Tapping Into a White Candle’s Spiritual Meaning

Published March 1, 2021
White candle spiritual meaning

The white candle spiritual meaning is one of protection and purification. The spiritual meaning of a white candle includes peace, enlightenment, and healing.

White Candle Spiritual Meaning

The color white contains all colors, making it an all-inclusive color, and a natural symbol of divine love. These spiritual attributes for the color white are symbolized by the burning of a white candle.

Historical Spiritual Meanings of Color White

The spiritual meanings for the color white are found throughout history. Some of these meanings are found in the culture of the Western world. For example, white representing purity has long been the color choice for bridal gowns. It is also associated with the healing arts. The medical and other healing professionals have traditionally worn white clothing, such as lab coats and uniforms.

Ancient Spiritual Meaning of White

Greek, Egyptian, and Roman priestesses and priests wore white gowns and robes. Their gods and goddesses were associated with the color white that was revered as a sacred and spiritual color.

Ancient Romans and White Togas

Ancient Romans enjoyed emulating their gods and goddesses with their lifestyles, especially their white togas. White togas were the common garb for senators and magistrates that featured a purple stripe signifying their rank in society. Priests and various performers of rituals also wore white togas with a purple stripe to identify their spiritual status within the ancient Roman society.

Romans in white toga

Chinese Culture and Color White

The Chinese culture views the color white quite differently. In China, white is the color reserved for funerals and is often referred to as the death color.

White Candles Spiritual Meaning in Churches

White is the color associated with Jesus, the Christ and divinity. Angels are depicted as wearing white robes or as luminescent beings of white light. Churches use white candles during various religious services and ceremonies, such as weddings, baptisms, and prayers.

White Candle Use in Other Religious Practices

Other religions, such as Judaism, often use white candles. The candles may be used during religious celebrations or observances, such as Shabbat, although colored candles are often acceptable.

Spiritual Reasons for Lighting White Candles

Some of the white candle spiritual meanings include calming effects. If you are anxious or experiencing an upsetting circumstance, you can try lighting a white candle and using it as a focal point for meditation. Other spiritual meanings that are associated with using white candles include:

  • Establish protection from negative forces and spirits
  • Open a channel to connect with higher self
  • Renewal or rebirth through spiritual enlightenment
  • Prayer for inner peace and tranquility through faith
  • Connect with spirit guides
  • Contact spirits of deceased during channeling, séance, or other spiritual ritual
  • Give thanks for blessings and other forms of appreciation and gratitude

Light a White Candle to Seek Spiritual Guidance

You can light a white candle when you need spiritual guidance. A white candle emits a calming and peaceful ambiance. This is the perfect candle choice when you wish for spiritual guidance. Whether you are in a church or simply at home, you can light a white candle and observe introspection and prayer. You can fall into the calming influence of the softly glowing white candle. When you are emotionally calm and mentally at peace, you're better prepared to commune with spirits. If you seek divine guidance, you can use the white candle as part of your spiritual practice.

White Candle Spiritual Meaning for House Blessing

If you just moved into a new home or simply wish to bless your home, you can do so by lighting a white candle. You can say a prayer or mantra as you move from one room to the next to purify and cleanse any negative energies the previous owners left behind. During a house blessing, a white candle may be lit to attract positive spiritual energies to infuse in prayers and other blessings.

Memory or Memorial Candles

You can light a white candle as a memory or memorial candle for a deceased loved one. This is often done during a religious ceremony, memorial service, or a celebration of life service.

White candles for memorial

White Anniversary Candle

A white anniversary candle is used in celebration of romantic love. If you're married, you may have used your anniversary candle in your wedding. Both you and your spouse lit the candle together as a spiritual symbol of your commitment to each other, and if you're religious, you placed God in the center of your marriage, often symbolized by the candle.

Celebrate and Light an Anniversary White Candle

The anniversary white candle has a series of evenly space numbers to signify your years of marriage. Many anniversary candles span a 50-year period. Each year on your wedding anniversary, you will light the candle and allow it to burn down to the number of your next year's anniversary. For example, on your tenth year anniversary, you will light the candle together and allow it to burn down to the number eleven and then extinguish the candle flame. For 50-year anniversary candles, the years are often spaced 10 years apart, so you won't have as much candle to burn each year.

Understand White Candle Spiritual Meaning

When you understand the various spiritual meanings for a white candle, you can decide if it is the color you want to use. You can symbolically light a white candle to support or reinforce any spiritual purpose.

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Tapping Into a White Candle’s Spiritual Meaning