Reincarnation and Past Lives

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Double exposure

Moments of déjà vu, strangers you immediately feel you know, new places you visit that feel familiar- these are just some of the signs that many people believe are remnants of past lives. They are memories hidden deep in the subconscious waiting to be rediscovered.

Discover Your Past Lives

Whether you recall a past life or just want to explore the possibility you may have lived before, there are many ways to discover past lives.

Ways to Uncover Past Lives

You can delve into reincarnation through past life regression therapy with a qualified hypnotist, or you may decide to learn self-hypnosis and explore on your own. Some people even have spontaneous past life recall triggered by something they've read or encountered. You may choose to explore past lives by working with a medium for a past life reading.

Evidence of Reincarnation

The biggest hurdle for many people exploring reincarnation is the need to find evidence it is real. There are several tools that can aid you in gathering that evidence through personal experience and the events in other people's lives.

Birthmarks, Physical Afflictions and Inexplicable Fears

For example, one often referenced trait are birthmarks or other physical attributes. A person who died from a head wound may come back suffering from severe migraines. Another person may have died from a dog attack and in this life, has an unreasonable fear of dogs that doesn't relate to any incident from the current incarnation.

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In this reincarnation and past lives category, you can read reincarnation stories told by individuals who believe they've proof they lived before. You can learn about the Hindu belief in reincarnation, as well as how people all around the world believe they've lived many lives. It's a great place to explore information about who you might have been before you were you.

Reincarnation and Past Lives