Silver Candle Meanings: Gaining Wisdom and Protection

Published May 10, 2021
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A silver candle can remove negativity, making it a valuable meditation or candle magic tool. You can light a silver candle any time you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts or forces.

Silver Candle Meaning for Removing Negativity

To take full advantage of the silver candle meaning for removing negativity, you want to find a quiet place to meditate. Light the candle and focus your energy on the flame. As the candle flame melts the silver candle, imagine your negative thoughts melting from your mind. If you find yourself surrounded by negative energy, you can light a silver candle to purge it. When you light the silver candle, visualize the flame burning the negative energy away from you.

Silver Candle Meaning to Restore Stability

Another meaning for a silver candle is stability. If you are experiencing a stage of instability in your love life or career, you can light a gray candle. As the candle flame burns, the powerful energies of stability are attracted to you. The silver candle meaning of balance makes it a valuable meditation candle. If you need to restore balance to some area of your life, the next time you meditate, choose a silver candle for your focal point and allow the silver energies to correct anything in your life that is out of balance.

Moon Magic and Silver Candle Meaning

Silver has long been a color associated with the moon. If you are performing moon magic, then you definitely want to use a silver candle in your practice. You can add a silver candle to your candle magic spell to boost the energies of your spell. If you seek to create a circle of protection, you can call upon the magical lunar powers. The silver candle can draw upon the moon's powerful energies to encircle you and protect you.

Just as the moon's powerful illumination is generated to light up the night sky, you can find spiritual illumination. When you light a silver candle, you want to clear your mind and focus on receiving the moon's mysteries and powerful energies to light your path to enlightenment. If you seek to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities, you can light a silver candle to draw the mystical energies to you. The silver color of the candle attracts the mysterious realm the lies on the other side of the veil. You want to allow the power of the silver candle to draw back the veil for you.

You want to focus on the power of the candle flame as you clear your mind and search deep inside yourself to find the silver cord that connects you to divinity. The candle will help you maintain that connection. As you work with the candle energies, you will find the bridge you build to the other side grows stronger each time. Eventually, you'll no longer depend on the candle to light your way.

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Meaning Law of Attraction

The silver candle acts like a magnetic that attracts energies. You can imbue the candle with your own energies to serve as a beacon to attract the things you wish. For example, you may desire a spiritual healing. You can fix this desire to your candle with nothing more than the energies of your desire. You can then invoke the healing energies to manifest through the power of the burning flame of the silver candle.

Another meaning of the silver candle is one of magical love. You may quickly discover the power within the silver candle to attract your mystical soul mate. You can light a silver candle and focus on the flame while asking the flame to reach out to your one true love. You don't need an elaborate spell or chant. The simple request to the silver candle flame is all it takes for this powerful lunar symbol to spark the connection between you and your one true love.

Silver Candle Meaning of Insight and Wisdom

The silver candle meaning offers greater insight and wisdom into your inner world. You can use a silver candle to attract the powerful energies that expand far beyond the illumination of the silvery moon.

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Silver Candle Meanings: Gaining Wisdom and Protection