb (dried)
  • Purple ink pen
  • Yellow paper (any size)
  • Matches or lighter

Properties of Essential Oils, Incense, and Dried Herbs

The properties of each ingredient aids in the manifesting of your spell. These include:

  • Pine needle essential oil: Use this for a dressing to generate strength and blocking negative energy.
  • Myrrh: Use this for candle dressing; myrrh provides protection and ensures purity energies to boost your intent.
  • Cedarwood: This incense establishes a sacred space with earth and fire properties. It is also yang energy (active). Cedarwood will add strength and power to your intent.
  • Polygala: This herb bestows the drive to achieve ambitions and is also known as the will strengthener. Use this in dried root form.

Dressing Your Purple Candel for Power Ambition Spell

Once you've gathered the supplies, it's time to dress the candle.

  1. Combine one drop each of the pine needle essential oil and myrrh essential oil in a bowl or vial.
  2. Add olive oil or other carrier oil to dilute and provide enough volume of oil.
  3. Mix or shake until the oils have mixed.
  4. Rub the oil on the candle. Apply with a cotton swab or wear gloves to avoid skin contact with the oils.
  5. Place the candle in its holder.

Light Incense

Light the cedarwood incense and place in the holder, setting it to the side of the candle.

Write Your Intent and Light Candle

Yellow represents confidence and personal power. Using purple ink, write on the yellow paper your desire for power and ambition. Be direct and concise, such as, "I desire greater magic power, and my ambition to grow and manifest results." Place a pinch or two of polygala in the center of the paper and carefully gather the corners together and twist to form a small pouch.

  1. Light the candle and pouch.
  2. You're ready to complete the spell.
  3. Light the candle wick while focusing on your desire for power and ambition.
  4. Place the herb packet in the fireproof bowl and light it, allowing it to burn completely.
  5. While the yellow paper burns, focus on the candle flame all you desire from power and ambition.
  6. You may add a prayer or simply meditate on your desire, still focusing on the candle flame. Once you feel your intent has been delivered, douse the candle and make sure the paper has stopped burning.

Results of Your Spell

You may see immediate results, or it may take several weeks before your desire manifests. Patience is your greatest tool when waiting on spell results.

Flower Essence Votive Spell

Selecting a purple votive candle

Flower essence can be taken internally, but it can also be used in a magic spell to manifest various goals, such as power and ambition in magic work. This spell is simple but effective.


  • 1 purple votive candle and holder
  • 3 drops freesia flower essence
  • 3 drops rock rose flower essence
  • 3 drops hornbeam flower essence
  • 3 drop wilds oat flower essence
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Small bowl or empty vial
  • Honeysuckle incense stick and incense holder

Casting Your Spell

A votive candle is often ideal for spell work since it doesn't require days for the candle to burn down. Make this spell extra special by using a flower shaped votive.

Add Flower Essences to Olive Oil

In magic, three is a power number. Pour the olive oil into a small bowl or vial. Add three drops of each of the following and mix together:

  • Freesia flower essence: Freesia transforms old energies and situations into renewed and powerful ones.
  • Rock rose flower essence: This essence creates positive energy delivering strength and courage.
  • Hornbeam flower essence: Hornbeam provides great energy to achieve goals.
  • Wild oat flower essence: Wild oat brings you clarity and paves a path to your purpose.

Light Honeysuckle Incense

Light the honeysuckle incense while you dress the candle. Honeysuckle is known as the replenisher of energy. It provides an endless supply of energy for the power magic you desire.

Dress the Candle

Dress the candle with your mixed oils, using your fingers (wear gloves) or a cotton swab, spread the oil over the candle. As you dress the candle repeat the following:

With this oil of flower essences, I dress this candle to deliver the magic power I need.

With this oil of flower essences, I instill my ambitions with clarity, purpose, and renewed strength.

Bring these attributes into my spell work to aid me.

Place the candle in its holder and light the flame. Maintain a quiet state of mind and focus on the flame and your desires as the candle burn down. Once the candle has completely extinguished, remove the remaining pieces and bury them in a flower bed or place in a pot of blooming flowers.

Making Spells for Magic Power and Ambition

You can create your own spells to personalize your desire to increase your magic power. When you focus on intent, your spell will have greater power to manifest your ambitions.

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Purple Candle Spells for Power and Ambition