Is Twin Telepathy Real?

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While you might have heard of the popular medium duo known as the Psychic Twins, did you know that many cases of twin telepathy have been reported throughout the world?

What Is Twin Telepathy?

The concept of telepathy is when one person can sense or "receive" thoughts or feelings from another person without any spoken words, and it often happens over great distances. Most of the evidence for the existence of telepathic powers comes from volumes of stories filled with anecdotal evidence, yet there are a limited number of studies to back up these claims. Regardless of the lack of significant scientific evidence for the phenomenon, many people believe that telepathy is a very real power of the human mind. The mountain of testimonial evidence from twins, in particular, is fairly convincing.

Metaphysical Explanation

Some metaphysicists refer to something called "spooky action at a distance" to explain telepathy. In simple terms, this involves how subatomic particles experience interaction with each other at great distances. Metaphysicists refer to particle interaction that takes place at a distance as "nonlocality". Many believers point to this as evidence that telepathy can be explained by science. Opposing viewpoints argue that metaphysical principles usually don't translate into a large scale, physical reality that can be seen or experienced in daily life.

Two Cases of Telepathy Between Twins

Stories about amazing events where twin telepathy took place are often very powerful examples of why so many people become convinced that this type of psychic ability is real. Sometimes, it's very difficult to explain away the amazing coincidences that take place. The following two cases reveal circumstances that are very impressive and convincing.

Saved By a Sixth Sense

In 2009, twins Leanne and Gemma Houghton had a shocking experience that made them realize just how much of a connection they shared with one another. One day, Gemma was going about her daily schedule in the UK (United Kingdom) home that the two sisters shared. Suddenly, Gemma had a horrible feeling that her twin sister was in trouble. She knew her sister was taking a bath, but other than an overwhelming feeling of dread, she had no reason to suspect that anything was wrong with her sister. Following her intuition, she went into the bathroom to check on her sister, and what she discovered changed both of their lives forever.

Only moments before, Leanne Houghton had experienced some form of seizure and passed out in the bath. When Gemma found her, her first thought.was that Leanne was washing her hair. Within moments, she realized that Leanne had passed out and was submerged underneath the water. With only moments to spare, Gemma pulled Leanne out of the bath and performed first aid on her. Gemma saved her sister's life that day, and as the news story spread throughout Europe, most observers agreed that if Leanne hadn't experienced her surreal telepathy, her sister would have died that day.

Psychic Sign of Death

Paranormal investigator Craig Hamilton-Parker accepts reader comments on his blog at In one example, a visitor recalled smelling the scent of death. Later that same day, the police came to inform her that her twin had died. Was this just some kind of coincidence or a sign of a psychic connection?

The Study of Twin Connections

While reputable scientific studies of telepathy between twins is difficult to find, there are researchers trying to analyze whether or not this is a real phenomenon. In fact, psychiatrist Diane Powell wrote a book titled Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation, where she details a list of impressive stories of twin telepathy. The 1961 study conducted by Robert Sommer, Humphry Osmond and Lucille Pancyr found 12 out of 35 pairs of twins reported having telepathic experiences.

Another impressive study was conducted by J.B. Rhine and Olivia Rivers, two University researchers that tested a set of specific identical twins named Terry and Sherry. According to the story, the girls could communicate test answers in school, and also knew whenever the other felt a pain or got sick. The researchers tested the twins' ability to pass entire sentences to each other via telepathy.

Into the Future

Paranormal events experienced by people, like the stories above, are often enough to convince people that there is a very real phenomenon taking place. While some people dismiss these stories as only coincidence, more and more parapsychology researchers are taking these experiences seriously. They are exploring new ways to explain how and why so many twins seem to communicate telepathically and with such uncanny accuracy.

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Is Twin Telepathy Real?