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If you've ever had a moment of déjà vu when visiting a new place, you may have wondered if it was a sign that you'd actually been there in another life. Many people question if this type of feeling of familiarity or the sense that you've met someone before is a lost memory of a past life.

Stories of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is accepted as a normal process of the cycle of life in many of the world's cultures and religions, such as Hinduism. The idea of the human soul reincarnating from one life to another is an ancient concept. There are many stories of people, especially children, having spontaneous recall of their past lives.

Thousands of documented cases reveal stories of reincarnation that sound impossible. Children claim they lived in a different home with a different family. Some cry and are homesick for their former family. Many have given details about their past life that were researched and found to be true. These and other stories about people recalling their previous lives are often upsetting to those who aren't familiar with reincarnation or have a different religious belief system.

Oftentimes, the person will reincarnate into the same immediate family soon after their death. There are many cases of reincarnation where a child declares he was his own grandfather. A set of twin girls claim they are their deceased sisters who died in a car accident and give the name of their favorite dolls. Research has shown that people reincarnate in groups, often taking on different relationship roles.

For example, a child may claim to remember being the parent of her current parents. The little girl states that her mommy and daddy were once her children, and they were brother and sister. A young boy may state that he and his cousin were once married.

Other cases show that people will often change genders from one incarnation to the next. This is often for a karmic reason, but it can also be so the soul can marry back into the family. Sometimes, this is the only way a soul can rejoin the group of souls it moves with from one life to the next.

Healing Power of Past Life Regression

Past life regression is one of the most common ways for you to recall your past lives. A trained professional hypnotist who specializes in past life regression is the best person to help you. A past life regression is a life-changing event. If you've contemplated having a regression session but have worried about how it feels to be hypnotized, put away your fears. The process is empowering and opens a new world for you to explore. You can discover lost bits and pieces of yourself that often have a direct influence or meaning in your current life.

For example, if you have a fear of heights, you might tap into a lifetime where you fell from a steep cliff or tumbled down a staircase to your death. The therapeutic aspect of such a past life recall is once you emerge from your regression, you discover that phobia has disappeared. This is one of the most fascinating benefits of past life regression and how the regression can free you of a past life entrapment.

Birthmarks and Physical Signs

It's not unusual for people to carry physical marks from their past life, especially when the death was the result of a physical wound. These past life marks usually show up as birthmarks, although they can also be present as a birth defect. For example, if you died from a gunshot to your heart, you may be born with a hole in your heart. If you suffered a knife injury in your abdomen, you might have a birthmark in the exact area of the killing stab wound. A woman who recalled her past life where she died from a gunshot to her head and suffered from severe migraines.

Evidence of Reincarnation and Recalling Past Lives

There is a wealth of research with documentation that validates the belief in reincarnation. People who recall their past lives often discover they no longer fear death.

Reincarnation and Past Lives