Red Candle Meanings: Power, Passion & Positive Energy

Published March 10, 2021
Red candle meanings

A red candle meaning is one of powerful emotions. There are several red candle meanings that can guide you in using this energetic color.

Red Candle Meaning of Powerful Energies

The most common red candle meaning is one of vibrancy. This lively color imbues potent energies in spellwork and other activities when you use a red candle.

What Is the Meaning of Red Candle?

The meanings of a red candle include powerful and sometimes dominating emotions of passion, love, and sex. The negative emotions of the color red are anger and rage.

Red Candle Meaning of Fire Element

Red is considered the fire element color. Fire is an unpredictable element that is alive with sporadic energy. You can tap into this element to bolster your own energy or exert influence over your personal circumstances.

Strength and Might of Blood Vitality

The color red has a strong and mighty energy that is stimulating and exciting. It is associated with the color of blood and vitality. Red candles are often used in meditation to tap into these amazing energies.

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Red Candle Meaning and Root Chakra

Red is the color of the first chakra known as the root chakra. Your life force energy enters through this chakra to support your body. You can use a red candle to assist in meditations designed to unblock this chakra. Light a red candle during your regular meditation to maintain your root chakra balance. When the root chakra is in balance, the life force energy continues to flow into your body to generate strength and good health.

Red Candle Meaning for Magic Spells

Red candle meanings for magic candle spells can depend on the kind of spell you wish to cast. For example, if you need a cleansing spell to eliminate an unseen force that is stifling you, a red candle spell can infuse the power needed for this type of spell. The red candle can provide you with the strong positive energy required to banish any malevolent force wishing you harm. Other magic spells that use red candles include ones to mend broken relationships, unblock creativity, or to cast a love spell.

Red Candles to Boost Magic Spells

You can use a red candle in a spell to give a boost to the main candle color. The red candle serves as a powerful blast to speed your spell on its way like a rocket thruster giving a space capsule that needed power to reach beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

Red Candle Meaning for Manifesting Your Intentions

A red candle can provide you with powerful energy to help you manifest your intentions. You can light a red candle and say a simple mantra, such as "Aid me in manifesting my goal." Your words and intent will infuse the candle energy for a formidable force in achieving your goal.

Astrological Red Color Meaning

The color red is associated with the zodiac fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. If one of these is your zodiac sign and your energy level is lagging, you can infuse this powerful energy when you burn a red candle.

Spiritual Red Candle Meaning

The general spiritual red candle meaning is one of release and recognition. The lighting of the red candle is helpful during meditation to release intense energies that can assist you in transcending negative emotions and embracing positive, powerful ones.

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Red Candle Meaning in Catholic church

A red candle, usually a votive, is called the sanctuary lamp. This candle is placed beside the tabernacle. The tabernacle is a box containing consecrated elements (bread and wine). The red candle signifies and honors the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. The red candle is lit during the Eucharist (ceremony of celebration with communion).

Explore Red Candle Meaning and Energies

The red candle meanings are varied and have many uses. The energies of a red candle can provide you with a powerful force to effect change and manifestation of your desires.

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Red Candle Meanings: Power, Passion & Positive Energy